Sample Authorization Letter for a Child to Travel Alone

It is hard for some parents to manage time from their busy schedules and travel with their children. And the results often end up for kids to not leaving the house because they are underage and cannot travel alone. It is where an authorization letter plays its role.

The child travel authorization letter is used for any child that has been granted permission by their parent or legal guardian for international or domestic travel with someone else, organization, or group. Also, the authorization letter can be used when the child is traveling alone.

When to Use an Authorization Letter for Child Travel

A child travel authorization letter is recommended for use by both domestic and international travel for:

  • Any minor traveling alone
  • Single parent
  • Organization or group travel
  • Relative or friend

How an Authorization Letter Helps Children Travel Llone?

An authorization letter gives a person power, coupled with responsibility, of being bound by a contract concerning the person who has the full and complete authority to supposedly act on such.

From its meaning, an authorization letter is not just a letter that provides privilege but also entitles responsibility on the one who signed it. The letter protects both sides. If a minor is traveling, the authorization letter for a child to travel alone will protect the travel agency or transit for any liabilities that may arise because an underage was traveling alone.

On the other hand, it would be a solution for parents who are busy enough to accompany their child to all his/her travels. An authorization letter for a child to travel alone would be sufficient to let the child travel on his/her own while it would be the responsibility of the travel agency to make sure that the child was received by the authorized person mentioned in the letter.

When do you use this letter?

This type of authorization letter is useful whenever parents are confronted with busy and hectic schedules. This is being presented at the airport to buy tickets for the minor and acknowledge the staff about the child.

Sample Letter (Authorization for a Child to Travel Alone)

To Whom It May Concern:

I, (Name of Parent/Guardian), am the legal guardian/s of (Name of Child), born on (Birthdate), in (Place of Birth), with Passport ID Number _____________________, dated and issued at _______________________.

I hereby authorize (Name of Child), with the fullest of my intention and knowledge, to let her/him travel along with (Person Accompanying the Child), with Passport ID Number ______________, dated and issued at ______________________ to visit (The Place of Travel), during the period from (Starting Date of Travel) until (Date of Return).

Upon using this letter, make sure to present valid IDs and do not forget to enjoy your travel.

Template for Authorization Letter to Travel Alone

Sample Authorization Letter for a Child to Travel Alone

Recommended Letter for Children Travelling Abroad

Minor Child Travel Consent Form

Child Travel Consent Form Clean

    Note: These samples can be used to authorize a minor, child to travel alone or to travel with an authorized person.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can A Child Travel With One Parent Under U.S. Law?

    The U.S. (CBP) Customs and Border Protection recommends that if a child is traveling with one parent, especially if they are divorced, carry a note from the other, showing that they consent to the trip.

    How Old Does The Child/Minor Have To Be Allowed To Travel Alone?

    The child has to be at least five years old to be allowed to travel without a parent or guardian. This is normally the case for direct flights with no connections.

    Do Travel Consent Forms Include Medical Decisions?

    A child travel authorization letter does not include permission to make medical decisions on behalf of the child. If the parent or guardian wants to hand over those rights, then the child power of attorney form must be authorized.

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