16 Free Hotel Receipt Templates (Word, Excel)

Hotel owners and managers must have a proper and professional billing method for their guests or customers. You need to use a hotel receipt to ensure you have a complete and proper record of all important information regarding your guest, the room they stayed in, the amenities they accessed, and their total bill.

You can use a t template to make the process more effective. This receipt acts as proof of payment for the bills incurred and paid for by a hotel guest. Therefore, it is best to use the receipt to guarantee proper communication between you, the hotel manager, and the customer regarding bill payments.

Hotel Receipt

A hotel receipt is a document that is provided to a guest by the hotel once their bills have been paid.

It can be used by any hotel, either private or public housing franchise, motel, inn, bed, and breakfast.

The receipt is meant to provide evidence of the room that the guest stayed in and the amenities they used. These amenities may include a mini-bar, food service, breakfast charges, and parking fees. The receipt should also contain details about taxes and other charges incurred by the guest. With the receipt, there is an acknowledgment that the payment was made.


As a hotel manager, you need to prepare a hotel credit card authorization form that is used to accept a credit card for payment purposes from a guest or someone else paying on their behalf.

Free Hotel Receipt Templates

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Hotel bill Receipt PDF

Hotel receipt format

Hotel receipt format in Word

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      Why is Hotel Receipt Used?

      Using the receipt is essential for hotel managers and owners as it benefits your business operations. Apart from billing your clients, the receipt is also used for other purposes. It is meant to help you track your income by tracking your customers’ purchases. It also provides your guests with a proper and consistent way of knowing the bills they need to pay.

      The receipt ensures that you can easily organize all payments, manage reservation dates, create a log of outstanding debts, organize any services and amenities accessed by your clients and simplify your bookkeeping. With the receipt, you can easily record all critical information like reservations, amenities, prices, and totals, effectively managing your finances and reducing the chances of billing errors.

      What is Hotel Receipt Template

      A hotel receipt template is a pre-designed document that allows hotel businesses to create professional and accurate receipts for their customers.

      It includes all the necessary information that a hotel guest would need, such as the hotel’s name and address, the guest’s name and contact information, check-in and check-out dates, room type and number, total cost, and payment method. By using a template, hotel businesses can streamline their receipt creation process, ensure accuracy, and provide a consistent experience for their customers.

      How to Write Hotel Receipts?

      When creating a template, it’s essential to include all the necessary sections to ensure that the document is complete and contains all the relevant information.

      Here are the sections that should be included in the template:

      Section 1: Header

      The header section of the template should include the receipt identifiers, which are the receipt number and the date. The receipt number is a unique identifier assigned to each receipt and makes it easier to track it when going through records in the future. The date is the day when the document was prepared for the hotel guest.


      Receipt number: 22222
      Date: 12th July 2022

      Section 2: Hotel’s information

      This section should include details about the hotel, such as the hotel name, address, and contact information, including phone number and email. It helps the guest identify the hotel they stayed at, and it also provides the necessary contact information if they need to contact the hotel later.


      Name: Richness Paradise Hotel
      Phone number: (90) 333 333 3333
      Street address: 23 Right Avenue
      City, state, zip code: United, CA 9999

      Section 3: Client’s information

      When creating a template, it is essential to include a section that contains information about the guest who stayed at the hotel and is being billed. This section is mandatory and should be accurately written. The details that must be included in this receipt section are the guest’s legal name, company name (if applicable), phone number, street address, city, state, zip code, and country.

      To begin, it’s crucial to include the legal name of the individual who made the payment for the hotel bill. If the guest is associated with and represents an entity such as a company or business, include the company name as well. Additionally, including the guest’s phone number is important for contact purposes.

      Furthermore, it’s vital to include the guest’s street address to ensure their contact information is complete. The city, state, and zip code of the guest’s mailing address should also be included to provide a full picture of the guest’s location. Lastly, ensure that the country’s name is included for location identification purposes, particularly for foreigners.


      Name: Andrew Richards
      Company name: ANC Company
      Phone number: 444 444 4444
      Street address: 23 Right Avenue
      City, state, zip code: United, CA 9999
      Country: Pakistan

      Section 4: Transaction details

      When creating a template, it is crucial to include a section that provides a detailed breakdown of the guest’s transaction details during their stay. This section should be presented in a clear and organized manner, preferably in a table format to make it easier for guests to understand.

      The following are the essential components that should be included in this section:

      • Firstly, it is important to include the room number(s) that the guest stayed in during their visit to the hotel. This will help the guest identify the specific room they occupied during their stay.
      • Next, the price per night should be detailed. This will provide guests with information about the rate charged by the hotel for the particular room per night.
      • It is also necessary to include the number of nights the guest spent at the hotel. This information should be cross-checked to ensure accuracy.
      • In the additional charges component, include any extra services or amenities used by the guest during their stay that resulted in additional charges. This will help guests understand the total amount they are being charged for their stay.
      • Lastly, the total amount to be paid should be included as a final component in the transaction details section. This is calculated by multiplying the number of nights by the price per night and adding any additional charges incurred during the guest’s stay.


      Room number: 97
      Price per night: $35.00
      Number of nights: 10
      Additional charges: $50
      Total line: $400

      Section 5: Payment method

      The payment information section of a template is crucial as it provides a breakdown of the payment method used by the guest to settle their bill. It is important to include details such as payment by credit card, debit card, cash, or any other payment method. The section should also contain the amount paid by the guest and any outstanding balance that needs to be paid.

      If the hotel offers any discounts to the guest, it is essential to include this information in the receipt. The discount amount should be clearly stated, along with the reason for the discount, such as a promotional offer or loyalty program. This information helps to ensure transparency in the billing process and assists in creating a positive customer experience.

      Taxes are also an important component of a template, and it is essential to include the applicable taxes, such as sales tax or occupancy tax, and the total tax amount. The tax rates used should be accurate and up to date to avoid any confusion for the guest.

      Additionally, the template can include other relevant information, such as details on any room upgrades or additional services provided to the guest, such as room service or spa treatments. This information helps to provide a comprehensive record of the guest’s stay and can be useful for future reference.


      Payment Method: Check
      Check/Card No. : 2793
      Discount: 40% on Credit Cards
      Room Upgrades: 

      Section 6: Signature of both parties

      It is crucial to have signatures on a template. The guest’s signature confirms receipt of the document and agreement with the details provided. On the other hand, the hotel staff can sign to confirm receipt of payment and completion of the transaction. Signatures help authenticate the receipt and can be useful in case of future disputes. Including a signature section on the template ensures that all parties are aware of the transaction’s details and have agreed to the information contained in the receipt.


      Using a hotel receipt template is essential to create professional and accurate receipts for hotel transactions. The template is a valuable tool that helps hotel managers include all necessary details on the receipt, such as transaction details, payment information, taxes, discounts, and other relevant information. By preparing a well-structured and clear receipt, guests can easily understand their bill, while hotel managers can maintain accurate financial records. Moreover, using a template ensures consistency in the receipt format and reduces the risk of errors and misunderstandings. Ultimately, using a template is a wise choice for hotel managers seeking to deliver high-quality services and establish lasting relationships with their guests.

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