Polite Rejection Letter (10+ Sample Letters & Writing Guidelines)

If you’re an employer that has interviewed several candidates for a position, it is inevitable that you will have candidates who didn’t make the cut. In order to professionally and politely address the rejected candidates, it is customary (and polite) to send a rejection letter. In addition to employment rejection letters, there are other cases where sending a rejection letter is necessary. Educational institutions, businesses, special interest groups, and others often need to send a rejection letter to candidates who didn’t make the cut.

Rejection letters are often sent in a variety of circumstances beyond those listed above. Letters can be sent in any case where an application is made for membership or employment that has not been approved.

Sending a rejection letter is a polite way to let potential candidates know that you will be pursuing other applicants and that you appreciate their time, efforts, and interests in your organization.

Following up with candidates by sending a polite rejection letter by regular mail or email leaves the candidate with a positive impression of your organization and also leaves the door open should the candidate want to reapply at a later time.

Rejection Letter Basics

Sending potential candidates, a rejection letter doesn’t have to be all about bad news. Sure, the candidate wasn’t accepted (this time.) However, a properly worded rejection letter can set potential candidates up for success in the future.  

Rejection letters let candidates know where they may have gone wrong during the application process and that they still have a chance of joining your organization at a later time.

An effective rejection letter should accomplish the following:

  • Thank Candidates for Their Time + Interest
  • Let Candidates Know Their Status
  • Remain Polite and Professional
  • Provide Information and Next Steps

Not getting accepted is already hard enough for potential candidates. Sending a politely worded rejection letter will go a long way toward restoring their self-confidence and leaving them with a positive impression of your organization.

Treating all candidates with courtesy and respect will also assure that you always have an overflowing pool of candidates to choose from, regardless of the outcome.

Polite Rejection Letter Template

Dear [candidate name]
Thank you for applying for [title] with [company | organization name].
At this time, we would like to inform you that we’ve decided not to move forward with your application. We receive many highly qualified applications and have chosen to continue the selection process with other applicants whose profile more closely meets our requirements at this time.
We will keep your application on file for consideration related to future opportunities that may be a better fit for your profile.
Thank you again for applying with [company name] and best of luck in your future endeavors!
[company official]
[company name]

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