Career Change Cover Letter Samples

In life, you may be uncomfortable with your present career, or you may want to change your profession. In such circumstances, it’s essential to apply the job of your dreams and highlight what you’ll bring on board. A career change is an opportunity to prove you make significant contributions to a different profession. Although changing a career is a challenging task, you can make it easier by crafting a winning cover letter.

Writing tips for career change cover letter

Emphasis on your strengths

When writing the letter, you should focus on the skills you’ll transfer to this new role rather than what was relevant in your previous position. Amylase the requirements of the new job and tailor your cover letter to these specific demands and any achievements that will support your skills.

Enumerate your achievements

In your career change cover letter, it’s vital to highlight measurable achievements in your past role. It portrays your work ethics and dependability. If you have achieved incredible results in your previous assignments, there is a high probability that you will transfer the same result to the new job.

Express a strong liming for the company

Besides skills and other relevant qualifications, hiring managers are also interested in individuals who are passionate about the company. Throughout your letter, you must demonstrate that you know what the company does and how you will help them to achieve their goals.

Sample Career Change Cover Letter

Betty Toomey
1140 Aberdare St,
Angleton, PA 22134
Phone: (214) 333- 3332
[email protected]

Feb 13, 20XX

Marcus Jones
Mastermind Group of Companies
16 Gazelle St.
Philadelphia, PA 11231

Dear Mr. Jones

I am excited to submit my application for the position of a sales executive at Mastermind Group of Companies. I have been working as tele sales in Amazon Pit Supplies for the past six years. Although I have a great and rewarding career as tele sales, I’m looking to transition into the real sales in the field. Looking at your company profile, I believe you are the best place for me to launch my career.

In the past three years, I have been closely following the developments in your company, most importantly your sales team. In my role as a tele sales staff, I have been interacting with customers daily, although face to face. This opportunity has enabled me to sharpen my persuasive, communication, and interpersonal skills that I deem vital for sales reps.

I will be glad to meet you for a discussion on what I can offer to your company and what you will expect from me. I look forward to becoming part of your sales team.

Thank you in as you plan to meet me.

Kind regards,
Betty Toomey
Enclosure: Resume

Career Change Cover Letter (Word Format)

Career Change Cover Letter

Career Change Cover Letter Email Example

Subject: Career change cover letter

Dear [Hiring Manager Name],

I must say I am thrilled as I write this letter to apply for the position of an administrative assistant at Mashpee Aerospace. In the past, I have been working as the lab manager at Wing ways Hospital. Although I have had an impressive career as a hospital manager, I believe it’s time to transit to administration.

In my role as lab manager, I was tasked with the day to day running of the laboratory. This opportunity has enabled me to polish my organization skills, interpersonal, and communication skills. I have also learned how to organize meetings and lead a team, besides working under pressure. I believe these skills are vital for the role of an administrator.

In the past five years, I have assisted the transition of our lab from a local lab to an internationally accredited laboratory. In the past year, our lab was ranked among the best five labs in the state. I believe I will transfer the same success to your organization.

Please schedule a meeting where we can discuss further. I am impressed with what your organization has been doing in the informal settlements. I will be glad to be part of this noble task.

Best regards,
[Your name]

Career Change Cover Letter Email (Word Format)

Career Change Cover Letter Email example

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