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Anytime you’re applying for a job as an office assistant, cover letters give you the ability to point out the essential information on your resume and improve your candidacy. The letter will be the first impression you make when applying for the position, so you’ll want to stand out. It is also an ideal place to market your candidacy and show that you have taken the initiative to highlight yourself as a strong candidate. Writing a cover letter is crucial in your job search, so this article will discuss how to effectively write one and boost your chances of securing the position.

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    Purpose of Writing a Cover Letter

    The main goal of the cover letter is to give hiring managers a clear understanding of who you are and to highlight specific qualifications and abilities you may have. In other words, a strong cover letter is essentially a way to market yourself as a candidate. It shows you have initiative and care about obtaining the role. As you are creating a personalized letter to write to the hiring manager, you’re showing them that you have taken the time and effort in the hopes of securing that position.

    Cover letters are also an excellent tool to explain your skills and experiences in a more personalized way. For example, you can directly speak to the hiring manager and tell them how your experience will benefit them. So as the resume is only going to list skills and experiences, the cover letter will explain them in detail and show how they are relevant to your candidacy.

    Likewise, you could explain any potential problems that may arise. For example, if you don’t have much work experience, you can explain that you are a quick learner and have a lot of theoretical experience.


    It’s a good idea to make sure you are frequently updating your cover letter, especially as time goes by. Entry-level assistants will make between $10 and $15 an hour, while more experienced administrators earn up to $20/hour. So as you continue to gain more experience, it’s natural that your salary will increase. So it’s a good idea to update this to earn an appropriate salary consistently.

    Required Skills

    Depending on the specific position being applied for, many skills are required of any candidate. Regardless of the position you’re applying for, all cover letters should include the following skills:

    Typing speed

    As they will need to type up formal documents or transcribe information constantly, it is required for an assistant to have the ability to type quickly. If you have ever taken some tests to determine your specific typing speed, that would be appropriate to include in the cover letter.

    Computer skills

    Your primary role in the position will include using several computer office software programs daily. In addition, you’ll need to understand how to do basic tasks such as answering emails, creating and saving documents, and reading spreadsheets. So, it’s a good thing to mention your computer skills in the cover letter.


    Since you will need to consistently write formal letters, e-mails, and other internal documents, a proper understanding of grammar is fundamental. Therefore, make sure your cover letters are grammatically perfect.


    Another critical role of an assistant is maintaining a tidy and orderly office space. Therefore, it’s good to mention your ability to maintain order and organize an office. Your organizational skills mentioned in your cover letters will differentiate you from others.


    Finally, office assistants are often responsible for being the face of the office. They’ll greet customers and walk potential clients into the office, so it’s vital to maintain a professional and pleasant demeanor. Reflecting this in the tone of your letter is a great way to highlight that skill set. 


    Use professional formatting. A well-formatted cover letter is crucial to obtaining the position. Since it is a professional letter, there are a few formatting techniques to keep in mind. First, make sure to use the well-known 3-paragraph layout for the body of the letter. It’s also considered standard practice to keep the letter left-aligned and single-spaced with 1” margins. Also, keep the cover letter to less than a single page and use the font, usually Times New Roman or Arial, with a size of 12 points.

    What to Include in the Letter

    Several vital components should always be included. These elements are like many other forms of cover letter writing. However, a few ideas are specific to the candidates.

    Consider including the following points:

    Indicate why you are writing

    The very first element to include in the cover letter is a simple statement at the beginning that specifies your writing purpose. This way, the letter reader immediately understands why they are being addressed and makes sure there is no confusion. This type of clarity is essential to show that you are professional and concise in your writing.

    Show your enthusiasm

    Naturally, it’s essential to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the position you are applying for. Hiring managers will want to add passionate members to their team rather than someone who shows no enthusiasm. Of course, this highlights you as a cheerful coworker. It also shows that you are generally interested in the job and would be motivated to do well.

    Education and training

    Your education and training should always be highlighted in a cover letter, as it demonstrates to your potential employer that you are capable of carrying out the job. In addition, showing examples of any specific training you’ve received and your relevant education will give the hiring manager a better idea of who you are and what you can do for their company.

    Previous experience and role

    Showing previous experience in a similar role will develop a sense of trust essential to earning the job. You must show the hiring manager you are an ideal candidate by explaining how you have already worked in a similar role. Upon reading this, it will immediately make the reader more interested in your candidacy and start the hiring process off on a good footing. Many hiring managers want to see candidates ready to start working on the first day. So, if you’ve worked in a similar position, this will make you stand out.

    Skills and accomplishments

    It’s essential to show off any skills you have and concrete examples of past accomplishments. In addition, it’s a good idea to quantify these skills and accomplishments so that the hiring managers can get a clear idea of who you are. Finally, including specific examples of these skills and accomplishments helps show the reader that you are detail-oriented and can prove how you will be an asset to the company.

    Thank the recipient and ask for an interview

    Finally, professionalism is critical. Thank the recipient for taking the time to read your letter. This demonstrates a level of respect and shows that you appreciate their time. Likewise, you can take the opportunity to be proactive and request an interview with the hiring manager.  This call to action at the end will demonstrate your professionalism and initiative. Both of these qualities are excellent to have as a potential candidate.

    Free Template 

    [Your Full Name]  

    [Your Address]  

    [City, State, Zip Code]  

    [Your Email Address]  

    [Your Phone Number]  


    [Hiring Manager’s Name]  

    [Position Title]  

    [Company Name]  

    [Company Address]  

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

    I am writing to express my interest in the Office Assistant position at [Company Name], as advertised [mention where you found the job listing, e.g., on your website/in a newspaper/on a job board]. With a strong background in office administration and a commitment to efficient and organized work, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to your team and support the daily operations at [Company Name].

    In my previous role at [Previous Employer Name], I gained valuable experience in [mention specific duties or areas of expertise, e.g., managing schedules, handling correspondence, maintaining records, supporting office logistics]. My ability to multitask and prioritize tasks effectively has been key to my success in office environments. I am particularly proud of [mention a specific achievement or experience, e.g., streamlining a filing system, successfully coordinating a large event or project].

    I am proficient in a range of office software, including [mention specific software, e.g., Microsoft Office Suite, Google Workspace], and have a knack for quickly learning new systems and technologies. My communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent, and I am comfortable interacting with individuals at all levels of an organization.

    I am particularly drawn to [Company Name] because of [mention something specific about the company or its culture that appeals to you]. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to work in an environment that values [mention specific values or aspects of the company, e.g., innovation, teamwork, community engagement].

    Enclosed is my resume, which provides further details about my qualifications. I am looking forward to the opportunity to discuss how my skills and experiences align with the needs of your team. Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to bring my dedication, organization, and administrative skills to [Company Name] and contribute to the efficient operation of your office.


    [Your Full Name]

    Sample Cover Letter for Office Assitant

    Dear Ms. Roberts,

    I am writing with great enthusiasm to apply for the Office Assistant position at Dynamic Enterprises Ltd., as advertised on Indeed. My background in administrative support and my passion for efficient office management align perfectly with the needs of your team. I am excited about the opportunity to bring my unique blend of skills and experience to Dynamic Enterprises Ltd.

    At my previous position with Cityscape Marketing Solutions, I was instrumental in managing daily administrative tasks, coordinating schedules for a team of 20, and organizing company events. My proactive approach led to a 25% improvement in internal communication efficiency, and I successfully spearheaded a project to digitize our client records, significantly enhancing data accessibility.

    My technical skills include a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Office Suite, QuickBooks, and Salesforce, enabling me to adapt quickly to new systems. My experience in a fast-paced office environment has equipped me with the ability to handle high-pressure situations with poise and professionalism. I am also known for my meticulous attention to detail, especially when managing complex schedules and handling sensitive information.

    What attracts me to Dynamic Enterprises Ltd. is your innovative approach to business solutions and your commitment to employee growth and development. The prospect of working in such a forward-thinking environment is truly exciting, and I am particularly drawn to your initiatives in sustainability and corporate responsibility.

    Enclosed is my resume, detailing my professional journey. I am eager to further discuss how my administrative expertise and proactive attitude can contribute to the continued success of Dynamic Enterprises Ltd. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate my potential as a valuable member of your team.

    Warm regards,

    Jessica Taylor

    Essential Tips for Letter Writing

    As you are writing, there are a few considerations to keep in mind to make your cover letter as successful as possible. Utilize these five tips to writing an effective cover letter:

    Don’t write too long

    A simple one-page cover letter is ideal for your application, as it makes it easy to read quickly but still shows you put in the effort. Try to state all of your ideas within three paragraphs and keep the language concise.

    Try to find a contact person

    Ideally, you should find the hiring manager’s name responsible for filling the job position. A personalized greeting will show that you’ve made an effort to learn about the company and do some basic research. This may set you apart from other candidates who write “To Whom It May Concern”.

    Match the cover letter with the job description

    It’s imperative to pay attention to the specific job qualifications and requirements listed in the job description. This shows that you’ve paid attention to the company’s needs and that you’re a good fit, but it may also be helpful in the case of automated application filtering systems that check for keywords. Therefore, you should match the letter to the job description available.

    Include examples

    If you can highlight specific examples of how you have succeeded in your past workplace environments, it will give the employer a better understanding of your capabilities. In addition, concrete examples help show your potential employer specific ways you helped another company.


    Before submitting it, you should always carefully proofread everything. For an assistant position especially, simple spelling and grammatical mistakes may not speak well of your ability to be detail-oriented. So, make sure to triple-check through your cover letter before submitting it.

    Key Takeaways

    A properly written letter is the first step towards securing the job. It is your place to show that you are qualified for the position and that you will excel during your employment. 

    So here are a few takeaways to remember:

    • Office assistant cover letters are the first step in making sure you secure a new employment position.
    • Your cover letter should reflect the exact job description that the company has written to demonstrate that you will be an excellent candidate.
    • These office letters are a perfect way to show that you are an excellent fit for the job opening, so you should take the time to write one effectively.
    • Keep your writing clear and organized. Your cover letter should demonstrate your ability to organize and present information neatly.

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