16 + Quotation Templates – Free Quotes for (Word, Excel and PDF)

A quotation is a summary of the cost of hiring a business along with the amount of work the business needs to do for its client. A quotation Template is the pre-contrived format into which a business can place its information. Usually a customer has a budget for the work it wants to be done. The quotation provides the customer that business’s rates and, therefore, simplifies the process of choosing a business to hire. In this, the customer can compare the rates and quality, shown by the templates, grammar, and language used. And the customer doesn’t need to search through much information to find the right information.

On the other side, the business can show its quality, rates, and professionalism, by creating a quotation. The business won’t have to fill the customer with every fact about it if they’re interested because the important facts will already be out. An intrigued customer will only need to look at the quotation and decide for him, her, or itself.

Quotation Templates are simple and there are many types. Here are some.

Sales Quotation template

Sales Quotation Templates can carry the cost of hiring a business. The cost, even with the sales templates, may be difficult to add up. That’s because a business’s full services, from being friendly to handing in the finished job, don’t often have an exact price. Despite this, you can check out some free Sales Quotation Templates here.

Sales Quotation Template for Word:

Sales Quotation Template for Word


Sales Quotation Template for Excel:

Sales Quotation Template for Excel


Price Quotation Template

Price Quotation Templates help businesses create price quotations, which focus on the price of a business’s services and goods. Since the price may change, price quotations must have a time limit. See how it’s done in the Price Quotation Templates below.
Price Quotation Template

Insurance Quotation Template

An Insurance Quotation Template can hold the cost of the insurance premium and overall insurance costs for a specific customer. As the customer’s needs change, costs change. That is, the final cost may differ from the quote cost because the customer’s final mindset may differ from their quote mindset. Insurance Quotation Templates aren’t easy to make but are to fill, as you can see below.

Homeowners Insurance Quotation Form:

Homeowners Insurance Quotation Form


Personal Auto Insurance Quotation (Sample):

Personal Auto Insurance Quotation (Sample)


Maintenance Quotation Template

Maintenance Quote Templates are made to calculate the cost and time taken to keep equipment in working condition. In the technological age, this is important because most work is done through external equipment, computers, tablets, and so on. You can look through some of the Maintenance Quote Templates to see how they’re done.

Maintenance Quotation Template for Excel


Product Quotation Template

A Product Quotation Template, as referenced in its name, is a template for soon-to-be-released products. They provide ways to create quotes with intricate details about the products such as prices, quality, makeup, expiration dates, aesthetic, and so on. This template is set between dates because each fresh product has different features. When the aged templates are revealed to potential clients, they show, as aforementioned, the business’s professionalism and work ethic. Product Quotation Templates are easy to use, especially if you know Microsoft Word or Excel well, as seen in the free templates below.

Product Quotation Template


Product Quote Template for PDF:

Product Quote Template for PDF


Hotel Quotation Template

A template that can have the cost of services, food, rooms, and such is a Hotel Quote Template. Clients usually request these to compare what they can have with what they have. They’re simple and quick to read. You only have to check out a few free Hotel Quote Templates here to see what they’re really like.

Hotel Quotation Template for PDF:

Hotel Quotation Template for PDF


Hotel Quotation Template for Word:

Hotel Quotation Template for Word


Computer Service Quotation Template

A Computer Service Quotation Template, as evidenced below, can have the cost of computer repairs and maintenance. Seeing a computer service quote, made easy to fill out by the Computer Service Quotation Templates, is essential for nearly every customer because nearly every customer uses computers.

Computer Service Quotation Template


Medical Quotation Template

The templates that can have the cost of medical care corresponding to each illness are Medical Quotation templates. With Medical Quotation Templates businesses can form medical quotes as easily as shown below.

Medical Quote Template for Excel


Stock Quotation template

Stock Quote Templates can hold asking, bidding, and last trading prices, along with a certain day’s volume. Web sites easily dole out stock quotes for those wishing to buy their stock. Stock Quotation Templates are very simple to use. Just check out the ones here.
Stock Quote Template for Excel

Service Quotation template

A service quote gives clients a summary of the cost of a business’s services. Service quotation templates ease creating this quote. Here are some Service Quotation Templates.

Service Quotation Template


Hourly Price Quotation Template

One of a business’s greatest challenges is deciding whether to charge a fixed rate for services or by the hour. The hourly quotation is for the business that chooses the latter option. And that business doesn’t need to worry because they’ll have the Hourly Quotation Template. The Hourly Quotation Template is especially helpful for small businesses. Only look at the free ones below so you yourself can see how simple one of these templates is.

Hourly Price Quote Template


General Quotation Template

A general quote gives the customer an overview of all the services and products the business offers, and a General Quotation Template simplifies the process of creating a general quote. The General Quotation Template is the most basic and probably one of the most important of the templates because it’s the first introduction the customer has to the business. Some free, simple-to-fill-in templates are below.
General Quote Template

Quotation templates are very helpful for businesses and anyone looking to start a business. Quotation Templates can make or break a business. If your business isn’t using Quotation Templates today, start.