24 Free Deposit Receipt Templates (Cash, Security, Vehicle, etc.)

Deposit Receipt

A deposit receipt can be defined as a document or receipt that is given by a bank to the depositor as a proof of money deposit with the bank. It is also a document showing that one has paid money for what they are buying. Generally, a deposit receipt is proof of payment that is already made.

Types of Deposit Receipts

Bank cash deposit receipt: This is a document issued by the bank to the customer as proof of making a cash or check deposit with the bank. This document consists of account the cash was deposited to, the date and time of deposit, the amount deposited, and the name of the depositor.

Advance security deposit receipt (for rentals): This is a document showing the proof of cash deposit to the landlord or lender by a tenant as proof of intention to move in and care for the property. Depending on the terms and conditions, the security deposits can refundable or not refundable.

Advance payment deposit receipt (for purchase of anything): This is a receipt acknowledging payment done in advance by the buyer to the seller. This document consists of the seller details, the buyer details, the amount paid, and the item paid for.

Installment deposit receipt (If you are paying installments of a lease): This is a document showing that cash deposit by the buyer to the seller or lease provider as a proof of payment made to honor the installment purchase agreement.

Deposit Receipt Templates

Sample Rent Deposit Receipt

Deposit Receipt Template Word

Rent Deposit Receipt

Security Deposit Receipt Word

Security Deposit Return Form

Tenancy Deposit Receipt Template Word

Sample Security Deposit Receipt

    Car Deposit Receipt

    Puppy Deposit Receipt

    Receipt for Non-Refundable Deposit

    Rental Deposit Receipt Template

    Security Deposit Receipt Template

    Cash Deposit Receipt PDF

    Commercial Lease Deposit Receipt Template

    Deposit Receipt Form PDF

    Deposit Receipt Template PDF

    Free Deposit Receipt Template

    Holding Deposit Receipt PDF

    Rent Deposit Receipt Template

    Rental Deposit Receipt Template

    Trip Deposit Receipt Template

    Receipt for Holding Deposit

    Receipt for Non-Refundable Deposit

    Receipt of Security Deposit

      Basic Contents of a Deposit Receipt

      Bank name: In case the deposit was made with a bank. The receipt must have the bank name usually at the top.

      Date and time: A deposit receipt must have the date and time of deposit.

      Depositor details: These include the depositor name, account number email, or phone number.

      Goods and service provider details: This is the person to who the money has been deposited. This part includes his/her name, account number, email, or phone number.

      Amount: The amount deposited must be indicated on the receipt in words and figures.

      Added information: Other important details can be included in this part — for instance, the terms and conditions for the deposit.

      Signature: The depositor must sign to agree to the deposit transaction. Also, the bank must sign and stamp as proof of deposit made.

      The above article has described a general deposit receipt template. You can use it as you wish, but it is strictly advised that you confirm with your lawyer to comply with your state laws.

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