5+ Cost Analysis Templates and Examples for Word, Excel and PDF

Just about every company or business relies on the accuracy of the costs analysis that they perform to start a new project. Certainly, it is vital that the cost analysis is precise and very accurate. Preparing the cost analysis might prove very difficult for some people or the company staff. Therefore, a cost analysis template is a more efficient way to prepare a document that will show the estimated cost of a proposed project. This will let the company know if the project will be beneficial or cost effective for the company’s purposes.

Cost Analysis:

Generally, there are several important parts to the cost analysis. A cost analysis template should include the three most significant parts to the analysis. First, a section is required that delves into the cost involved with the entire project. For example the cost might include labor, material, fees, and more. The individual cost should be analyzed and listed separately. Add up all the cost to get the true expenses. Next, a section should demonstrate all the proposed benefits due to the project. List them separately too. Make a list of the monetary and non monetary benefits in that section. The benefits might include increased production, more customers, more sales, or improved company branding.

Download Cost Analysis Template:

A company might have difficulty determine the essential parts of the cost analysis. The template included here will make the matter a much simpler and easier process for all that are involved with the project. Certainly, performing a cost analysis is a very important task to the overall project and takes a lot of study and consideration. Get started by downloading one of these professional quality templates. They are very easy to use and customize. Here are a few samples to help you with your tasks in creating a cost analysis.


Cost Analysis Template Spreadsheet,

Cost Analysis Template Spreadsheet


Cost Analysis Template for Excel (With Chart),

Cost Analysis Template for Excel (With Chart)


Cost Analysis Template for PDF,

Cost Analysis Template for PDF


Cost Benefit Analysis Template,

Cost Benefit Analysis Template


Cost Comparison Template,

Cost Comparison Template