Letter of Authorization to Represent: How to Write (6+ Samples)

Letter of Authorization to Represent: How to Write (6+ Samples)

Letter of authorization to represent can closely be related to the power of attorney because it gives someone authority to act on behalf of another. Therefore, this is a letter that gives an individual power or authority to do something on behalf of another, however, on specific issues stated in the letter.

Uses of Letter of Authorization to Represent

In some cases, you will not be available to carry out your responsibilities due to sensitive issues. For instance, you might need to send someone to pick your baby from school, pick a Credit card, receive a cargo, represent you in a meeting, or to get your documents from a lawyer. In such a situation, you can use this letter to;

  • To give another individual authority to represent you.
  • To inform an individual or people that you will not be present and you have delegated your responsibility to another.

Format and what to include in the Letter of Authorization to Represent:

  • Should be formal and professional.
  • Short and precise.
  • Give your personal contact details for further clarification if the need be.
  •  Should have clear personal details of the person being referred in the letter.
  • The scope of authority given should be stated.
  •  The time frame within which such a person will act in that capacity should be pointed out.
  • If you were supposed to meet an individual or organization state the names clearly.
  • If there are any documents attached mention them in the letter.

To get a little insight on how a letter to represent you while you are absent should look like, let’s go through these 2 samples.

Sample 1: Letter of Authorization to be Represented


Monica J. Langley
Secretary General
Kings Global Networks
Houston, Texas, 77079

Date: 1/8th/2018

Sub: Authorization to be represented by Mr. David F. Jones

Dear Ms. Langley

I, Mr. John M. King write this letter to authorize Mr. David F. Jones ID no: 125787661 to represent me in the upcoming monthly company meeting scheduled on Feb 2nd 2018. I am sorry; I will not be able to make it as I will be out of the country.

I have authorized Mr. David F. Jones to represent me in full capacity; he can make contributions, answer questions, and sign on my behalf. I have adequately briefed him on every matter that shall take place.

For any additional information please contact me on this email [email protected] or call me on 1-111-111-000X. Thank you for understanding.

Mr. John M. King

Sample 2: Authorization Letter to Represent

Daisy K. Mckain
ITex Conglomerate
Oakland, California, 98339
Date: 2/12th /2018

Sub: Authorization to be represented by Blessing K. Mary

Dear Ms. Mckain

DilTex, a sub group company of ITex authorizes Blessing K. Mary our General Manager to represent us in our annual general meeting of ITex Conglomerate Company Meeting. Our company’s Vice President who usually represents us in the meeting is currently out of country for on an official visit to Japan.

Our vote, opinions, and voice shall be carried out and expressed by Blessing K. Mary. Please contact us for any clarification on company’s contact xxxxxx. Thank you for understanding

James Klopp

Letter of Authorization to Represent Format

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There are many ways to write a letter of authorization to represent depending on the issue at hand and to get more insight read through various samples and keep on practicing to get it right.