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A scholarship award is financial assistance given to a student based on academic performance or other criteria that may require a scholarship such as financial need, all with the same goal of schooling. The money given to the student does not require to be repaid.

Scholarships may be given according to different criteria such as academic scholarships, which depend on minimum grade points. Secondly, an athletic scholarship is awarded basing on the athletic performance of an individual and thirdly, scholarship based on merits, which include community service, club participation, among others.

Design of the Scholarship Award Certificate

When an organization or the person assigned to write the certificate is doing so, it is important to consider the scholarship award certificate design, including the layout, frames, graphics, among others, according to the field the scholarship is being awarded for.

A scholarship award for an athlete can have heavy graphics included, such as a picture of a famous athlete while at the same time one can use different font styles to make it appear stylish and can also use a design with humorous wordings.

On the contrary, when one is designing a scholarship based on academics or careers, it is ideal for maintaining a formal design. The choice of words should also be formal, and the candidates should be addressed with their titles if any. If the award does not have any title, words such as Mr, Mrs, or Miss should be used. The framing should also be simple, and the writer should not include any unnecessary graphics and pictures.

Scholarship award certificates are also designed with different themes according to the field that is being advertised.

Below are different themes designed for different fields:

1. Scholarship essay with a theme based on career

The organization offering the scholarship wants to understand everything based on the student’s career goals and expectations. Questions in this theme are phrased in a way that will explain what the student wants to do after graduating from school, why one selected that career, what impact one will create in the field, and probably where one would be in 10 years to come.

2.Scholarship theme: community

This scholarship theme is based mainly on community service, community improvement, and community initiatives. The organization offering this scholarship may ask the candidate; to describe what a volunteer experience entails, to make a thank you card for the military service, and can be asked to describe a project started to improve the community.

3. Scholarship theme: competition

This is a common theme for athletes, dancers, band members, and it entails the participation and the benefits one can rip. The group offering this scholarship mostly asks the candidate questions such as; What does it entail for one to be a good student in the class, community, and in the field?  One can also be asked what it entails to be a good team member or to elaborate on what it means by sportsmanship.

4. A scholarship with a theme of creativity

There has been a rise in scholarships based on creativity. This theme might be similar to the one on the community since creativity majors on improving the community’s lifestyle. The committee giving the scholarship will ask the candidate questions such as:

Write an interesting story of not more than 2500 words.

Create a short video enlightening people on the need to conserve the environment and many more tasks.

Scholarship Award Certificate Templates

Scholarship award certificate 01

Award Certificate of Scholarship

Certificate of Scholarship 02

Sample scholarship award certificate template

Scholarship Award Certificate 03

Free Scholarship Award Certificate Examples

Scholarship Certificate Example 04

Scholarship Award Certificate

Certificate of Scholarship 05

Scholarship award certificate template for Word

You can find more scholarship awards from here.

Format of Scholarship Award Certificate.

When writing a scholarship award certificate, the writer should include the following details:


The organization or the person assigned to write the certificate should enter the winner’s full name to ensure it is received by its rightful owner.

The organization, offering the scholarship award

The writer should ensure the name of the institution offering the certificate is captured and also include a signature.


The person writing the certificate should include the date when it was issued.

Type of scholarship

It is important to indicate the type of scholarship issued, whether it is career-based, athletic, merit-based, among others.

Reason for the award

The organization should state the reasons for awarding the certificate to the chosen candidate.

Institution attended

It is a requirement to indicate which institution the winner of the scholarship will be attending.

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