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Project timeline

A project timeline is a delineation of the events and the specific times wherein the same are to be fulfilled in the course of executing a project. It acts as a barometer against which the success and the ongoing progress of a project may be gauged or measured out.

It is important to use a project timeline template to craft this piece of writing. These templates make the work easier by providing a framework against which the various parts and components of the write-ups may be made.

Why is it important to make a project timeline?

The benefits that come along with the drafting and execution of a successful project are many. Below are but a few of them explained in details:

Facilitates the Execution of Projects

These timelines do facilitate the execution of projects. They break down the projects in their finest states and assign a specific timeline and duration against them. In this way, these write-ups make the persons engaged in the project well able to handle each aspect of the project.

Aid in Monitoring and Evaluation

From time to time, the progress of each project has to be looked into against the expected feats. This is called monitoring and evaluation. Such timelines greatly aid in monitoring and evaluation in the sense that that provides some yardsticks against which the progress may be assessed.

Allows us to keep pace with the progress

Other than tracking the progress of each project, these timelines may also allow for the project handlers to keep pace with the projects altogether. Keeping pace here means seeing to it that each segment of the project is handled and executed strictly within the stated timelines.

Identifies gaps and how to fill them

It is not uncommon to identify gaps in the course of tracking a particular project. These timelines yet again help to identify such gaps and allow you to work on them appropriately. It hence goes that they aid you in doing or delivering a perfect outcome compared to a situation in which

Saves Time and Money

The use of these timelines, no doubt, gives rise to greater savings of time and money. They lead to minimal losses of the funds that are meant for the projects, not to mention enabling a speedy execution of the said projects. Those who opt for it no doubt enjoy the best outcomes.

How to create a project timeline step-by-step

Step I: Outline your project

Start off by outlining the scope of the entire project. This simply means identifying what the project pertains to on the whole. Thereafter, you have to break the project down to the tiny parts and components thereof. Assign some timelines and durations to each part or aspect of the project.

Step II: Delineate all the steps required to complete the project

Next, delineate the steps required or involved in the execution of the project. These are the methods, approaches, or procedures you will generally need to achieve the intended outcome. Yet again, assign some timelines to each step and procedure for the sake of greater accountability.

Step III: Estimate the durations that each step shall take

Estimate how much time you might need to execute each step of the journey. The time you assign each step has to be realistic. Do not make the times too squeezed or too long. Most importantly, they have to add up to the total length of the project time.

Step IV: Determine the sequence or chronology of the steps

Order each step of the project in terms of priority. That means, start with the first aspect and move through to the final one. This is to let the ones who are engaged in the execution of the project know the steps to take to achieve the desired end results.

Step V: Draft the outline

Conclude the exercise by drafting the outline of the project. Finish this one off by filling in the blank spaces to give rise to the entire project. Share the same with the stakeholders to let them know about it. That will help them also synchronize their operations carefully. Proof-read and weed out any grammatical issues.

Project Timeline Templates

To be able to do a good job, you have to employ templates extensively. These templates serve to cheapen the tasks principally by creating some outlines against which you may slot or fill in the blanks. Our free templates will definitely give you the inspiration you need but at a cost-free availability. Why not seek to leverage them in creating your project timelines?

Project Timeline Template (Word)

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Project Timeline Template for Microsoft Excel
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