Rejection Letter Without an Interview (Samples & Guidelines)

Every time employers advertise for a job opening; they receive lots of applications. After shortlisting successful applicants for the interview, professionalism dictates that the employer should inform unsuccessful applicants via a letter or email.

This rejection letter is also known as the no interview letter. Though the work of informing the unsuccessful applicants is tasking, it’s vital for the employer’s branding and maintaining relationships with potential future employees. The rejection letter before the interview should be brief, kind, and professional.

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    Rejection letter format

    A standard no interview letter should follow the following structure

    Employers address: The letter should start with the employer’s/sender’s address. It should feature on the top right-hand side of the page.

    Date: After the letterhead, skip a line and include the current date.

    Candidates address: After the date comes to the recipient or applicant’s address; leave a space between the date and the recipient’s address.

    Rejection email format

    If you’re writing an email, you should skip these first three steps.

    Subject: The subject of the letter should be brief and precise. It should include the job title. The recipient should understand the purpose of the email by reading the subject.

    Salutation: Use the appropriate title for the applicant. In most cases, use the word dear followed by the applicant’s name.

    Body: The body of the letter should comprise at least three paragraphs. In the first paragraph, thank the applicant for taking the time to apply for the job. In the subsequent paragraphs, explain in brief why the candidate was unsuccessful.

    In the closing paragraph, you should commend the applicant and express the hope that they may succeed in future job openings at the company.

    Complimentary close: Use suitable polite words to close the letter such as sincerely, yours sincerely, etc.
    Your name, signature, and designation. At the end of the letter, include your official names, signature, and designation.

    Sample no interview email



    Dear [applicant’s name]

    Thank you for showing a desire to work with [company name] as a [name of the position applied for].

    We have looked at your skills and experience when shortlisting candidates for this position; unfortunately, you are not among the shortlisted candidates since we were selecting candidates who perfectly match the requirements for this position.

    Though you didn’t qualify for the interview, we will retain your resume, and we will contact you should there arise an opening that fits your skills and experience.

    Best wishes as you search for your dream job.



    Human resource manager
    Adina’s Medicare ltd

    Sample rejection letter before an interview


    Name of the applicant
    Recipient address
    City, State, Zip code

    Dear (Name of applicant)

    This is a response to your application for the position of [indicate the position] at [company name]. Since we received an overwhelmingly huge number of applicants for this position, we are unable to interview all. We appreciate your interest in the job, but unfortunately, you’re not successful for the next round.

    When shortlisting candidates for the position, we were looking at applicants with skills and experience closely related to the job.

    Though you were not successful for an interview, we encourage you to keep searching for future openings at our company that match your skills and experience.

    Once more, thank you for showing interest in working with us.

    [Your name]

    Tips for writing an interview rejection letter

    As you write the letter consider the following tips

    Avoid offering false hope

    In your letter, be clear on why the applicant didn’t succeed for shortlisting. It’s unprofessional to encourage the applicant to apply for future jobs, yet they lack the necessary skills, knowledge the company requires.

    Send the feedback immediately

    Once you’re through with the shortlisting process, inform the unsuccessful candidates immediately so that they can proceed in applying for other jobs

    Be positive

    Though you’re writing a rejection letter, you should offer some hope to the candidate by highlighting any impressive skills and experienced they might have. If you feel them maybe legible for future openings in your company, let them know.

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