10 Internship Rejection Letter Samples (Guide & Tips)

An “internship rejection letter” is a letter drafted by a company informing an applicant that their application for an internship was not successful. Each year, companies all over the world receive numerous applications from students. Sadly, the companies can only take a specific number of interns. The purpose of an “internship rejection letter“ is to inform the applicant that they do not qualify for this position. 

Many people can attest to the fact that securing an internship is not easy. This is due to the high demand and limited openings. The letter should therefore be short and easy to understand.

Examples and Samples

Editable Summer Internship Rejection Sample Letter for Word File

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      Internship Application Entails the Following


      Candidates should present their applications personally or through email. This is, however, dependent on the application procedures set out by the company.


      Computers are usually used by companies to match internship requirements. This is to enable the companies, to make the first step which is the elimination of candidates who do not meet the requirements for the position.

      Internship tests

      Internship tests include additional information that employers apply to determine the suitability of the candidate.

      Interview process

      After passing the screening and internship test, a candidate is usually invited for an interview. The interview can be conducted by the employer or by a recruiting agency.


      After interviewing all the candidates the interviewer makes a selection of at least five people who had an exemplary performance. The interviewer will then consider the merits of the candidates keenly with a view to identifying, the candidate who has the highest score in terms of the internship qualifications.

      Final decision

      After identifying the candidate with the highest score, the interviewer then makes his final choice.

      Rejection of applications

      After selecting the successful intern, the company should send a letter to all the applicants informing them that they were not successful.

      It should Include

      • Reason for rejection- The Company should state that the candidate is unsuccessful because the company has selected a preferred candidate, whom they think is best suitable for the internship position.
      • Gratitude –The Company should thank the intern for expressing interest in joining the company.
      • The formal language– Official tone should be used while drafting the letter. Vulgar language is not permitted.
      • Encourage future applications– A company should always encourage an intern to apply for an internship in the future.

      Sample Internship Rejection Letter


      Subject: Internship Application – Decision Notification

      Dear Jonathan Smith,

      I hope this message finds you well. I am writing on behalf of Falcon Technologies to inform you about the outcome of your application for the Software Engineering Internship with our company.

      After a thorough and competitive review process, we regret to inform you that we will not be able to offer you the internship position at this time. This decision was not an easy one, given the high caliber of applicants this year. However, we have selected a candidate who we believe best fits the current needs and dynamics of our team.

      We want to express our sincere gratitude for your interest in joining Falcon Technologies and for the effort you invested in your application. Your qualifications and enthusiasm were impressive, and we genuinely appreciate your desire to be part of our team.

      While we are unable to offer you a position at this moment, we strongly encourage you to consider applying for future opportunities with us. Falcon Technologies continually seeks talented individuals, and your profile will be a valuable addition to our pool of potential candidates.

      Again, thank you for considering Falcon Technologies for your internship. We wish you all the best in your academic and professional endeavors and hope that our paths may cross again in the future.

      Should you have any questions or require further feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out.

      Warm regards,

      Elizabeth Johnson

      HR Manager

      Falcon Technologies


      Key Takeaways

      This sample letter is a useful example for someone looking for guidance on how to write a professional and courteous rejection letter for an internship application.

      Here are several key aspects that make it effective:

      1. The subject line “Internship Application – Decision Notification” is straightforward and informs the recipient about the content of the email immediately.
      2. Addressing the recipient by their full name, “Dear Jonathan Smith,” adds a personal touch and shows respect.
      3. The letter directly informs the applicant of the decision in a respectful manner. It clearly states that the candidate was not selected without being overly blunt or insensitive.
      4. The writer expresses sincere gratitude for the applicant’s interest in the company and the effort put into the application. This shows appreciation and respect for the candidate’s time and effort.
      5. Complimenting the applicant’s qualifications and enthusiasm is encouraging and can help maintain the candidate’s self-esteem despite the rejection.
      6. Inviting the applicant to apply for future positions shows that the company values their profile and is interested in considering them for future opportunities.
      7. By offering to answer any questions or provide further feedback, the letter shows a willingness to engage further and assist the applicant, which is a mark of a considerate and helpful employer.
      8. The letter ends with a warm closing, the name, and title of the HR manager, and contact information, maintaining professionalism and providing the applicant with a point of contact.


      To conclude, securing an internship is not an easy task. To increase your chances of securing a slot in a company, your application letter should be drafted carefully, setting out the reasons why you should be the preferred candidate. Notably, failure to meet the laid requirements leads to automatic rejection.

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