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A Cover Letter is a document of about one page in length that highlights your qualifications, experience, skills, or other information related to the job position which shows that you are the best applicant.

A well-written cover letter automatically gives you a better chance to land the job you are applying for by clearly stating the reasons why you are the best fit for the position. It is important to remember that a cover letter accompanies your resume; therefore, it does not need to repeat what is written on the resume. However, a cover letter is just as essential to be crafted properly and shared with your organization of interest if you have no past work experience. Although it would change the manner in which you will write your letter slightly.

As challenging as it may seem, writing a compelling cover letter without any previous work experience is achievable. Furthermore, since cover letters are primarily used to highlight related work experience, which you may not have, you can use this opportunity to express any soft skills you may have obtained from involvement in volunteer work and extracurricular activities and through educational courses. The importance of expressing soft skills is that employers see applicants with different skills as more valuable. This is because when it comes to soft skills, their achievement comes from experience and interest, unlike hard skills, which can easily be obtained through training.

Free Templates

Following are some free templates and examples of cover letters with no experience:

Full Name,

Phone Number,

Email Address,

Link to relevant personal website (If you have any)


Employer’s Name,

Job Title,

Company’s Name,


Dear Hiring Manager,

My Name’s (First Name), and I am a recent graduate from (where you went to college). I learned about your company’s job opening for an ABC operator from (where) on (website). I’m very interested in applying for that position and am confident that I have the right skills and products that your company is seeking. Imagine yourself in this scenario.

I played a role in (write any hobby or part played in college). I was responsible for (what you did). I can apply the skills I acquired to contribute to the projects at XYZ efficiently. I also (add more skills).

I also understand (what requirements are needed) at (write the roles you’ve played concerning the requirements). I believe I’ll make an excellent (job title) thanks to my passion and my accomplishments.

I have attached my C.v, with further details of my skills and educational background. Thank you for taking the time to review my application. I look forward to hearing from you at the number mentioned above to schedule an interview at your convenience.

Best regards,

Your Name.

Example cover letter with no experience: editable format

Downloadable PDF cover letter template for entry-level positions

Free editable cover letter template for beginners

No experience cover letter template: free and easy to customize

Sample cover letter with no experience: editable and printable

Editable cover letter template for beginners: free download

    Writing a Cover Letter with No Experience

    The purpose of a cover letter is to introduce yourself briefly and summarize your educational background. Without prior experience, you might feel discouraged to continue writing job applications; however, it is possible to land a job without experience.

    Here are some steps you can follow to write an enticing cover letter with no experience to get the job:

    Contact information at the top

    When beginning your letter, you write your name, phone number, and email address at the top left corner of the document. After that, write the date and the employer’s contact information, which is if you have them. They will help your letter look more professional. In some instances, you might consider providing a link to social media profiles or personal websites relevant to the role.

    For example:                                                                    

    Chris Bamberger Moray
    (222) 453-576
    August 17th, 2021


    The second stage of writing a cover letter with no experience is addressing your greetings to the hiring manager. Again, ensure that your greetings are formal. For instance, you can write “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear Departmental Manager“. If you know their name, you can write the salutations directly to them. You can also lookup for the company’s profile to see the hiring manager’s name to address them directly.

    For example:

    Dear Chris Smith” would be a good salutation.

    1st paragraph (Introduction)

    The first line or paragraph you write in your cover letter needs to be enticing. Use this section to introduce yourself to your strengths. A strong introduction goes a long way to present yourself, so ensure your enthusiasm for applying for the job.

    Also, remember to explain how you heard of the opportunity and any research you may have done on the company. Include any contacts you may have in the company as they add context and build rapport with the hiring manager if they have a good standing.

    Ensure you have read up on the company history, goals, services, and current issues. It gives you an insight into the qualities needed for the role hence make sure you focus on the keywords of the job in your letter. In two or three sentences, you can briefly address suitable specifics concerning the job and your long-term goals.

    For example:

    My name’s Michael, I am a recent graduate from the University of May Weather. I learned about your company’s job opening for an ABC assistant manager from Green Tribuston on LinkedIn. I’m very interested in applying for that position and am confident that I have the right skills and products that your company is seeking.

    2nd paragraph (skills and accomplishments)                         

    This is the most critical step in writing your professional skills to showcase why you are ideal for this opportunity. However, before you outline the skills you have, you need first to understand the job requirements. These will guide you on what skills to write to fulfill these requirements.

    In this scenario, however, since you have no experience to satisfy the requirements, you can write about the education skills you may have obtained to meet them. Also, you can show your enthusiasm to learn these skills by preparing yourself for the role. Include any achievements and awards concerning the part; they tend to catch the hiring manager’s attention.

    Include solid examples of any problems you may have solved during the education period and any strengths you have. Show group projects, personal research, or activities that support your skills such as collaboration, tackling challenges, and communication.

    For example:

    I played a major role in running student radio at May Weather. I was responsible for scheduling shows, booking and accommodating guests, and operating sound and recording equipment. As a result, I can apply the skills I acquired to contribute to the projects at XYZ efficiently. I also introduced a weekly newspaper for the community that engaged and discussed the issues the society is facing.

    3rd paragraph (best qualities)

    It would be best if you highlighted in your cover letter why you are the perfect candidate for the job opportunity. In addition, it would help if you showed your passion and desire to work and learn more from the role. This is achieved by conducting intensive research on its core values and what they aim to achieve. Then, align your paragraph with what they provide in that organization. Only writing your skills may not be enough; hence, you can share your motivation to perform this job as required.

    It is crucial to share real-life examples when talking about your qualities. It is crucial to remember that these examples should be visual and concise.

    For example:

    I also understand that XYZ is looking for candidates with a background in online media. In May Weather, I started and ran a weekly YouTube, which quickly gained a regular audience of over 10,000 viewers. The production manager at XYZ would be an exciting opportunity for me to put my knowledge of new media to the test and broadcasting. I believe I’ll make an excellent content manager thanks to my passion and accomplishments.

    4th paragraph (conclusion)

    This closing paragraph of a cover letter with no experience is where you wrap up your letter and write a conclusion. Use this paragraph to ask for an interview to discuss the job further and what is required. A call of action shows the hiring manager of your continued enthusiasm and confidence in getting the opportunity.  You can also thank the manager for their time in this paragraph but ensure not to come off needy.

    For example:

    I have attached my C.V, with further details of my skills and educational background. Thank you for taking the time to review my application. I look forward to hearing from you at the number mentioned above to schedule an interview at your convenience.

    Professional sign-off

    Once you are done with your final paragraph, you need to close with a formal sign-off. Your full name should follow the sign-off.

    For example:

    Best Regards,
    Marisa Rae      
    Mary Dumbledore.


    Proofreading is the final step of writing your cover letter. It means to carefully check for errors in a text before it is published or shared. It is making sure that the formatting style, punctuations, and spellings are correctly done. Ensure your letter is well written.

    Make sure you review the letter to identify whether you have met all the requirements and more so that your letter makes sense. Here, you can always ask a professional proofreader to help you and edit the note. Proofreading enables you to attain clarity and ensure that a professional tone has been achieved in your letter. Now you can save the document and send it.


    It may definitely feel like a stressful or challenging task to write a cover letter in order to apply for a job in an organization without any prior experience, however, it must be remembered that every employed individual at one point had no experience to begin working yet they reached places and attained their career-related goals nonetheless. Therefore, with a positive mental approach and help from factors such as our detailed guide on how to write a cover letter with no experience and the free templates available for you, it is very possible for you to craft this letter in a perfect manner.

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