Authorization Letter To Collect Passport (Free Templates)

Passport Authorization Letter

Sometimes you may apply for a passport, but before it is ready for collection, another engagement renders you unavailable to pick up the passport physically. In such a scenario, the airport authority allows you to send someone to collect the passport on your behalf, but only if they can prove that you actually authorized them to represent you. In this light, you are required to write an authorization letter that acts as an agreement between you (the principal) and the representative (the agent). Only then can the authorities allow the agent to act in your capacity.

Primarily, the letter captures the personal details of both you and your agent, a statement authorizing the representative to pick up the passport on your behalf, and your signatures to indicate that you both reached an agreement.

The whole process of implementing an authorization letter to collect a passport involves three parties, namely:

  • You, the official owner of the passport
  • The government representatives who received and processed your passport application
  • The individual you authorize to collect the passport on your behalf

Writing an Authorization Letter to Collect Passport

Your authorization letter should follow the standard format of a formal letter while staying short and direct. The following is a guide to writing a good authorization letter to collect a passport:

Provide your personal information

The letter should feature your personal information including; your name on the first line, street information on the second, and your city, state and zip code on the third line. These lines should be single-spaced to conserve space and ensure consistency with the letter’s general structure.

For example:

Valentine McRay
2660 Virginia Street
Chicago, Illinois, 60607

Include the current date

Skip one line from the end of your personal information and input the date of writing in full. The data documents the time of writing the letter and adds to its professional outlook.

For example;

23rd February 2022

Include the recipient’s details

After writing your personal details and the date, write the information of the body receiving the letter, in this case, the government body that will be issuing the passport to your agent. The information to input here includes the name, street address, city, state, zip code, contact details, and any other pertinent information.  

For example;

Chicago Passport Agency
101 W Ida B. Wells Dr 9th Floor
Chicago, Illinois, 60605

Specify the authorized duties in detail

Now it is time to grant your agent permission to pick up your passport. The authorization should be a concise and clear statement that states that you authorize the agent to fetch the passport on your behalf. When writing the statement, be sure to provide personal details of the representative. Some states even require that you provide details of the agent’s company.

Enter dates for the authorization

The date of the authorization is not the same as the date you wrote earlier. Here, you need to indicate when you want the authorities to surrender your passport to the agent. If you are not sure of the actual date, you may add a range of dates. You must indicate them clearly on the authorization letter.

Give reasons for the authorization

In this section, explain to the authorities why you need to send someone to pick up your passport. This could be any valid reason, such as hospitalization, being busy at work, or being out of the state.

Notarize the letter

At this point, your authorization letter to collect your passport is almost ready. The signing needs to be overseen by a witness to whom the state has granted authority to handle such authorizations. The notary public will verify your identity and that of your agent so that the government can have undaunted faith that your authorization letter lies within the right ground as a legal document.

Sign the letter

Affix your signature to show that you wrote the letter, add to its professionalism, and legally bind yourself to its content. Include a professional signoff, such as sincerely. Also, use blue or blank ink when signing and provide your full name in print form.  

Authorization Letter Templates

Creating an excellent authorization letter to collect passports calls for a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. Luckily, you do not have to write it from scratch. Instead, you can use a template to simplify everything and ensure you do not miss important sections that could render your letter invalid.

Templates also save you a lot of stress, especially when it comes to formatting and filling in the details as required by law. You can download free and customized templates here to streamline your authorization creation process.

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    Sample Letter

    Jonson Watson Brown
    630 Cherry road,
    Illinois, Chicago, 60657
    Chicago Passport Agency
    101 W Ida B. Wells Dr 9th Floor
    Chicago, Illinois, 60605

    23rd, January, 2022

    To Whomever it May Concern

    I, the undersigned Mr. Johnson Watson Brown, holding identification (363-38-XXXX) and passport number (C00001645) authorize Mrs. Joan Mercy Brown, holding identification (371-41-XXXX) to collect my passport on my behalf.

    I have attached the photo ID of my agent as well as attested both signatures herein.

    The details of my passport are as follows:

    [James Watson Brown]


    Authorized by: [James Watson Brown]


    Authorized agent: Joan Mercy Brown


    Yours sincerely,

    James Watson Brown


    Your name
    State, city, zip code
    Recipient name
    State, city, zip code

    Date of writing


    This is to certify that I, Davidson Pier Albright, Passport number [] do hereby authorize Mr. Charles Wagon White of Id number [] to collect the feedback of my passport application, on my behalf on 6th January 2022 from location. I am unable to pick the passport because I am out of town on a business trip.

    Name as appears on passport: []

    passport number: []

    Principal name: [your name]

    Signature: [your signature]

    Agent name: [representative name]

    Signature: [representative signature]


    [Your Name]
    [Your Signature]
    [your contact]

    Tips to Write a Good Authorization Letter

    You can follow the tips mentioned below to improve the quality and effectiveness of your authorization letter:

    Provide a typewritten letter

    Ensure that your letter is typewritten. A handwritten letter compromises professionalism and can give the reading party a hard time when going through it.

    Follow the format of a business letter

    Ensure that your letter heeds to the standard format of a professional business letter to boost its professionalism. Start with your personal information (name, full address), the recipient information (name and full address), the date of writing, and a formal salutation in that order. Also, end with an appropriate sign-off.

    Be concise and precise

    Be sure to convey your message clearly by using as few words as possible while not compromising the message and details needed. Your letter should also be accurate and to the point in order to give the addressee an easy time reading it.

    Proofread your letter

    After you complete writing your authorization letter, be keen to go through it to ascertain that all the details are in order. Check for grammatical mistakes and consider reading the letter aloud to grasp its tone and readability. If you have time, keep the letter for at least a day before handing it over.

    Final Words

    By writing an authorization letter to collect a passport, you give someone permission to act in your capacity as they receive your passport from the issuing authorities. Coming up with an excellent authorization letter requires you to bring different pieces of information together, from inputting the correct dates to giving a valid reason for authorization. Your letter should be typewritten and follow standard professional letter format. Contract the letter into a concise, accurate document, and complete it under the supervision of a recognized notary public. After you finish working on it, proofread it to correct any mistakes and ensure it is of the required quality.

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