How to Write a Request for Proposal (Guide)

4+ RFP Templates to Write a Great Request for Proposal

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Magazine Template for Word

3+ Magazine Templates for Word and PDF

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Records Retention Schedule for Individuals

5+ Document Retention Policy Samples for Word and PDF

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Simple Bylaws Example

4+ Free Bylaws Templates to Help You Write Bylaws in Best Way Possible

There are some things that a business or organization needs to have rules about if they are going to run well and if they are going to look out for their needs. There are bylaws that ... Continue Reading →
Franchise Agreement Sample for Educational Institute

5+ Franchise Agreement Templates to Write a Perfect Agreement

Lawyer fees are so expensive. If you are opening a franchise or want to franchise your company, you can do so with a click of a few buttons. A franchise agreement  template is a simple ... Continue Reading →
Employee Handbook PDF

Employee Handbook Templates for Word and PDF

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Private Placement Memorandum PDF

Private Placement Memorandum Templates – Write your own PPM

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Executive Summary Template Doc

5+ Executive Summary Templates for Word, PDF and PPT

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Audit Risk Assessment Template

6 Risk Assessment Templates to Help You in Writing Safety Statements

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Estimate Template for PDF

4 Estimate Templates to Calculate the Estimates for Your Business

When someone asks you for an estimate in regard to a job that they would like to have completed, you need to be able to give them one and you would like to do that in a professional ... Continue Reading →