Market Research & Analysis Report for PDF

Market Analysis Templates – 5 Plus Forms and Docs (Word, Excel and PDF)

A market analysis template is a great tool to began any startup strategy. The goal of a market analysis is to help you find out what your market is. Knowing your market and target audience ... Continue Reading →
Gap Analysis Spreadsheet

Gap Analysis Templates – 4 Documents for Excel, PPT and PDF

A gap analysis reveals to you your company’s present position, potential position, and how to reach this potential. When the information is either in a rectangle or square divided ... Continue Reading →
2017 Calendar Template for Word

2017 Calendar Templates – 8 + Weekly & Monthly (Word, Excel & PDF)

2016 is on its way out, and 2017 is working it’s way in. Each new year bring new plans, trips, meetings and assignments, all of which need to be recorded and detailed. For that, ... Continue Reading →
Christmas Gift Certificate Christmas Tree Design

24+ Christmas & New Year Gift Certificate Templates

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones can be challenging. A Christmas gift certificate that allows you to offer anything you want is the ultimate gift. Parents, children ... Continue Reading →
Book Cover Template Word

Book Cover Templates – Download Formats and Designs for Word & PDF

Book Cover Template – We all know the saying “Do not judge a book by its cover”, yet we all do just that. It is the psychology of human nature that we use our sense of sight ... Continue Reading →
Cost Comparison Template

5+ Cost Analysis Templates and Examples for Word, Excel and PDF

Just about every company or business relies on the accuracy of the costs analysis that they perform to start a new project. Certainly, it is vital that the cost analysis is precise ... Continue Reading →
SWOT Analysis Template for Word

SWOT Analysis Templates and Examples for Word, Excel, PPT and PDF

SWOT Analysis Template – Next time you have an important decision for a business or project it might be a good idea to do a SWOT Analysis before you make a decision and proceed. ... Continue Reading →
Cookbook Template for PDF

Cookbook Templates: Create Your Own Recipe Book (Word, PDF)

Whether you want to put a cookbook of your favorite together to pass out at family gatherings or Avon parties, or you’re looking to go all the way and get a book published for the ... Continue Reading →
General Book Template for Word

General Book Templates – Download Book Formats and Designs for Word and PDF

General Book Template – The technological advancements of the past decade are truly remarkable; today an individual can find, purchase, collect and transport a mind-boggling number ... Continue Reading →

Bookmark Templates: Design your bookmarks in style (For Word & PDF)

People might use a decorative bookmark in a novel that they are reading to hold the page, and return at a later date. This is similar to a person bookmarking a page to save a link and ... Continue Reading →