Promotion Recommendation Letter (20+ Sample Letters and Examples)

Job promotion letter

A recommendation letter for promotion is a letter written by a person, mostly in supervisory role, outlining suitability of another person for a promotion. It is written to assist somebody get considered for a promotion to a senior position. Because a promotion recommendation letter is given to help someone get promotion to a higher position in the organization, the person giving the recommendation should be confident about the employee’s capabilities to take up the new position. They should properly evaluate the work habits, skills and achievements of the person they are recommending for promotion.

It is the supervisor’s task to identify the right employees who should be promoted when there is a position. Getting a promotion is very valuable for any employee due to the impact it has on career progression and growth. One of the key advantages of a letter of recommendation for promotion is the weight it carries about the person being considered for promotion. It shows that the sender, who is mostly the current manager, has enough confidence on their direct report on what they do. The sender is accountable for the performance and capabilities of the employee they are recommending.

How to write a recommendation letter for promotion

Writing a good recommendation letter is as good as the recommendation itself. It is good to understand what you should include in the letter and the right format of the letter. Start by a polite salutation then the reason why you are writing the it. Introduce yourself then outline your capacity as the person giving the recommendation.

Explain how the skill set and work ethics of the person you are recommending make them suitable for promotion. Ensure you use specific reasons and examples to support your points. You can outline situations when the person demonstrated maturity or leadership to show that they are ready to take the new role and deliver on the given responsibilities. Match their abilities and skills to do the job. You may need to look at the resume to pick up key points.

Close the letter by offering to elaborate on any questions that may arise about the person that you are recommending. Provide your contact details just in case the hiring manager wish to reach out to you.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Promotion

Sample 1:

This is a manager recommending one of their direct reports for promotion in another department, within the same organization.

Mark Show
Regional Sales Manager,
Department of Established products, General electric,
5th King’s Street,
Boston, MA 02114

November 19, 2018

Subject: Promotion recommendation letter

Dear Mr Mark Show,

I, Daniel Gates, would like to recommend Chris Woods for the post of Area Sales Manager in the Department of Established Products. As his current Area Sales Manager in the department of consumer products, it has been great working with him. He has been my direct report for the last 5 years.
Chris is currently a senior sales representative in Greenfield region. Having joined General Electric 8 years ago as a junior sales representative covering the small territory of Garden city, he has consistently delivered remarkable performance.

He is very instrumental in his current team. He is a good leader and always go an extra mile to enhance team work in the team. In a few instances, Chris has reached out to team members who disagreed at work and brought understanding between them. He is very good at giving feedback, either positive or negative. He has excellent communication skills and is always reliable with confidential information. Chris has led 2 projects in the department which contributed a lot to achieving our sales target in 2016 and 2017.

I would like to recommend him for promotion to the position of Area Sales Manager in your department. Kindly contact me in case you have any questions about him.

Yours sincerely,
Daniel Gates,
Area Sales Manager,
Department of Consumables, General Electric,
5th King’s Street,
Boston, MA 02114

Sample 2:

James Fare,
Bridges Contractors.
10th Street 1429,
Houston Texas 76458,

November 19,2018.

Duncan Sean,
HR Manager,
Aerial-Sean Contractors,
10th Street 1748,
Houston Texas 98764,

Dear Mr Duncan Sean,

Recommendation for Promotion to a Position of Project Manager

I am elated to recommend Nancy Spang for promotion to the position of Project Manager. I left Aerial-Sean 6 months ago, having worked with Nancy for 6 and a half years as an assistant project manager. Due to the nature of contracting work, it is not easy to get good workers. Nancy is one of those.

Nancy is very keen on meeting deadline for each project and always work tirelessly to ensure she delivers on quality. I never received a single complain about quality of her job from a client. Her method of managing workers defines a leader who is focused on both the performance and employees’ welfare.

In each project she has managed, workers were always motivated and ready to continue working with her. She draws a clear line between delivering results and employee motivation. Nancy led a team that always delivered on time; the most productive and profitable in the organization.

I believe the organization has gotten a brilliant mind to fill the position of a Project Manager. Feel free to contact me through these details should you need further clarification: 555-876-9865, [email protected]

Yours sincerely,
James Fares, Director,

Bridges Contractors

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    Basic Format of a Recommendation Letter for Promotion

    • Salutation – use formal greetings such as, “Dear John Smith”. You should address the letter to specific person.
    • Introduce the person you are recommending.
    • Explain the purpose of the letter.
    • Outline your connection with the employee.
    • Describe their qualifications regarding the job.
    • Conclude by recommending the employee for the promotion.
    • The letter should be a suggestion. Do not use a language that make it look like an order to the hiring authority.

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