Free Student Budget Templates (and Saving Tips)

Students are young, and wisdom might take some time to influence their life. However, some students are wise from an early age as they have seen their parents make a budget each year and follow accordingly. It is wise to instill in the mind of youth that is important to be aware of their earnings and expenses. In case, if students get pocket money they have to be wiser in spending, especially if they have a limited amount to spend. Student budget worksheet templates can be of great assistance to such students.

Free Student Budget Worksheet Templates

Free templates are available to the students, which can guide them to manage their lives in a systematic order.

Free Student Budget Template 01 for Word
Editable Student Budget Template 02 for Word
Printable Student Budget Template 03 for Word
Free Student Budget Template 04 for Word
Editable Student Budget Template 05 for Word
Editable Student Budget Template 06 for Word
Free Student Budget Template 07 for Word

    Importance of Budgeting for Students

    Students can find themselves buried in the debt of credit cards if they do not keep budgeting in mind. It is always wise to keep cash in hand despite the fact that credit card seems like a good option for students. Compound interest on credit cards is dangerous.

    As a student, it can be difficult to prepare a meal every day, and the thought of eating out can be quite tempting. However, planning a budget and sticking to it can be extremely lucrative for the students. They would get an idea of where the maximum amount is spent, and they would be able to allocate the budget accordingly.

    Students need textbooks, and some are extremely expensive. It is wise to make a library card and use the books for free. It is even wise to get an idea about where used books are available to buy them at a lower cost and save some amount.

    Types of Budget Sheets:

    •  College Student Budget Worksheet Template

    This particular template gives information on monthly income and monthly expenses. The expenses give information on sub-categories like gas, cell phone bills, electricity bills, rent, auto expenses, entertainment, and much more. Students would be able to know how much they are spending versus the income they have.

    • University Student Budget Worksheet Template

    This particular template is editable, so the student can insert information according to their preferences. There are different categories, monthly budget, monthly actual, and the total difference, which can give them an idea of how much they are spending and where they need to stop.

    • Monthly Student Budget Worksheet Template

    This particular template has a simple format and is available for college, school, and university students. It is available in Word and PDF format as well for students to work according to their preferences.

     Tips on Using The Budget Templates

    • It is important to keep in mind that the template is user-friendly. It should be easier to use.
    • The template should be easy to download and customize.
    • The fonts should be readable and should be clear as well.

    Final Words

    Financial planning is extremely important to live a peaceful life. Many students are not aware of the significance of financial planning but elders should guide them about these vital facts of life. Budgeting and planning are essential to keep the debt at bay.

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