32 Email Cover Letter Samples | How to Write (with Examples)

Sample Email Cover Letters

An Email Cover Letter is a formal document sent by an applicant to the hiring manager expressing their interest in a job position.

It supports the resume and gives more details about you as an applicant. An email cover letter can be sent either as an email attachment or part of an email body.

The purpose of an email cover letter is to support a resume. It elaborates personal attributes and skills related to the position you are applying for to increase your chances of getting a job. The email cover letter achieves its purpose by mentioning previous job experiences associated with the position you are applying for. Thus, the cover letter helps in supporting your resume, which can be less effective when submitted alone.

How to Write and Send an Email Cover Letter

When sending an email cover letter, you should consider specific aspects such as sending it as an attachment, the position you are applying for, and what to include in the main body. Some of these aspects which should be considered are discussed below:

Send your cover letter as an email attachment

Some organizations may request the cover letter to be sent as an attachment. Hence, ensure that you save the document as a pdf (portable document file) file that cannot be edited by someone else after you submit it. Saving the document under your name helps avoid confusion to the hiring manager and makes your application stand out.

Note: If an employer does not accept email attachments, you should then copy your cover letter and paste it as the email body. Ensure that you have corrected the formatting as copy-pasting may affect the original format of the letter. In this case, once the hiring manager opens your email, they will directly see your cover letter.

Add an informative subject line

A subject line states the purpose of the email, and it should be short, precise, and grammatically correct to establish professionalism. In addition, it helps the hiring manager understand the purpose of the email and helps your application stand out among other applicants.  The length of the subject line should be between 46 to 70 characters. Ensure that you mention the position you are applying for and your name as the subject line. This information helps the hiring manager know the position you are applying for and differentiate different cover letters.

For example:

On the email subject lines, write “Customer Service Representative- Mike Bond.”

Start with a greeting

Start the email cover letter with a greeting and keep it professional, not friendly. Mentioning the hiring managers’ name creates a natural bond and interest in the hiring manager. It also increases your chances of getting hired.  Before sending the application, research the company’s website to identify the hiring manager’s name. If the name is not available on the website, you can contact the organization directly and request the name from their customer service agent. This shows that you have taken an interest in the opportunity, and you have learned how the organization and its employees operate. If you do not know the hiring manager’s name, a general phrase can be used.

For example:

“Dear sir/madam.”

Write a simple message in the body

In the body of an email cover letter, mention the position you are applying for and state the qualities you possess that are relevant to the position. In this section, you can also mention previous work experiences which are helpful or relate to the open position. These details help increase the chances of you getting hired as some of the qualities might be what the hiring manager is looking for. Additionally, mention how you can use your skills to improve the performance or output of the organization. 

Include examples

Give examples of previous accomplishments in an email cover letter, which will spike interest in the hiring manager and ensure they relate to the position you are applying for. In addition, ensure you have researched the organizations’ operations so that the examples you provide positively impact the business. 

Attach URLs

URLs are links that can be attached to an email cover letter to help you provide more details about your capabilities by giving the hiring manager a link to access some samples of your work. This is applicable in several fields such as graphic design, freelance writer or art.

Close with a thank you

At the closing of the email cover letter, remember to thank the hiring manager again for the opportunity they gave you.

For example:

“I thank you for the opportunity and am looking forward to your response.”

Sign off with an email signature

Signing off the email cover letter shows professionalism. Use courteous words such as sincerely, best regards, or thank you. In addition, a digital signature can be added along with an email and personal telephone number. These details ease communication in the case the hiring manager wants to give feedback or request additional details.

Attach your resume

Attach your resume to the email cover letter as it helps the hiring manager know you and your level of education, work experience, and personal interests. Ensure that your resume is written in a professional way to capture the attention of the hiring manager.

Email Cover Letter Samples

Following are some samples given for your better understanding:

Sample 1


Dear Sir/Madam/Mr./Mrs./Ms.

By way of responding to your call for applications to the vacant Program Officer position, I do submit my applications here. My possession of a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology combined with my stint as a clerk at the MacDonald fast-food chain makes me feel suited for the role.

You indicated that you want someone who can work for longer hours. Here I am. At the moment, I have no spouse or dependents. It is hence very unlikely that I shall be distracted in any shape or form. This means I will be able to work longer than most others can.

The resume I have attached will give you finer details about my competence and suitability for the role. Skim it to get to know about those two issues. In case of any further issues, kindly let me know.

I am ready and on standby to clarify them.

Faithfully Yours,


Sample 2


Dear Sir/Madam/Mr./Mrs./Ms.

I read with the joy of the vacancy in the position of Production Manager. I am also pleased to let you know that I have the expertise, skills, and educational requirements for the job. That is why I proudly apply to be considered for the same.

My qualification for the job stems from my possession of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Business Administration. To add to that, I have 7 years of experience as a production supervisor. I mostly monitored workers who were involved in the production of pineapple juice at XXX Incorporated.

Some of my strong points include the ability to work under extreme pressure, longer working hours, and great courtesy while handling employees. I believe you will find me an invaluable asset to your organization if picked to fill up the vacancy.

Attached to this email is a resume that fully showcases all my qualifications and their relevance to the post that is vacant. If in the course of perusing through it, you come across any issue that requires disambiguation, do not hesitate to draw them to my attention.

However, I look forward to attending an interview and hopefully filling the vacancy.

Truly Yours,


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    Free Templates

    Below is an email cover letter template:

    Subject Line: Application for (the position you are applying for)

    Dear (name of the hiring manager),

    Following your advertisement (mention where you saw the advertisement), I am writing to express my interest in the (position you are applying for) in your organization. I have attached my resume as requested on the application guidelines.

    I have vast experience in (mention a similar position), and I will use my capabilities to ensure that I fulfill the organizations’ goal. I am a fast learner, a participant in teamwork, a keen listener, and a problem solver, and I will ensure that I do my best to satisfy the customers’ needs.

    I am looking forward to your response and learning more from the organization to drive us towards its success. Thank you.

    Kind regards,

    First Last Name



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      Tips for Writing an Email Cover Letter

      When writing an email cover letter, ensure that you follow a specified format, and the following tips should be put into prior consideration.

      Use a professional email address

      Along with the subject line, your email address is the first thing the hiring manager will see. Therefore, you need to create a good impression by using a simple email address. Use a professional email address, as it shows decency and also increases your chances of getting hired. A professional email address should be short and can be generated from your name.

      Save your file correctly

      Save your email cover letter correctly to avoid a change of format when the document is changed from a word document to a PDF document. Saving also entails ensuring that the correct topic sentence is used, making it easier for the hiring manager to identify the file and the position you are applying for. Ensure that you save your file as .doc or .pdf to preserve the original outlook of the cover letter. Moreover, ensure that you save the file name as first name-last name-cover letter, {Smith-Simon-cover letter} to make it easy for the hiring manager to trace your cover letter after they download it from the email attachments.

      Pick a strong subject line for your email cover letter that should entail your first and last name and the title of the position you are applying for. These details make it easier for the hiring manager to identify the position you are applying for, making your email stand out.

      Keep it short and straightforward

      Ensure the email cover letter is short and straightforward, only keeping your focus on the main ideas. A short email saves time for the hiring manager and gives them the chance to read through the entire letter. This increases your chances of getting hired.

      Do some research

      Doing detailed research before sending the email cover letter is crucial as it helps you identify important aspects of the company. Ensure that you confirm the open position so that you apply for the correct job offer. Research the name of the hiring manager or contact the office number available on their website to confirm the name so that you can mention the hiring manager’s name on your cover email.  

      Send yourself a test email

      You can send yourself a test email of your application and the attachments to look at how the email will appear to the recipient. This is important as it helps you know if the formatting is correct and if all attachments open correctly. After the test, you can send the application to the hiring manager as there will be a minimal chance of errors on the cover email. 

      Check job application guidelines

      Before submitting an email cover letter, check the application guidelines keenly as different organizations provide different application procedures. Verify if the company has specified if the cover email should be sent as an attachment or as part of the email body. Following the correct specifications increases your chances of being hired. 

      Final Thoughts

      An email cover letter is an important document that is used to support a resume by giving additional details about you as an applicant. Therefore, it is essential to follow specified guidelines while sending the application and ensure that the cover letter has the correct format. The letter should be written in a formal tone. The applicant’s details, including their name and email address, should be included on the cover letter.  

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