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This interactive guide will teach you what an authorization letter is and will provide detailed steps on how to write a good quality authorization letter. Also, a sample authorization letter is provided at the end that helps in better visual understanding.

What’s an authorization Letter?

Authorizing means giving official permission to or an approval for something. There are many situations in life when you have to authorize someone to do a particular thing. For example, You provide consent to banks to access certain data or check your account information, to allow a person to take your responsibilities and thus act on your behalf when you are far away from the place, to authorize someone for collecting an item from a store in case of emergency, authorize and let your children go on a particular tour, providing consent to doctors during intensive operation and so on. In all these scenarios, it is very important to write a clear and meaningful letter so that the intended result is achieved.

Since the letter is usually sent to higher officials, it is very important not to make any grammatical errors, not to describe irrelevant details, write the intentions and expectations clearly, and also to follow a standard /professional template. Please refer to the sample authorization letter at the end to get an idea of how good the letter should be. It can be easily seen that a wrongly written letter might get rejected and can also bring suspiciousness and spoil the entire flow even if you have good intentions.

A poorly written letter could lead to misunderstanding and also leading to bigger legal cases. SO, it’s a good practice to put your unique signature with your name and date at the end of the letter, which adds more value and can be used as a proof in legal issues. A signature is a must, even if it is written for a colleague or a family member. If there are numbers involved like validity period, duration of a rule, etc., make sure it is clear, and nobody can alter/forge it later on by any means. For example: If you allow your junior employee to withdraw $10,000, and if he/she adds one more zero at the end, then it could lead to chaos and disastrous results. So, make sure your letter has all the details mentioned clearly and without any ambiguity.

14 Points to Look for When writing an Authorization Letter

  1. Create an outline and be clear about what to include and what not to include in the letter.
  2. Avoid words that imply multiple meanings.
  3. Express every detail clearly.
  4. Don’t hesitate to rewrite again if it’s not good.
  5. Write short and easily readable sentences to avoid unexpected misunderstandings.
  6. Write a date in the standard format followed in your country. Otherwise, write it in words to make it clearer.
  7. Avoid any negative sentences in your letter.
  8. Maintain a professional tone always to achieve the desired impact and benefits.
  9. If in doubt, ask experts or refer to sample authorization letters to write a quality one. If there are any agencies that offer professional letter writing help, then seek their help.
  10. Write in the language that’s easily readable. Mostly, it’s good to avoid regional languages.
  11. If some date is involved, make sure that all the parties agree to it rather than writing on some assumption.
  12. One can also write the methods with which the task can be achieved, if applicable. This will look more professional and thus ease the process without any delays.
  13. It is better to send a typed letter over a written one, as handwritten ones might have illegible words that could lead to chaos.
  14. Make sure you understand the role of the three parties involved: the sender, the receiver, and optional proxy who is authorized to act on behalf.

How to Write (Follow these 7 steps)

Step1:- The letter has to be addressed to the person/entity or the office of which your authorization to be accepted. In many cases, people simply write “whomsoever it may concern” In some cases, it may work, but it is not recommended as the purpose of an authorization letter is to inform and permit a third party on your behalf.

Step2:- Need to have a subject line in the letter. This area should clearly indicate for what purpose this letter is being referred to. This part is important to write because most of the time, people will be looking for a faster understanding of letters. A well-written subject in the letter will be a great help for faster processing of your letter.

Step 3:- The person who makes the authorization letter should have complete information illustrated in the letter, who is requesting the letter of authorization. You should have the name, from address, and contact details. This will help the person receiving the letter for a better understanding of who you are and can cross-check if needed.

Step 4:- Details of the person who is carrying this letter have to be correctly filled in the letter. It’s also important to mention completed details like full name, address, and contact number. If you can provide, an identity proof will be perfect because it prevents from any false person using your letter unnecessarily.

Step 5:- The content part is crucial, and this should be very concise and descriptive in terms of what’s being authorized by the person. The authorities should be clearly mentioned here to avoid any kind of ambiguity when the person is in operation. You should definitely avoid statements like he may do this etc. The responsibility and activities should be clearly mentioned with all limitations, if applicable.

Step 6:- Putting date and time, along with the validity of the authorization letter, is very important.

Step 7:- Conclude the letter with your original signatures. Please note if you are authorizing somebody for some bank transactions or government transactions, your signature may get verified with respect to one in records.

Sample Authorization Letter

This letter is written and submitted at a hospital stating that you authorize a close friend/relative to take care of an ailing parent in your absence in order to continue the medical treatment.

[Sender’s Name, address and contact details]

Date and Time:

To whom it may concern,

I(the guardian of Mr. ABC) hereby authorize and give full authority to [friend BCDE] to have the sole medical responsibility when I am away. During this period from (date1) to (date2), you are expected to give the following —————–medicines at the prescribed time. A copy of the prescription is enclosed for more clarity.

Thanks in advance for cooperating in this manner. In case of any doubts, please feel free to call me on my number mentioned above.




Enclosed: Prescription Document

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