22 Best Farewell Letter Samples (for Boss, Colleagues, etc.)

A farewell letter is often written to colleagues or a boss when one is leaving the company for a new job or retiring.

The farewell letter is perceived as the best way of appreciating workmates and one’s bosses for the working opportunity during the period one has worked in the organization.

A farewell letter is described as a goodbye letter that one writes when leaving a place or a job to thank co-workers and bosses for the experiences ad learning opportunity they have had together.  Therefore, the purpose of a farewell letter is to show appreciation and provide contact details to one’s colleagues, clients, or boss to maintain contact even after leaving.

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    Why Send a Farewell Letter?

    There are various significant reasons why one should consider writing farewell letters to co-workers, clients, and bosses when changing jobs or when generally moving, including:

    Shows etiquettes

    It is courteous to notify fellow workmates when leaving a job by writing a farewell letter to thank them and show interest to maintain communication with them by giving them contact information. It would seem rude to resign and just vanish from the workplace without biding workmates goodbye, hence a farewell letter shows etiquette and maintains a positive attitude between one and former workmates.

    Maintains one’s networks

    A farewell letter written to former workmates helps maintain networks by demonstrating appreciation, etiquette and providing them with a phone number so that it is much easier to keep tabs even after leaving. Networks are vital for human growth and mostly in the corporate world which enables future working relations and business favors from former workmates.  

    Helps one share their transition plans

    When changing jobs or shifting careers it is essential to share these transition plans with co-workers in a farewell letter to help them see the logic of one leaving. It assures co-workers that one’s leaving is based on necessary transitions and not conflicts which helps improve the chances of maintaining networks with colleagues.

    Farewell Letter Writing Guide

    A farewell letter in the job context is a formal goodbye letter that should be written using a professional format and tone. The parts or features detailed below guide one when writing a farewell letter.

    Use professional salutation

    A professional salutation is necessary for a farewell letter which is written at the beginning of the letter with words such as “Dear MR/ Mrs/ Ms” followed by the recipient’s last name. One can write in the salutation segment “hello, the First name”

    Remind its your last day

    Begin in the first paragraph of the farewell letter by stating or reminding the recipient who could be one’s boss or colleagues that it’s one last day in the company. 

    One can use words such as “today being my last day of working with  ‘Company name’…..”

    Express appreciation

    Immediately after reminding the recipient of the farewell letter that it’s the last day of one working in the company, one should proceed to thank or appreciate them for the good working relations. In case the recipient is one’s boss one should thank them for the job opportunity. Here one should also mention specific skills one has obtained or learned from the recipient and thank them for the knowledge.

    One can use words such as “ I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for  being a great co-worker, you have taught me essential collaboration skills that have greatly expanded my knowledge base”

    Offer best wishes

    The next step after expressing appreciation in a farewell letter is wishing the co-workers and boss well in their endeavors and hope they continue making huge successes. 

    One can state their best wishes by using words such as “I wish you continued growth and success in your company”.

    Include contact information

    One should provide the recipient of their farewell letter the contact information of how they can reach one after they leave the organization to maintain networks and contact.

    This part can be stated by saying, “I would appreciate our continued interactions and network, feel free to contact me on ‘phone number’ ”

    Close properly

    A Polite goodbye statement should close the farewell letter followed by one’s signature.  One can close the farewell letter by stating:

    “Thank you once more, and good luck in your endeavors”
    Name of Sender

    Farewell Letter Format

    The format of the letter should be as follows:

    (Salutation)Dear (First Name) or Mr. /Mrs. (Last Name)(The body)

    You should always use the first paragraph to let your colleagues know that you are leaving, and also include where and when you are going. Avoid including anything negative about why you are going.

    In the second paragraph of the body, thank your colleagues for all their love and support.

    In the third paragraph, include your contact information and let them know how they can get you.

    Lastly, in the last paragraph, repeat your thanks.

    Examples of Farewell Letters

    Farewell letters vary depending on the recipient, with their main distinguishing factor being the tone and sentence structuring.

    Farewell Letter to Close Colleagues

    When writing a farewell letter to fellow colleagues, one likely has close relations with them hence there is no need to write a formal letter.  One should not bother focusing on the specific letter format, rather they should focus more on the appreciation part of the letter and providing contact information to maintain the connection.  One is free to use an informal salutation like “hello, John”. Below is an example of a farewell letter to colleagues:

    Sample letter 01

    Subject Line: Appreciation for the Working Relations and Friendship

    Hello, John,

    Today being my last day at Satellite Company, I would like to thank you dearly for the working relationship we’ve had along with the never-ending friendship built during the 5 years we’ve worked together.

    I am especially thankful for the knowledge, and skills I have learned from you during our collaborations. The work was demanding but you taught me how to deliver quality even under pressure.

    I may be leaving the working arena, but this is not goodbye, hope to see you at our usual chill spots. And always feel free to reach out to me at my usual phone number. Thank you again for the time we’ve had and may you prosper in your career and life, wishing you all the best my friend.

    Yours truly,


    Sample letter 02

    Dear all

    I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I will be leaving my position at ABC Company. My departure will be on August 10. My family and I will be moving to Canada since my wife was offered a new position at a distinguished hospital there.

    I would like to thank each of you for every experience shared, friendship made and the good times we had together. I would like all of you to know that working alongside you was very rewarding and I really appreciate all the help you have extended to me through tough times. It makes me wish that I had the chance to work with you more. Words are not enough to express my gratitude but I pray that one day our paths can cross again in the future.

    It doesn’t mean that am saying goodbye forever. You can still reach me at my personal email at ([email protected]) or my cell phone, 555-555-555.

    Thank you again and wish the company more success.


    Mr. John James

    Farewell letter to immediate team or direct reports

    A farewell letter was written to the immediate team or direct reports mostly depends on the nature of the interactions one had with them. If the working relations were more of fun or friendly collaborations then one can use a laid back or relaxed tone, but if the relations were structured and official, then a formal tone would best suit the letter. A sample farewell letter to a team is shown below:

    Subject Line: Goodbye Letter

    Dear Team,

    As you all may know, today is my last day at Satellite Company, I got a job offer at Record Media as a Team Manager. I must admit I am proud of this wonderful new job opportunity, which has only been made possible because of the growth and skill development offered to me by the Satellite Team.

    I cannot fully express the great experience I have had working with you as part of the team in Satellite Company for the past 5 years. I have learned all the essentials of being an effective team member made possible by all of your cooperation and positive attitude.

    I will certainly miss the moments we’ve had, looking forward to our continued communication and interactions. I wish the entire team success and good luck in all of their endeavors and hope to hear from all of you often.

    Yours truly,


    Farewell letter to boss or manager

    In most cases when writing a farewell letter to the boss or manager, one should consider using a formal tone to show respect and professionalism. One can use formal salutation like “Dear Mr. Andrew’ like demonstrated in the sample letter below:

    Subject line: Thank you for the Work Opportunity

    Dear Mr Andrew,

    First I would like to take this wonderful opportunity to thank you for the amazing opportunity of working under your supervision and guidance. I have gained exceptional work competency from the skills and knowledge you imparted to me during the 5 years we’ve worked together.

    I hope to keep in touch with you despite this being our last day working together. Always feel free to contact me at my phone number as often as possible.

    Thank you once more and wish you growth, greater job actualization, and prosperity in your career and life.

    Yours faithfully,


    Farewell letter to CEO or funder

    In case one had substantial relations with the company CEO or founder it may be courteous to send them a formal farewell letter to thank them for the work opportunity. One can also state their transition plans and provide their contact information as highlighted in the example.

    Subject line: Last Day at Work

    Dear Mrs. Jacobs,

    It is much gladness and humility I write this letter mostly to thank you for the incredible opportunity you have offered me to work at your company as a marketing manager. As you may be aware, today is my last working day at Satellite Company and I could not leave without saying goodbye and letting you know how much of a pleasure it is learning from you and your capable team of employees.

    I would also like to happily inform you that I will be joining Record Media as their new head of marketing. This was made possible because of the growth platform you gave to me, which I will always be thankful for.

    I wish Satellite Company nothing but the very best, May good luck and success dawn on you and the company. Kindly, do not hesitate to contact me whenever possible, I would appreciate our continued interactions.

    Yours sincerely,


    Farewell letter to clients

    If one worked in a job role that involved direct relations with clients, then it is necessary to send them a farewell letter to bid them goodbye as a show of courtesy. This letter should follow a follow structure and tone to portray professionalism.

    Subject line; Update on my leaving Satellite Company

    Dear Simpleton Cooperative,

    This letter is written out of the courtesy and respect I hold for your company and the working period we have interacted. I would like to nifty you that as of 31st July 2021 I will not be an employee at a satellite company hence you will not be working directly with me.

    However, I have handed a capable and talented employee John all your company files to continue handling your interactions with the company. I humbly appreciate the good working relationship we have had in our interactions. I will be moving to Record Media as head of marketing, but always feel free to reach out whenever convenient for you.

    I wish you prosperity and great fortune in all your endeavors and hope to hear from you.

    Yours truly,


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    Free Templates

    Here are free templates that can be customized after downloading them:

      While taking the time to write farewell letters may seem like a waste at first, but they can prove to be very beneficial. When you are leaving a job it is important to stay on the good side of your colleagues. In the future, they can provide you with help in your next career, be a good reference, or they may be able to help you in different situations. However, writing a farewell letter can be difficult at times, that is why using a sample farewell letter template can make things simpler and clearer. By using an outline template, you will save time and have a more professional letter.

      Tips for Writing a Farewell Letter

      Listed below are insightful tips for writing a perfect farewell letter to colleagues, clients, and bosses to promote a positive attitude and network.

      Check with your manager

      Before disseminating farewell letters in the company check with the manager to ensure that everybody is aware of one’s departure. This helps reduce confusion and so that the farewell letter is well received without any shock on the recipients.

      Keep it positive and show gratitude

      A farewell letter should be positive and demonstrate gratitude for the work experience and knowledge. One should focus on thanking the recipients for what they learned from them or the help they offered during one working period.

      Select a good subject line

      Write appropriate subject lines for the farewell letter that summarizes the purpose of the letter for example.

      • Subject: Farewell update
      • Subject: Moving on
      • Subject: Leaving the Organization
      • Subject: Keeping In Touch
      • Subject: Last day working at the Company

      Send it two days before you leave

      One should send farewell letters two days to their leaving the company to properly say goodbye and give the recipients a chance to also say their goodbyes.

      Keep it concise

      A farewell letter should b short and straight to the point to capture the attention f the recipients. Therefore, one should avoid unnecessary details and go straight to appreciation, transition plans, and sharing contact information.


      A farewell letter is written to colleagues, team members, boss, or manager to show appreciation and bid them goodbye as one leaves the company. A farewell letter is written to maintain strong and positive connections with co-workers and demonstrate good etiquette while sharing one’s transition plan. Various types of farewell letters follow different writing steps as detailed in the article.

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