Counselor Cover Letter Examples (Guide & Overview)

Counseling is a psychological job. A counselor helps people cope with emotional and mental disorders. His clients may have drug and alcohol addiction, marital and family problems, struggles with aging, or experience stress and anxiety.

One aspect of applying for counseling jobs is to write an excellent cover letter, avoid merely listing statistics and figures instead of concentrating on skills and experiences specific to the counseling position that differentiate you.

For a counseling position, there are few essential qualifications that you must have including a master’s degree and counseling license. While your resume should mention this, repeating it in the cover letter assures the employer that calling you in for interviews is not a waste of time. Remember to show your personality in the letter, such as how you have impacted lives.

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    Writing a Cover Letter for Counseling Job

    The cover letter offers the chance to present yourself. When writing the counseling cover letter, always concentrate on the employer’s requirements to distinguish your cover letter from other applicants, avoid a generic letter and be descriptive. Next, we guide you through the process of writing the cover letter.

    Opening paragraph

    Opening paragraph should be concise, usually two or three lines, explaining to the employer why you are talking to them.

    Opening paragraphs can thus be used to:

    • Provide an excellent opening to pique the reader’s interest. Name the position for which you are applying.
    • Specify why you have chosen to respond to this offer.
    • Recall a possible first contact during a job fair or an employment forum.
    • Quote the name of someone you know in the company who has recommended you.

    This introduction is the first thing the employer will read. It should serve to capture his attention and make him want to read on.

    To achieve this, immediately insist on the elements that could allow you to stand out from other candidates. There is no need to furnish it with ready-made sentences or of  writing what is already mentioned in the letter’s subject line.

    For example,

    “As part of the restructuring of your company, you are looking for a counseling position. The description of this position corresponds in every way to my profile and experience”.

    Body paragraphs

    Body paragraphs are dedicated to you. Introduce yourself by indicating that your profile matches the position you are looking for and why you are interested in it.

    You should highlight the following:

    • The degrees/diplomas/skills possessed,
    • Professional experience,
    • How the application fits in with your professional project,
    • Any other strong point (mastery of foreign languages, extra-professional experience).
    • Explain why you have chosen to send an unsolicited application to this company. It indicates that you did your homework and that your letter is tailored to them specifically.


    “Holder of a Masters in XYZ, I was able to put into practice the various skills that I acquired during various internships carried out during the past year.”

    For You: To make it compelling, such as the professional’s consultant’s letters, use verbs, for example, consulting, providing, establishing, developing, helping, examining, collaborating, leading, referring, and encouraging.

    If you are an apprentice, mention the results you have obtained, and the skills you have acquired there. Also, mention your reasons for wanting to learn the trade / take the training in question.

    The skills include:

    • Active listening: Excellent listening skills are the essential skills that you need to have as a counselor. It will allow you to understand the problems of your clients and the issues they are facing.
    • Oral communication: Your clients need to understand what you are telling them so that they can take the recommended action.
    • Interpersonal skills: In addition to listening and speaking well, you also need what is often referred to as “people” skills and are crucial for counseling. For example, you need to understand your clients’ reactions and be able to persuade them to make the necessary changes. It would help if you also had empathy and sympathy.
    • Critical thinking: To facilitate decision-making and problem-solving, you need to identify and evaluate possible solutions.

    If it is possible to summarize, one or two recent experiences and achievements you have had in a position like the one proposed. Explain what they brought you, the problems you solved, and the competencies you acquired while working at that position.

    It can also be interesting to give meaning to your journey, to explain the coherence of the different experiences that you may have had. Be careful not to make the mistake of giving the impression that you are justifying yourself. Only broach this subject if you can use it to your advantage to demonstrate the richness of your profile and your skills and adaptability.

    Avoid banal sentences that do not provide any element able to convince a recruiter:

    Incorrect Manner:
    “Responsible, autonomous, and organized, I would like to join your company to bring it my expertise and my dynamism.”

    Any recruiter expects candidates to demonstrate these qualities. Instead, try to bring positive elements naturally:

    Correct Manner:
    “But above all, I want to be able to devote my time and my energy to the development of a service such as yours, of which I am not only a regular user but also convinced about its effectiveness. The opportunity to join a committed organization is a great source of motivation for me”.

    Your arguments should convince the recruiter that you can do something useful for their business.

    Closing paragraph

    Take advantage of this closing paragraph. Write creatively about what you and the company can do together and bring to them if your application is successful. Look for the arguments likely to make the employer want to see you for an interview. Before concluding your cover letter with a polite phrase, do not forget to refer to your resume and ask to be interviewed by the employer. Specify your availability if necessary.

    “Available now, I am at your disposal for any additional information or further maintenance.”


    “I will be happy that my application has convinced you and allows me to meet you during an interview at your convenience.”

    For Writing an Email

    Employers are increasingly demanding email submissions of cover letters and applications. When using email, keep the following general guidelines in mind:

    Remain formal

    Emails are generally considered a more casual communication medium, but you must retain a formal tone while sending a cover letter; otherwise, there are high chances that your application might get turned down.

    Craft a catchy subject line

    Hundreds of emails are received by employers every day; hence create your subject line in such a way that they can search it easily among hundreds of other emails.

    For example, Application for the Counseling Job/Position.

    Include your contact information

    Always have all your contact details at the end of the cover letter to be contacted without making much effort to get selected for the counseling position.

    Double check

    Before submitting the cover letter, proofread it thoroughly for any errors or mistakes. Double-check to ensure your resume is received by sending a follow-up email if you do not get a reply from them within a week. Still, there is no general timeframe as some companies take longer time to process applications than others.

    Counseling Job Cover Letter Samples

    Recent Graduate Mental Health Cover Letter

    Dear Mr.

    As part of the restructuring of your organization, you are looking for a counseling position. The description of this position corresponds in every way to my profile and experience.

    As a newly licensed mental health counselor, I can assess, diagnose, and treat mental and emotional disorders under supervision. Graduating from an approved mental health counseling program ensures the quality of my training to professionally approved standards.

    The rigorous education and training made me skillful in helping clients overcome adversity to become healthy and productive citizens. Through counseling individuals, succeed on their own once services had terminated successfully,

    I will be happy that my application has convinced you and allows me to meet you during an interview at your convenience. Thanks for your consideration.


    Your Name

    Recent Graduate: School Counseling Cover Letter

    Dear Mr.

    I am writing to express my interest in the XYZ position l as advertised on your website. As a licensed school counselor, I have been trained at the graduate level to address all students’ developmental needs through a comprehensive school counseling program addressing all students’ academic, career, and personal/social development.

    Holder of an excellent academic record, I practice the various skills that I acquired during various internships carried out during the past year. I led three groups on marriages, divorce, and personal development consulted 12 teachers and parents, and offered secondary school education.

    Available now, I am at your disposal for any additional information or further maintenance. I am enclosing my resume and look forward to meeting with you to discuss this position. Thank you very much for your consideration.


    Mental Health Therapist Cover Letter

    Dear Mr.

    I was recently on your website, and I found you had a counseling opening. I had been in private practice for some time, but now I am searching for mental health institutions.

    With a master’s degree in Psychiatry and certified social clinician training, I worked for 4 years in my private practice and as a trainee 2 years before. I can provide you with the skills required to serve those patients who require mental health counseling.

    I will be happy that my application has convinced you and allows me to meet you during an interview at your convenience.

    Your Name

    Quick Tips for You

    Companies are likely to scrutinize your counseling cover letter. Professionals in counseling must be born communicators with concern for information, vision, and experience. What follows are the tips that will help you in writing an excellent cover letter for a counseling position:

    • Addressing the letter: Try to address the person who would be reviewing your application by his/her name or designation. You can easily find the information by checking the company’s website or LinkedIn page.
    • Highlight skills: The hiring manager does not read the cover letter thoroughly, highlighting the skills and experiences relevant to the counseling position. It also differentiates your application from others. For example, if you have done a course in public health, it is the right position to mention it.

    Pro Tip: Consider making your cover letter not only informative but also persuasive.

    The hiring manager reviews hundreds of applications with almost similar information; one thing that can give a competitive advantage is balancing being informative and persuasive.

    • Easy to contact: Try to make it easy for the hiring manager to contact you as you will not want to get ignored after passing through the initial process by providing your work email and a phone number.
    • Final Review: Before sending the email or submitting a cover letter, it is always recommended to give it a final review. It can be a lifesaver for you as it will help you remove any grammatical or typographical mistakes.

    Final Thoughts

    When writing a cover letter for a counseling position, remember to show your specific career experience and skills. If you are looking for an entry-level or have been in your profession for many years, you could be able to stand out and get the job interview by presenting your related accomplishments in your cover letter.

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