Job Candidate Rejection Letter (36+ Sample Letters & Templates)

Job Candidate Rejection Letter (36+ Sample Letters & Templates)

If you run a business, you’ve probably been the one responsible for writing the dreaded job rejection letter. With so many qualified prospective employees, it can be hard for a company to just pick one candidate and even harder for the candidates to feel this rejection. If you’re an employer, you may or may not be sending these out to your candidates. The fact of the matter is that you should be.  

As an employer, it can be hard to help your other potential candidates deal with rejection but letting them know about your choice is professional courtesy. This helps you to maintain a good working relationship with any prospective candidates in the future.  

If you haven’t been sending these out, you may be wondering what a job rejection letter is and why is it important for you to send to other candidates?

What is a job rejection letter?

A job rejection letter is as simple as it may sound. Following a job interview, an employer sends out these job rejection letters to all of those interviewed except for the candidate that has been selected for the job. These are typically sent out as soon as the company has chosen their candidate and that candidate has officially accepted. While candidates may feel disheartened by the job rejection letter, it helps the candidates to move on with their job search and learn where they may improve in the future.

Other names for job rejection letters

Job rejection letters go by several other names. You may hear companies call them by the following:

  • Employment Rejection Letter
  • Job Candidate Rejection Letter

These letters legally go by different names in different locations and, also, in different companies.

Why should i send these to my candidates?

The biggest reason these should be sent to your candidates is that it’s professional courtesy. Many employers choose to “ghost” their candidates and simply do not contact them one way or another after their job interviews. Not only is this unprofessional, but it is unkind to your job candidates.

Sending out these letters will mark you as an employer of choice, which means the best candidates are more likely to continue applying to your business. It will protect your business’ reputation if you make sure to send these to candidates. Quite simply, if you’re looking for the best candidates, this is simply a good business practice to follow.

Job rejection letter samples

Unsuccessful Candidates Letter

Job Candidate Rejection Letter Sample

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Job Candidate Rejection Letter 06

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Job Candidate Rejection Email Sample


Job Candidate Rejection Letter 13

Job application rejection letter sample

Sample Rejection Letter for departments

Applicant Rejection Letter Sample

Job Candidate Rejection Letter 17

Job Candidate Rejection Letter 18

Job Candidate Rejection Letter 19

Job Candidate Rejection Letter 20

Post Interview Rejection Letter

Sample Job Rejection Letter 22

Job Candidate Rejection Letter sample for post interview

Company job rejection letter sample

Job Applicant Rejection Letter Sample

Job Applicant Rejection Letter Example

Job Candidate Rejection Letter 27

Job Candidate Rejection Letter Format Example

    Things to consider when writing a job rejection

    When you’re writing a job rejection letter, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

    • Avoid the Negative: Don’t tell the candidate all of the reasons that they were wrong for the job. They’re already being rejected from the position! Keep your tone as positive as possible!
    • Personalize the Letter: Personalize the letter so that each candidate gets the respect and the courtesy that they deserve. This will set you apart from other companies.
    • Be Encouraging: Encourage the candidate! Let the candidate know that they are a skilled candidate and that another company would be happy to employ them. Wish them luck in their job search. It encourages the candidate to make progress toward their employment goals. Mention their strengths as a candidate!
    • Let them know why you selected the candidate you did: Let the candidates you didn’t select know why you selected the candidate that you did select. This helps the candidate know where they can improve if they ever wanted to apply for a position within your company again. Tell the candidate them the strengths of the candidate you did select so that they know why they weren’t selected.

    If you keep these things in mind, you will be able to write a strong job rejection letter.

    Job rejection letter template

    If you’re struggling to write a job rejection letter, utilizing a template can help you to write a stronger, more professional letter. The following template can help you create a stronger impression on the candidates that you are rejecting.

    (Your First and Last Name)
    (Your Company and Title)
    (Your Company’s Street Address)
    (Town), (State) (Zip Code)
    (Month), (Day), (Year)
    (Candidate Name, First and Last)
    (Candidate Street Address)
    (Town), (State) (Zip Code)
    Dear (Candidate Name):
    Thank you for your interest in the (Insert Name of Position Here) position with (Insert Company Name Here). As you know, we interviewed a number of candidates. It was a very difficult decision to make. We regret to inform you that you have not been selected for the position.
    Thank you for taking the time to interview with us. The team appreciates your time. The candidate that was selected demonstrated (Insert Skill 1 Here) and (Insert Skill 2 Here). We believe these are qualities of a good (Insert Name of Position Here) candidate.
    We want to wish your luck with your ongoing job search. Thank you for your interest in (Insert Company Name Here).
    (If you are sending a handwritten letter, this should be signed.)
    (Insert Your First and Last Name)
    (Insert Your Title)

    (Insert Company Name)

    More free templates

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