Cover Letter for Office Job (Samples and Templates)

Writing a perfect office job cover letter is a vital step on your career journey. When composing a cover letter, make sure to refer to the specifications laid out in the job description. In your letter, make sure to link some of your most appropriate skills to enable employers to see that you are the right person for a job. A well-crafted cover letter will help you stand out from other applicants.

Crafting your first cover letter can be difficult when you don’t have someone to advise you. While there is a lot of online content on techniques you can use to write a cover letter for an office job; many may not include information about the main steps to be followed when applying, but the good news is, you don’t need to worry about that with our website!

Cover Letter for Office Job Templates

Free Printable Medical Office Manager Cover Letter Sample as Word File

Free Printable Office Administrator Cover Letter Sample as Word File

Free Printable Office Assistant Cover Letter Sample as Word File

Free Printable Office Clerk Cover Letter Sample as Word File

Free Printable Office Coordinator Cover Letter Sample as Word File

Free Printable Office Manager Cover Letter Sample as Word File

    What is a Cover Letter?

    An office job cover letter is a brief document that lays out the career experience, technical qualifications, and personal interest in applying for a job. Your cover letter aims to build on your resume’s accomplishments, highlight your personality, and illustrate why you would be a good match for your company. Overall, the cover letter (paired with your resume) allows employers and recruiters to screen your career submission. Your cover letter could mean a difference between getting a work interview or having your resume rejected, so it makes sense to take the time and effort required to write a successful cover letter.

    Importance of office job cover letters

    Applying for an office job with a cover letter is crucial. There are several reasons that contribute to this cruciality.

    Some of such factors or reasons include:

    The cover letter sets the tone:

    When you step into a room, smile, and reach out your hand to shake, you’ve already made a first impression. Before you say a word, your clothing, footsteps, posture, and a hundred other specifics already decide the essence of this encounter and foresee how the next scene will be carried out. Cover letters are doing the same thing. The flow of your words will talk volumes for you, long before bosses figure out where you got your degree.

    Cover letters create awareness:

    The recruiting process is costly, mostly because it requires too much time, and management would otherwise waste this time working on making profits. So wise administrators are trying to make the recruiting process as smooth and quick as possible without cutting corners. If the cover letter is not promising, the remainder of the submission will only obtain a cursory review (if any). But if the letter is interesting and clever, managers would gladly devote time and money to a closer look.

    Cover letters contain details that are not part of a formal application:

    A cover letter can be used to remind the employer that you both took the same college classes or that you both served together on a contract ten years ago. It will illustrate shared experiences, friendships, and industry activities that will connect the reader to the authors.

    Cover letters help readers identify the resume’s specifics:

    By catching the attention of the reader towards relevant highlights and skills you may have ten excellent points of sale as a candidate, but your letter will help you attract your reader’s attention to these best and most prominent reasons why you should be recruited instead of someone else.

    Basic Elements of Office Job Cover Letters

    There are a few basic elements that all cover letters for office jobs must be composed on, in order to attain proper structure that reflects efficiency and professionalism.

    These elements are as follows:

    Your contact details

    The first section or header contains your contact information: name, location, office or mobile phone number, and email. It has become normal to have your LinkedIn address so that employers can immediately browse your profile, resume, and network. You may also list your contact details below your signature in an email.

    Contact details of the employer

    It is most fitting to have a  formal, printed copy of the cover sent by mail or by hand.


    While you do not need to know whom to contact when sending a cover letter by email, it is necessary to get a name to address your letter to. Do your research so that you don’t have to use the usual “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Sir or Madam.” The easiest way to learn contact names is by contacting the company’s front office or checking their website.


    The cover letter body will let the employer know what position you are applying for and why you are the perfect applicant for the job.

    This portion of your cover letter contains the following:

    First paragraph:

    Whom are you writing? This is your chance to take the reader by the neck and get their attention. Give some specific, focused knowledge about the work you’re applying for and a few main attributes that show your fitness to the task.

    Second paragraph:

    What you have to sell to the boss. This is where you illustrate examples of the job done and the outcomes obtained.

    Third paragraph:

    Your understanding of your business. Prove you have done your research and know all about the company and how you can relate to its mission.

    Fourth paragraph:

    The closure. Summarize what you can add to your job and suggest the next move by calling for a meeting or proposing a call.


    Finish the letter with a formal closure such as “Sincerely” or “Yours truly.” The cover letter is a professional communication, do not use casual closes such as “Cheers” in letters you send to apply for a position.

    Your signature:

    Signing your cover letter will depend on whether you submit a printed letter or an email. If you submit a paper letter, insert your name after the greeting, leaving a room for your handwritten signature. If you send a cover letter via email, your name and contact information come after the greeting.

    How to Write (Format)

    When applying for a job, you want to make a great first impression on the person reviewing your cover letter. To do so effectively, you need to know how to craft your letter professionally.

    Here are the steps to follow when drafting your cover letter to help you capture the reader’s attention:

    Step 1:

    Presenting yourself is the first step to writing a cover letter for office jobs. Introduce yourself appropriately. Remember that most hiring managers look at this part first and determine whether you are the right fit for that job or not. Make sure that you introduce yourself appropriately.

    Step 2:

    The second step is to mention the job (or sort of job) you’re applying for (or looking for). Mention where you saw the job listing and what position you are applying for. This part is very important. With thousands of applicants sending in their applications for different positions, you want to make sure that your application is being considered for the right position.

    Step 3:

    Show that your qualifications and expertise complement the skills and experience you need to do the job. Mention some of your skills and experiences that are relevant to the position that you are applying for.

    Step 4:

    Invite the reader to read your resume. Remember that your resume is only an introduction to who you are and why you are applying for the position. Invite the reader to go through your resume to review your qualifications for the job- you can state something like, “Attached is my resume for your consideration.”

    Step 5:

    End your letter with a call to action, i.e., inform the reader to contact you to set up an interview.

    Types of Office Jobs (With Cover Letter Samples)

    There are several types of office jobs that you can apply for along with a cover letter.

    Some of these types are:

    Medical officer manager

    Medical Office Administrators are accountable for the efficient operation of a Health Centre. Their primary duties and responsibilities cover regular activities, personnel, and budgeting.

    Medical officer manager job cover letter sample

    Kim Cain



    Dear Director Bridges,

    As a highly trained medical officer, I read your advertisement for a medical officer vacancy with curiosity. My background is well-matched with the credentials you are searching for at Bristol Hospital, particularly my position as a medical officer with Kingsley Health Systems. I am confident that I will be of great value to your organization.

    With over seven years of experience as a medical officer, I am adept at reporting, team leading, and program delivery. My on-the-job training has also provided me with a well-rounded range of skills, including first-rate organizational and leadership skills.

    Besides my experience and personal qualities, I have a strong background in education and a passion for team leadership. I am deeply optimistic about Bristol Hospital’s progress on patient care and will appreciate the chance to contribute to your continued growth.

    Please check my attached resume for more information about my expertise and professional accomplishments. I’m going to follow up to ask for a meeting to discuss how my expertise and history suit your needs.

    Thank you so much for your time and thought.


    Kim Cain

    Office administrator

    The office administrator manages correspondence of an office by dealing with mail, assisting in planning and arranging events, including organising catering, and maintains stock lists in a manner that office supplies are kept stocked for emergencies. The office administrator also manages staff expense vouchers/petty cash.

    Office administrator job cover letter sample

    Kim Cain



    Dear Director Bridges,

    Your office should be occupied by someone ready to deliver beyond what your clients and other employees expect. With experience in coordinating, scheduling, and organizing, I’m going to make sure everything runs smoothly as your office administrator. Some of the qualities requested on your job listing included reliability, managerial skills, and conflict resolution capabilities. With over five years’ experience in a fast-paced office, I understand the need for someone you can count on. I have worked in various high-stress situations involving multiple employees and team members, and I always work towards improving the company.

    When the paperwork needs to be filed, I either get it done or delegate the work. When a schedule needs to be reviewed, I ensure that every team member has fair hours to allow them to be the most effective. It would help if you had someone willing to step in when everyone else wants to step out, and I’m ready to face even the most difficult challenges with determination. I would cherish the chance to contribute to this company. I look forward to meeting you, and thank you for looking at my application.


    Kim Cain

    Office Assistant

    The Office assistants do the managerial and regular secretarial duties. They may be responsible for arranging and maintaining files, serving as receptionists, coordinating meetings and appointments, and assisting other employees with operational duties.

    Office assistant job cover letter sample

    Kim Cain


    February 12, xxxx

    Dear Hiring Manager,

    Yesterday, I replied to your advertising on the website for an office assistant position. I am sending my CV to you for this vacancy with great pleasure, as I strongly believe that I am ideally qualified for this position.

    I’m self-motivated, polite, and love working in an office setting. I consider myself an enthusiast who completes all office duties to the highest level and within a given timeline.

    With my new employer, I provide extensive secretarial and logistical assistance to coworkers and help them run the office smoothly and effectively. I am responsible for the day-to-day work of filing, printing, reporting, and invoicing. My other responsibilities include the reception and processing of telephone inquiries, the handling of inquiries, and the provision of general business details.

    I can prioritize my workload and adapt to constantly changing requests; all in all, I consider myself to be highly competent in all the competencies you expect from an applicant.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Kim Cain

    Office clerk

    The office clerk performs several duties, such as printing, editing repetitive memos, filing paperwork, and answering calls. They have responsibilities that also vary regularly based on their boss’s demands and the sort of office in which they work.

    Office clerk job cover letter sample

    Kim Cain


    March 4, xxxx

    Dear Hiring Manager,

    I am composing this letter to apply for the office clerk position at Bramwell firm. As a highly qualified office clerk, I would bring a hard-working, dedicated, and team-based attitude to this role.

    In my current position, I maintain an extremely functional legal office environment while different multi-tasking works for five lawyers and nine paralegals. I have problem-solving skills, respond to requests from management and clients on time, and am adept at prioritizing several ongoing projects.

    I excel at organization, timekeeping, and attention to detail. I am also well acquainted with accounting software and MS Office, and I adapt quickly to new systems.

    My CV and references are attached. Thank you so much for your time and thought.


    Kim Cain

    Office coordinator

    This role includes the organization of the general office and the streamlining of corporate processes in the organization.

    Office coordinator job cover letter sample

    Kim Cain



    Dear Hiring Manager,

    This letter is an application for the job of Office Coordinator in your business. I have been employed in the administrative sector for nine years. I have three years of experience as an Office Coordinator with Volvo. My interpersonal and communication skills have proved to be necessary for this role. I firmly believe that I will be an asset to your firm. I’m delighted to pursue an opportunity with such a prestigious company.

    At Volvo, I was responsible for setting up office workers and field staff schedules. Also, I produced weekly and monthly productivity reports for management and handled inventory, and was responsible for handling transactions.

    The willingness to work under pressure is seen in the job posting. My excellent communication skills and relaxed disposition enable me to work well under pressure, and I am adept at ordering materials and managing inventories to ensure effective office workflow. I have experience in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word, which lets me handle office activities smoothly.

    I would be delighted to become a team member in your organization. Please check my attached resume for more details of my professional accomplishments and achievements. It contains my contact code, and I hope to see you soon. Thank you for your kind thought.


    Kim Cain

    Office manager

    The Office Manager organizes and coordinates the office’s administration and procedures, ensuring organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and safety.

    Office manager job cover letter sample

    Kim Cain


    July 2, xxxx

    Dear Hiring Manager,

    As a licensed managing director with over three years of experience improving productivity at a national media corporation, I was delighted to see your ad for an office manager role at the Amani Gardens.

    The post states that you would like to see an effective boss with experience in paper handling, office supply management, and accounting. I think my recent successes at the office show that I have these talents, including Document Management, Office Stock Management, and accounting.

    I’d be glad to talk on the phone or meet in person this week to discuss how I can contribute to your company’s goals. Thank you for your time.


    Kim Cain

    Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

    Your cover letter can make or break your chances of getting a job. When sending in your application, you want yours to stand out. To help your cover letter stand out, here are some tips that you should consider when drafting the letter:

    • In a few words, clarify why you’re so well suited to this particular position. Find out why you’re enthusiastic about the job and the business and how it works your career goals.
    • Link your previous successes to the criteria set out in the job description in one or two paragraphs. Rely on your most important knowledge, expertise, and skills. Quantify your successes with statistics and data, if possible—Evite, to repeat the bullet points from your resume.
    • Close by thanking the boss for his time and attention. You will also wish to summarize your job credentials and show an interest in continuing the next step of the recruiting process.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the correct spacing to maintain for a cover letter?

    Use the traditional one-inch margin when formatting a cover letter, align all paragraphs in your cover letter on the left side of the page, keep the cover letter down to three or four paragraphs, if possible.
    Using single spaces to style your cover letter is preferred. Leave a space between names, times, address, greeting, and each new paragraph. Enter at least three spaces after the closing sentence (such as ‘Sincerely’) and the name and signature.

    How many paragraphs should a letter be?

    The cover letter may be about half a page and one full page in length. Limit the size of your cover letter to 4 pages, beginning each with a brief theme phrase, and ending with an attention-grabbing final remark.

    When writing an office job cover letter, be sure to adhere to the specification set out in the work description. In your letter, refer to your most suitable or excellent qualifications to help employers see that you are fit for a position. At all, a cover letter will make it easier for the job seeker to stand out from the others. Although there are many online resources on strategies that you can use to write a good cover letter for an office job, a significant percentage of them do not provide exact details on the necessary conditions to be met when applying for a career.

    Use your office job cover letter as a campaign tactic to market your expertise and help you get an interview. Therefore, you want to ensure that your cover letter has the most crucial impact on the person who reads it.

    Employers use cover letters to determine applications for vacancies and to decide which applicants they want to interview. If the company doesn’t ask for one, you can add one anyway. A great cover letter outlines your resume more concisely and tells the manager what the job is that applies to you and why you want to work for it.

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