45+ Free Donation Receipt Templates & Formats (DOC, PDF)

Donation receipt stands for the proof that a contribution either in-kind or monetary was given to an organization by a certain donor. Most at times, these receipts are emails or letters directed to supporters once donations are made. For most nonprofits organizations, the receipts are sent within the year of the donation or the beginning of the next year. However, it’s advised that the receipts should be sent sooner so as to increase the chances of another loan acknowledgment.

What information a donation receipt should contain?

Donation receipts should contain information from both the donor and the nonprofit organization for reference purposes among other key reasons. Among the key information to include is:

  • The name of the donor and the name of the organization: The organization receiving the donation should be included as well as the donor. The addresses of the two should also be included.
  • The date the donation was made and the contributed amount of property: The date of contribution should not miss out as well as the items contributed well described or the amount of money contributed. The donor should quote a value for the donated items.

Free Donation Receipt Templates

A Donation Receipt Template can help you create a professional receipt in a matter of minutes. Such a template will allow you to customize a receipt and print it out, using it for all of your charity’s needs. When you are seeking a way to track donations that are made you will find that the Donation Receipt Template makes it easy for you to get things done. When you use a Donation Receipt Template you can quickly create something that will allow your donors to remember just what they have given.

You want to run your charity in a way that is professional, and in order to do that you need to have a way of giving your givers a receipt. Those who help out your charity deserve to receive a good receipt to help them with their giving tracking needs, and you can create such a receipt through the help that a Donation Receipt Template offers to you. Here are five donation receipt templates to help you stay on track and keep organized, and to help your givers, too.

501c3 donation receipt template

Cash Donation Receipt Template

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Chairtable donation receipt template

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    Church Donation Receipt Template

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    Donation Receipt Template for Excel

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      What is the format of a standard donation receipt?

      Although there is no defined standard way of writing a donation receipt, to avoid pushing your donors with incomplete or improper information, there are some elements in which a standard format donation receipt should contain and in a given order. Such information to be captured and the order of arrangement include:

      1. The Nonprofit organization name, the name of the donor and the address of the two

      For a donation receipt to be termed standard, it must include the four features; the name and addresses of the nonprofit organization and the donor. This information should be written at the top of the receipt.

      1. Contribution date

      It is required that a donation receipt should contain the date in which that contribution was made. This helps the donors stay aware of the nonprofit organization for the coming year.

      1. Description of the property donated

      The donation could be monetary or items. This section requires you to note down the donation type. If its cash, write down the amount and if the donation was in the form of items, describe each item donated. Incase its land donated, including the land’s address.

      1. A statement describing that the items were a donation

      Although it’s mostly ignored, ensure to include a statement stating the items mentioned above were given as donation with no exchange goods.

      When you are someone who is in charge of running a charity you want to make sure that you have a way of tracking any donations that are received by your charity. When someone comes to you with a donation of any kind you want to be able to give them a receipt in return for what they have given. Receipts help you to track donations, and they help those who are doing the giving to remember how much they have given. When you are looking to create a good receipt you can use a Donation Receipt Template to help with that. Such a template will allow you to create just what you need in order to keep everyone organized.