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A ‘Software Engineering Cover Letter’ is a letter that accompanies a resume. It mainly plays the role of acquainting a potential employer with the skills, experience, and expertise of an applicant. In this way, the letter serves to show the course whether an applicant deserves to be called for an interview or not. The letter at its core comprises the dreams and aspirations of an applicant, a summary of past work, special skills, and the correlation between those skills and the demands of the job at hand. It closes with a request for an interview and the chance to clarify any further issues.

Sample Software Engineering Cover Letter

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Dear HR Manager,

Re: Applications for the position of Software Engineer

I draft this letter to express my interest for the position of Software Engineer with your company. Indeed, I am passionate about matters of software engineering. In particular, I am interested in all issues, design, programming, testing, and materialization of software programs.

Other than the raw interests, I am also widely known in the field of software engineering and development. I do hold a Diploma in Information Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Java, JavaScript, .Net, and Python Programming languages are my strongest points.

My past work entailed the following:

  • Design, test, and development of the necessary software
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Maintenance of the back-end sites
  • Troubleshooting systems to see to it that they function optimally

Find enclosed in the envelope my resume, which contains a breakdown of all the skills and expertise I have to bring on board. Many thanks for your time and consideration. I seriously look forward to receiving an invitation to the interview.

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Software Engineering Cover Letter (Word Format)

Software Engineering Cover Letter (Email Example)

To: e-mail address

Re: Application for the post of a coder

Dear Sir/Madam

I have noted that you want a coder to join your organization. Well, I am not only interested in but also highly qualified for the same position. I feel suited for the vacancy owing to my exceptional coding skills. Though not widely knowledgeable or well-read (I dropped out of college in my second year), I have been working as a coder for so long a duration of time now.

In my long and illustrious coding career, I have managed to make many systems. These include the point-of-sale systems, facial recognition, employee management, and simple databases, to name but a few! Find a list in my resume which details all of them.

I also understand the design and development of software, data structures, and the associated algorithms, back-end customer service, and maintenance, troubleshooting and inspection of systems, documentation for future references if need be.

In case you come across any ambiguity in my resume, do not hesitate to point the same out to me. I am always on standby and very ready to offer the appropriate clarification.

[Your Name]

Software Engineering Cover Letter Email (Word Format)

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