24 Examples of Eagle Scout Recommendation Letters

Becoming an Eagle Scout is the ultimate goal for most children who go through the Boy Scouting program of BSOA (Boy Scouts of America). Because it is the final rank or highest achievement for Boy Scouts, it shows a scout’s hard work, resilience, and leadership qualities. A letter of recommendation must be provided as part of an Eagle Scout rank application to obtain this rank.


A recommendation letter is a reference letter written on behalf of a scout to support their candidacy for the Eagle Scout rank.

The letter is submitted to the “District Eagle Scout Board of Review.”

Recommendation Letter Templates

Free Comprehensive Eagle Scout Candidate Reference Letter Template for Word File

Great Customizable Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Template 01 for Word Document

Great Customizable Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Template 02 for Word Document

Free Comprehensive Eagle Scout Recommendation for Word File

Great Customizable Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Template 03 for Word Document

Great Customizable Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Template 04 for Word Document

Free Comprehensive Eagle Scout Applicant Recommendation Letter Template for Word File

Free Comprehensive Eagle Scout Award Recommendation Letter Template for Word File

Free Comprehensive Confidential Eagle Scout Recommendation Statement Template for Word File

Free Comprehensive Girl Delegates Eagle Scout Reference Letter Template for Word File

Great Customizable Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Template 05 for Word Document

Great Customizable Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Template 06 for Word Document

Free Editable Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Sample 01 for Word Document

Free Editable Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Sample 02 for Word Document

Great Customizable Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Template 07 for Word Document

Free Editable Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Sample 03 for Word Document

Free Editable Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Sample 04 for Word Document

Free Editable Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Sample 05 for Word Document

Free Editable Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Sample 06 for Word Document

Free Editable Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Sample 07 for Word Document

    If You are a Requester

    If you’re the person seeking a recommendation letter, there are certain things you ought to keep at the back of your mind regarding who and how to ask for it.

    The information given below is meant to help you:

    How do I ask for a letter of recommendation?

    The best way to ask a person to write a recommendation is to ask them in person. This lets you know their consent and lets the person know why you are applying for the rank and its significance. Then, give them all the information needed to write an effective one. Further communications can be made via email or phone calls.

    Also, let them know how the letter should be delivered. There are different ways recommendations can be given. While this article will primarily focus on the letter format, a recommendation can be given via phone, email, form, or verbal. Ascertain how it is being requested before reaching out to the person you want to recommend.  

    Who should you ask?

    A reference letter is meant to highlight a candidate’s achievements and traits, and it is best to select people who know you well enough to bring forth this information to the committee. Ordinarily, six recommendations are required, and five if the candidate is unemployed.

    Consider getting recommendations from the following:

    • A parent/guardian
    • A pastor or religious leader.
    • A teacher or coach.
    • An employer (if any)
    • 1st Additional reference
    • 2nd additional reference

    Additional referees can be a family member, friend, scoutmaster, or another person who can provide sufficient information about your personality and other qualities.

    Provide your detailed information

    When asking your recommenders to write one, ensure to provide them with crucial details about the application. Let them know of the guidelines for writing an effective one. The candidate or anyone outside the board review should not be shown the letter.

    Inform them that the letter should highlight their interactions with you and ideally give examples of what you have done or achieved. It should be aligned with the Scout Oath and Scout Law, meaning it should be related to the values of these guidelines. You must issue them with a copy. 

    In addition, communicate the deadline for submission and the email address or mail address where the letter should be sent and to whom it should be addressed. Lastly, invite them to your court of honor.

    If You are a Writer

    Now, if someone has submitted your name as a referee with your permission, it is best to keep your word and submit a robust letter. Here are several things to consider:

    Who should write this letter?

    Recommendation letters are written by anyone appointed by a candidate to write on their behalf. Therefore, you can write the letter if your name was submitted to the Scouts Board of Review. 

    The next step after agreeing

    Once you have agreed to recommend a candidate, two possible scenarios can happen. One, the board members can follow up and ask you to craft the reference letter. Alternatively, if the candidate provided you with the appropriate details and asked you to mail or email the letter yourself, you can do so. Mail will typically require a stamped and addressed envelope to be used. Whichever alternative is applicable, proceed accordingly.

    What to include?

    A recommendation letter is supposed to be a positive addition to a candidate’s application; it must, therefore, contain factual and positive insights into the person’s achievements and personality.

    Consider including the following information:

    • The nature and type of the relationship between the two–candidates and you.
    • The candidate’s positive qualities must be mentioned.
    • Examples of real-life events where the candidate has demonstrated the values of the Scout Law and Scout Oath must be presented.
    • Examples of achievements or acts that show the candidate deserves a positive recommendation also be given.
    • Information on how the candidate has grown throughout their time as a scout should be written in the letter.

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    How to Write a LOR

    A recommendation letter must be systematically written to capture all the relevant information. In addition, it must show that the candidate is worth an Eagle Scout rank and must maintain a certain level of formality.

    Below are steps toward having an effective and well-structured reference letter:


    A header should be given to introduce the exact date when the letter is written. The header is also used to address the recipient graciously:

    • The Date: The first item should be the date when the letter was written, which is indicated at the top left corner of the page. The exact day, month, and year the letter was written should be stated because the commission requires the letter to have up-to-date information, and having a recent date helps precisely prove that the letter is up to date.
    • Salutation: After the date, a formal greeting should be provided. In this case, it is very unlikely that the letter will be reviewed by a single person and should therefore be addressed to the Board of Review – “Dear Board of Review” would be an appropriate greeting.


    The second part is the introduction. In the introduction, the following information should be provided:

    • Candidate’s name: Let the commission know the specific candidate you are recommending. Mention their name exactly as it appears on official documentation.
    • Relationship between the candidate and you: The letter should then state the nature of your relationship with the candidate. For example, the candidate can be a friend, relative, student, neighbor, etc. Next, provide additional information about the relationship, like how long you’ve known the candidate.  
    • Give your positive response towards him: Next, mention why the candidate is worth your recommendation in one or two sentences. Then, you can mention their most dominant positive attributes.


    The third section is the body of the letter. Here, you are supposed to highlight all the positive attributes, events, and achievements the candidate has had in the past while providing support information.

    The body can have four paragraphs:

    • Tell qualities and morals exhibited by the candidate:  Discuss all the positive qualities the candidate possesses. You can refer to the Scout Law and identify qualities you can pick to describe the candidate. Use examples to illustrate these qualities; they add value to the claims.
    • Tell how the candidate is efficient: Next, discuss how the candidate possesses skills learned from scout programs. Talk about leadership skills, hard work, and achievements–personal and professional and any other information that highlights their capabilities.
    • Give concrete examples of morals as well: Then, use specific real-life experiences to show how the mentioned qualities and skills have been impactful in the candidate’s life. Cite examples, of how the candidate used the qualities and skills. Also, mention how scouting has contributed to the candidate’s personal growth.


    Lastly, the letter should have a precise but brief conclusion. A firm conclusion should be written as follows:

    • Conclude by summarizing the mentioned qualities: First, summarize all the qualities and skills mentioned in the letter.
    • Support the candidate positively: Then, restate your support for the candidate’s application for the Eagle Scout rank. Let the commission know that you are confident that the candidate will make an excellent Eagle Scout based on the given information.
    • Provide your name, address, and contact information: Lastly, close off the letter by supplying complimentary closing, name, and contact information. Indicate your mailing address and email address.

    Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Template

    [Your Name]

    [Your Position/Relationship to the Scout]

    [Your Address]

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    [Your Email]

    [Your Phone Number]


    Eagle Scout Board of Review

    [Scout’s Local Council Name]

    [Local Council Address]

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    Dear Members of the Eagle Scout Board of Review,

    I am honored to write this letter in strong support of [Scout’s Name]’s application for the rank of Eagle Scout. As [Your Relationship to the Scout], I have observed [Scout’s Name]’s remarkable journey and development in Scouting over the past [Number of Years/Months] years. [Scout’s Name] has consistently demonstrated the qualities and values that embody the essence of an Eagle Scout, making him an exemplary candidate for this distinguished honor.

    Throughout my time knowing [Scout’s Name], I have been impressed by his unwavering commitment to the principles of the Scout Oath and Law. One notable instance that stands out to me occurred during [Specific Event or Activity], where [Scout’s Name] displayed exceptional integrity and honesty in a challenging situation. His actions not only resolved the issue at hand but also served as a valuable lesson in character for his peers.

    [Scout’s Name] has shown outstanding leadership within Troop [Troop Number] and in other aspects of his life. He has held several leadership positions, including [List Leadership Positions], where he demonstrated his ability to lead by example, motivate his peers, and organize successful projects. His leadership during [Specific Project or Event] was instrumental in its success, showcasing his ability to manage teams and overcome obstacles.

    Dedicated to serving his community, [Scout’s Name] has initiated and participated in numerous service projects. His commitment was particularly evident in his Eagle Scout project, [Brief Description of Eagle Scout Project], which benefited [Beneficiary of the Project] by [Specific Outcomes of the Project]. This project not only had a significant impact on the community but also highlighted [Scout’s Name]’s compassion, project management skills, and dedication to making a difference.

    Witnessing [Scout’s Name]’s personal growth has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my relationship with him. He has matured into a responsible, thoughtful, and resilient individual, capable of facing challenges with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. His journey through Scouting has equipped him with valuable life skills and has shaped him into a role model for younger Scouts.

    In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend [Scout’s Name] for the rank of Eagle Scout. His exemplary character, leadership, service, and personal growth are a testament to his readiness for this honor. I am confident that he will continue to uphold the values of Scouting and make meaningful contributions to his community and beyond.

    Please feel free to contact me at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email] if you require further information or wish to discuss [Scout’s Name]’s qualifications in more detail.


    [Your Signature (if sending a hard copy)]

    [Your Name]

    [Your Position/Relationship to the Scout]

    Sample Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter

    Dear Members of the Eagle Scout Board of Review,

    It is with great pleasure and honor that I submit this letter of recommendation for Michael R. Smith for the esteemed rank of Eagle Scout. As his Scoutmaster in Troop 123 for the past four years, I have closely observed Michael’s remarkable journey and transformation into a model Scout, embodying the principles and values that Scouting cherishes.

    Michael has consistently demonstrated a steadfast commitment to the Scout Oath and Law in every aspect of his life. An instance that stands out to me occurred during a community clean-up event last year, where Michael not only took the initiative to organize the effort but also showed exceptional kindness and patience in assisting a group of younger Scouts, ensuring they felt included and valued.

    Throughout his time in Troop 123, Michael has held several leadership positions, including Patrol Leader and Senior Patrol Leader. His tenure as Senior Patrol Leader was marked by innovative ideas and a deep sense of responsibility, leading to significant improvements in our troop’s organization and morale. Michael’s leadership was instrumental in coordinating a successful camping expedition that was both educational and enjoyable for all participants.

    Michael’s dedication to service is evident through his numerous contributions to our community. Notably, his Eagle Scout project, which involved the construction of a new playground for a local orphanage, not only provided a much-needed recreational space for the children but also rallied our community around a common cause, showcasing Michael’s ability to inspire and mobilize others for the greater good.

    Witnessing Michael’s personal growth has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my tenure as Scoutmaster. Faced with challenges, Michael has shown resilience and a willingness to learn from every experience. His journey from a shy newcomer to a confident leader speaks volumes about his character and determination.

    Michael’s Eagle Scout project was a testament to his leadership, planning, and execution skills. From the initial concept to the final construction, Michael displayed an exceptional ability to manage resources, coordinate volunteers, and overcome obstacles, resulting in a project that exceeded our community’s expectations and will serve as a lasting legacy of his commitment to service.

    In conclusion, Michael R. Smith exemplifies the qualities of an Eagle Scout. His dedication to Scouting principles, leadership within the troop, service to the community, and personal growth are commendable. I am confident that Michael will continue to uphold the values of the Boy Scouts of America and make significant contributions to society as an Eagle Scout.

    Thank you for considering my recommendation of Michael R. Smith for the rank of Eagle Scout. I am available for any further discussion or information you might require regarding his candidacy.


    John A. Doe

    Scoutmaster, Troop 123


    (555) 123-4567



    The Eagle Scout recommendation letter adeptly captures the essence of the candidate’s character and achievements within the Boy Scouts program. Beginning with a respectful address to the Eagle Scout Board of Review, the letter author, presumably the Scoutmaster, immediately establishes credibility. The writer proceeds to highlight specific instances that exemplify the candidate’s embodiment of Scout values, such as leadership, dedication, and service to the community.

    Each example provided is concise yet rich in detail, offering insight into the candidate’s contributions and impact within the troop and beyond. Particularly notable is the emphasis on the candidate’s Eagle Scout project, described as a testament to their leadership, planning, and execution abilities. This project serves as tangible evidence of the candidate’s commitment to service and their capacity to rally others for a common cause.

    The letter maintains a formal tone throughout, aligning with the gravity of the occasion, while also conveying a sense of genuine admiration and respect for the candidate. By concluding with an invitation for further discussion or clarification, the writer demonstrates openness and willingness to provide additional information if needed. Overall, the letter effectively portrays the candidate as a deserving candidate for the rank of Eagle Scout, leaving a lasting impression on the reader.

    More Templates

    Free Printable Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Template 08 as Word File

    Free Printable Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Template 09 as Word File

    Free Printable Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Template 10 as Word File

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      Do’s and Don’ts

      To make your recommendation letter as effective as possible, you can incorporate specific writing techniques.

      Below are some dos and don’ts for writing the letter:


      There are some points to keep in mind while writing a recommendation letter. The following points can improve the quality of your letter:

      • Write something short but logical: The letter of recommendation should be brief and factual. Typically, one page will provide enough details to boost the candidate’s chance of being promoted to Eagle Scout. Also, any information given in the letter should be accurate. Avoid including information you are unsure of.
      • Give examples to support your words: Simply stating, listing, or claiming a candidate has certain qualities is not enough to create a strong letter. Instead, use examples and events that can best describe a candidate’s qualities. Examples are more persuasive.


      On the contrary, several things can compromise the quality of a letter. Try to avoid the following when writing the recommendation letter:

      • Do not add complex examples: Do not complicate the letter. Use simple examples,  as they are easily understood and hence the best tools to illustrate what you claim to be true. Never fabricate facts to make a point.
      • Do not give many old examples: Always try to use recent events when giving examples. People are bound to develop and change over the years, and what might have been true three years ago may not be true today.
      • Do not lie: Do not lie whatsoever. If information is verified and found to be untrue, this can ultimately cost the candidate the appointment. Eagle Scout rank is awarded based on merit; false information can prevent a candidate from being considered for the position.

      Ordinarily, Eagle Scouts have to apply for the rank and have the Boy Scout Board of Review assess their application to determine whether one qualifies for the rank. The letter must state who is being recommended and the personality traits that make them worth the rank. A recommendation letter is a part of the application process. Candidates have to give at least 5 or 6 such letters to attain the rank. They must be brief, one page at most, and submitted as directed by the reviewing committee, either by mail, email, or form. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I ask for a letter of recommendation?

      It is best to ask for it in person. Let the person know of the importance of the letter, and if they agree to recommend you, provide them with the required information and submit their name to the board of review.

      How can a writer support an Eagle Scout candidacy?

      A recommender can show their support for a candidate applying for the Eagle Scout position by writing a solid recommendation letter to the board of review. The letter should outline the candidate’s most vital positive qualities and give examples that support the claims.

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