25 Best Graphic Designer Cover Letter Examples and Templates

Interested in a career in graphics design? Like any other career, you have to draft a graphic designer cover letter and send it to your prospective employer along with your resume. Basically, this is a letter of introduction. You attach it to your resume and submit both to your prospective employer. In the letter are contained a summary of your resume, a brief highlight of your skills and competence, and what your employer should expect from you if hired. This letter is important because it is what determines whether the hiring manager will proceed to scrutinize your resume or not.

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    What to Include in Your Cover Letter?


    At the heading, you place your address and that of the employer to whom you are submitting this application. It is at this stage also that you date the letter. These pieces of information establish some connection between the hiring manager and you.


    This refers to the manner in which you address the hiring manager or recruitment panelists. You are advised to find the exact name of the hiring manager. It helps if you can identify him or her by a personal name rather than the generic ‘Hiring Manager,’ ‘Sir,’ or ‘Madam,’ e.t.c.

    Main Body

    It is the core of the cover letter. Here is where you showcase why you feel you are most suited for the graphic designer job. Then, you let your would-be employer know the achievements you have attained as a graphic designer in the past. Lastly, you also let the employer what sets you apart from the other applicants.

    Call to Action

    Ask the hiring manager to take a particular course of action. These could take the forms of inviting you for a job interview, asking for clarification of any contents in your resume, or producing evidence of any past works you have tackled and their relative successes.

    In closing, you have to address the recruitment manager respectfully. Use words like ‘Sincerely Yours,’ ‘Regards,’ or ‘Yours Truly,’ among others.

    Graphic Designer Cover Letter Samples

    Sample 1:


    (Hiring Manager)
    (Physical Address)
    (Postal Address)
    (City, State, ZIP Code)


    Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

    Allow me to officially submit my application for the vacant Graphic Designer position. Well, I have engaged in this trade for well over 10 years now. I am hence confident to be able to perform well in that position.

    The thrill of working for a well-established firm of your caliber also informed my decision to submit my applications. Working for you will give me an opportunity to rub shoulders with well-established names in the field of graphic design. It will also place me strategically to handle tough chores that require great expertise.

    Over the course of my 10-year career. I have achieved some milestones and attained some great successes. The below list, being by no means exhaustive, serves to highlight but a few of these:

    • Reduced the cost per design by a whopping 16%. This happened in the last company I worked for. Many lukewarm clients chose to stick with this company as a result of this.
    • Produced a total of 2,500 graphic designs. These averaged 250 per annum. I operate a quick turnaround regime which makes this a reality.
    • Developed graphics for a site that subsequently went on to scoop the prestigious Shopify Design Award. Refer to my enclosed resume for the exact identity of this company.

    I await that call for the interview patiently. During the interview, I shall also explain how to shore up your company’s client base and with it, the attendant revenue inflows.

    Best Regards,

    [Your Name]

    Sample 2:


    (Hiring Manager)
    (Physical Address)
    (Postal Address)
    (City, State, ZIP Code)


    Dear (Hiring Manager).

    I write to you to officially express my interest in the vacant graphic designer. For the sake of curiosity, I came across this job opening on the (Website’s Name) job-hunting site.

    You indicated that you want a person who has no less than 5-year work experience. Well, I have a whopping 7 years’ experience! This is besides my possession of the Diploma in Graphic Design and Animation certificate.

    Particularly setting me aside from the other applications is my sound knowledge in CSS, HTML, and Adobe Creative Suite. These will let me implement your design tasks in ways that others cannot come even close to, I believe.

    Below is a partial and surface listing of my accomplishments and skills:

    • Ability to lead a team of designers to tackle complex chores.
    • The uncanny capability of operating on a shoestring budget.
    • Seamless versatility when tackling projects.
    • Excellent track record of designing presentations, infographics, newsletters, brochures, and logos.

    Skim my resume for a complete disclosure of all the facts and achievements I have attained over the years. Feel free to reach out to me if you want any clarification or more information concerning the facts I have displayed therein.

    Of course, I look forward to attending the interview and hopefully, getting hired. Many thanks for your time and consideration in advance.


    [Your Name]

    Tips for sending the cover letter

    We conclude this guide by highlighting and explaining some of the tips to adhere to while drafting this critical letter:

    Tip 1: Send the letter by name

    You are advised to avoid using generic terms like ‘Mr.,’ ‘Mrs.’, ‘Madam,’ or ‘Sir’ to refer to your hiring manager. Do some research and get to know the real name. That way, you will also demonstrate that you are very passionate about the job and to work for the organization altogether. It will also put you a step above the others.

    Tip 2: Use good stationery

    For had written or typed a letter, you have to make do with good stationery. Remember, everything counts to a hiring manager. Using stationery that is of low quality may imply that you are not really serious or are simply careless.

    Tip 3: Attach a resume

    Needless to say, you have to attach a resume. A graphic designer cover letter is only an introductory letter and does not contain all the pieces of information needed to explain your case to a hiring manager. In fact, you should point your hiring manager to seek more information on your resume.

    Tip 4: Include a reference letter

    It always pays to include a reference letter in a cover letter. This is a letter that is drafted by a past client, supervisor, or any other person who knows you so well. The aim of such a letter is to reveal more about you and especially how you are likely to perform in the role if hired.

    Tip 5: Send a follow-up

    To prove that you are indeed very serious, you want to send out a follow-up letter. This should ideally happen a fortnight after submitting your resume and cover letter. It should be short and to the point. The failure to submit it might imply that you are not too keen on seizing this opportunity altogether.

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