Project Manage Cover Letter: How to Write (with Examples)

When searching for a managerial job, you chance of landing the job will rely on a well-crafted cover letter. In the letter, it’s is advisable to highlight the most relevant skills and qualifications that will show the hiring team that you are the perfect match for the job. Write the letter replying to the requirements stipulated in the posting.

In any organization, managers are tasked with administrative work, allocating duties to employees, and also organizational tasks. Besides, they are also responsible for group tasks. If you have doubts on how to craft an irresistible manager cover letter, you can use samples to make the work easy and efficient.

What to highlight in the managers cover letter

When writing the mangers cover letter, you need to refer to the job posting for specific management skills required by the employer. Typically these skills are closely related to five management functions that include:

  • Planning
  • Coordinating
  • Organizing
  • Oversight
  • Directing

If you can match your skills to the employer’s requirements, then chances of landing the job are higher. If possible, quantify your success, use numbers, growth statistics, and percentages to support your achievements. These data will show what you’ve achieved for your company. This is critical, especially when you’re applying for high-level jobs that require a proven track record of success.

P.S: Don’t forget to attach a manager reference letter along with your cover letter.

Sample Manager Cover Letter

Mercy Abrams
209 Maple St
Greentown GT, 43443
(917) 232 5656
[email protected]

November 11th, 20XX

Ms. Louise Smith
Director of Distribution Operations
Acme Inc.
77 Apple St.
Hunters City, MN 80023

Ref: Warehouse Manager (Job #: 2099)

Dear Ms. Smith,

I must confess I was fascinated to find a posting for a warehouse manager on your website since I have always admired to work for your company to contribute positively to your growth.
I have worked for Ezine Distributors for the last six years where is started as a junior employee. I was promoted to a warehouse manager due to handwork and exceeding and consistent results. Throughout these years, I have received recommendations from my superiors for gains in safety, productivity, and efficiency.
Your company will profit from my outstanding success in:

• Digitalization of warehouse operations to increase efficiency and effectiveness
• Supervising over 30 junior employees
• Upgrading warehouse management systems for better inventory management & distribution accuracy
• Achieving a 25% reduction in order processing time.

Besides my experience and personal abilities, I also have a solid educational background with a master’s degree in Warehouse Management from The University of Southern Carolina.
I will appreciate to meet you at your convince to discuss how my skills, qualifications, and experience fit the advertised position.
Thank you for your time.

Mercy Abrams

Manager Cover Letter (Word Format)

Manager Cover Letter

Manager Cover Letter (Email Example)

Subject: Manager- Jack Peterson

Dear Ms. Walter,

I’m compelled to submit my resume for review following your recent posting for a manager at GreatWays Distributors. I believe my experience in managing business operations, marketing &relationship management, and supplies& inventory management will be a valuable input to your organization.
In the past eight years, I have involved in overseeing customer service, operations, profit and loss functions, staff development, and implementation of policies that increase productivity and efficiency at Amoco Supplies. My ability to set and achieve internal management goals, strong organization and communication skills have enabled me to excel in this position.

Some of my notable achievements include:
• Development and implementation of a five-year strategic plan for Amoco Supplies
• Establishment of solid relationships with suppliers, customers, and fellow staff
• Implementation of profit-maximizing strategies that saw an increase of 18% in profits in two years.
• Use of time management, interpersonal and communication skills to motivate our staff

Driving business growth and development including goal achievement
My skills in project management, operations management, and business leadership have been polished, and I am confident more strength will be honed in your challenging environment. I welcome a chance to discuss further on this role and what I can offer.

I’m grateful for taking the time to read this letter. Please do not hesitate to contact me soon.
Thank you for your consideration.

Jack Peterson

Manager Cover Letter Email (Word Format)

Manager Cover Letter email example

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