5+ Franchise Agreement Templates to Write a Perfect Agreement

Lawyer fees are so expensive. If you are opening a franchise or want to franchise your company, you can do so with a click of a few buttons. A franchise agreement  template is a simple template that lets you draft franchise disclosure documents and franchise agreements. Franchise agreements are used to outline how the relationship between you and your franchise works.

Each template is easy and concise. The franchise agreement template has been reviewed by lawyers. So you can be assured that they will hold up if any legal problems occur. All the expectations of the franchise owner and franchisee are well documented in the agreement. There will be no confusion about what is the responsibility of the franchise owner and what is the responsibility of a franchisee.

Training and advertising are too big parts of franchises. Training is essential to great customer service and uniformity of the product. A franchise agreement sample lays out how training will occur for both managers and employees. It can be the franchise job to be in charge of local marketing and advertising. It is up to the owner to decide how they want to handle this. If the franchise has trade secrets, there is a section for that as well. Operations of licensed business is also addressed. If any part of the agreement goes against the company’s policy, it can be edited out. We advise that you consult a lawyer before drastically modifying the document.

If you are ready to make your restaurant or retail store a franchise, you can download a franchise agreement sample. Look it over and see if it fits you. We have more than one template available. If that does not work, download another same. Here are five samples to help you with your tasks. Good look on your franchise.

Sample Franchise Agreement for Services,

Sample Franchise Agreement for Services


Standard Franchise Agreement Template,

Standard Franchise Agreement Template


Franchise Agreement Sample for Educational Institute,

Franchise Agreement Sample for Educational Institute


Franchise Agreement Sample in Word,

Franchise Agreement Sample in Word


Franchise Agreement Sample for Restaurant,

Franchise Agreement Sample for Restaurant