Employment Verification Letter for Immigration (Samples)

Immigration verification

Some immigration programs demand that you demonstrate that you are financially stable and hence able to take care of yourself in the new country for a limited duration of time upon getting there. One of the ways of managing this is to verify that you have been duly employed in your country and have been receiving stable income all the while.

It is at such a time that the employment verification letter for immigration comes in handy. This letter mainly demonstrates that the potential immigrant has indeed been employed for some time and has been receiving a stable inflow of income all along. Let’s take a look at it in full here below:

Purpose of the Employment Verification Letter for Immigration

This letter endeavors to solve a couple of mysteries and solutions to many issues. Below though are the top roles that the letter aims to serve:

Prove your Financial Standing

It proves your financial standing in the sense that it gives more information about how much money you have and the cash flow you have been experiencing all along. These two are crucial as they tend to explain how suited you are for the matters of immigrating to the new country.

Argue Your Immigration Case

The letter goes ahead to argue your case about immigrating to that country you are attempting to enter. That is because the pieces of information you furnish are subsequently used to gauge and determine whether you are indeed ripe for consideration or not.

Explain your Employment Status

As part of inner workings, this letter also explains your employment status. Here, it gives move information about the job you presently hold, the start and the end dates of the job, how much you are earning, the duties and responsibilities you tackle, and the other benefits you accrue.

What to Include in this Letter?

Your letter has to comprise the following pieces of information:

  • Employment Start Date: This is when exactly the worker started working for that firm. It is used as the reference for all future correspondences, more so those that touch on experience and length of time worked.
  • Current Employment Status: Is the person in question still employed? If yes, is he employed on a full-time basis, part-time, or as a seasonal worker? You have to clarify clearly for the reader to know.
  • Job Title or Position: What position does the worker presently hold in that firm? This should ideally be followed by a short description of what the position entails.
  • Remuneration Details: This is a breakdown of the earnings of the employee. It spells out the hourly wage rate and the cumulative annual income before tax. Then, it goes ahead to demonstrate other benefits that the employee is similarly entitled to.
  • Length of the Contract: Finally, it rounds it up with an explanation of when precisely the contract is anticipated to come to an end. That is to know for sure how long the employee is bound to keep working for the firm.

Verification Letter For Immigration (Format)

Let’s take a look at a format to follow to craft this letter:






City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name,

RE: Employment Verification Letter for Immigration

This is to verify that ____ (name of employee) is and has been duly employed by us for _________ (entire duration of employment including the start date). His present job title is __________ (job title) in our firm, ________ (name of employer or the firm worked for).

In this role, he works on a ____________ (terms of employment or service). His present yearly income is roughly ___ (gross annual pay before tax) which is further supplemented with a host of benefits that all add to ____ (sum total benefits accrued or enjoyed by the employee) per annum.

The contract shall only come to an end ________ (when the present contract is due to terminate). Any assistance that may be accorded to him will be highly appreciated.


Your Name


Sample Letter

Sunday, July 12, 20XX,

United States Embassy in Sri Lanka

210 Colombo,

Galle Main Road,

Colombo 00300, Sri Lanka

To Whom It May Concern,

This is to verify that Mr. John Doe is and has been duly employed by us for six and a half years now (from January 2014 till now). His present job title is Production Supervisor in our firm, Sri Lanka Steelworks.

In this role, he works on a full-time, permanent, and pensionable terms. His present yearly income is roughly $56,000, which is further supplemented with a host of benefits that all add to $13,000 per annum.

The contract shall only come to an end when he attains the mandatory retirement age of 65 years. Any assistance that may be accorded to him will be highly appreciated.

Kindly help him in whichever way you can!


Thaksin Bandaranaike,

Human Resource Manager – Sri Lanka Steel Works

    Things to Keep in Mind

    When drafting this letter, you have to adhere strictly to the following issues:

    Use Company Letterhead

    The letter has to be drafted on the company letterhead. It is an official letter that is very important. You can never treat it casually, no less than using a straight piece of paper to convey the contents to the targeted recipient.

    Defer it to the Human Resource Office

    No other member of the company ought to draft this letter than the human resource officer of the company that the employee purportedly works for. It is him who is mandated to do this by the embassies and the state department.

    Sign, Date, and Stamp the Letter

    Needless to say, the letter has to be signed, dated, and stamped. All these are necessary to give it the official nature and character that it ought to have to be able to be considered serious and official.

    Use Official Tone and Language

    At all times of drafting the letter, you have to use only the official tone and language. That is the only way in which the letter may be taken and interpreted seriously as it should be.

    Observe Utmost Confidentiality

    Throughout the entire process of drafting and relaying the letter to a targeted recipient, you have to adhere strictly to utmost confidentiality. Never spill the beans to persons who are not privy to the details of the letter as that may land you in trouble.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Let’s take a look now at some of the questions that are frequently asked with regards to this topic:

    Who Can Write An Employment Verification Letter?

    Your human resource manager or the line manager is the one who ought to draft this letter, logically. He is the one whose letter shall generally be deemed official and authentic. And that is because he is the one who is directly in charge of you.

    How Much Money Do You Need To Sponsor Someone In The USA?

    You have to be making no less than $20,000 per annum to be able to sponsor someone to the United States. If you make less than this, you may have to jointly sponsor the visitor in conjunction with someone else.

    Is The Experience Letter Mandatory For The Green Card?

    YES, it is! While applying for the Green Card, a letter of experience by a previous employer is by all means called for to showcase your relevant experience, abilities, and skills prior to qualifying for the program.


    As you prepare to immigrate, you have to read and internalize the pieces of information we have demonstrated in the foregoing discussions. How else will you be able to prove that you are truly qualified for the program save for mastering these pieces of information? Alright, now go for it!

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