11 Best Medical Cover Letter Examples (Guide & Tips)

A medical cover letter presents the applicant’s qualifications, skills, and experience when they are applying for a medical job. This letter helps to highlight why the candidate should be hired for the job. In the medical cover letter, you must highlight your experience, whether you’re licensed, and skills relevant to the task at hand. Besides, you should also include technical and communication skills. You must demonstrate your passion for the job; these are some of the main aspects that hiring managers for a medical job are looking for in the ideal candidates.

Useful Tips when writing a medical cover letter

The following are some of the tips that will make your medical cover letter stand out

Keep it brief

Hiring managers are busy individuals who may not have the time to go through lengthy cover letters. In this regard, it’s essential to limit your medical cover letter to a few paragraphs. Ordinarily, it should not exceed one page, if possible, write less. Ensure the information in the letter is precise and to the point.

Embrace honesty

If you have had any disciplinary cases or you have no license to operate as medical personnel, it’s essential to reveal this information to the hiring managers. Explain to them what happened and why you believe you deserve the chanced. If you decide to lie about your background, you’ll be aggravating the matter, and it may lead to your dismissal from the interview.

It should not be a replica of your CV

Although you may include information from your CV in the medical cover letter, it should not replicate the information in the resume. Try and include distinct information in the cover letter that will increase the chances of being hired for the job.

Customize the letter

You should avoid the temptation of using a single cover letter for all your medical jobs application. Instead, ensure you tailor the letter to each specific organization and job. You must clearly show the hiring manager why they should invite you for an interview.

Sample Medical Cover Letter

Grace Abel
300 News Ave,
Chicago IL, 32454
CELL: (222) 342-22312
[email protected]

November 7th, 20XX

Ms. Dexter Stone
Hiring Manager
Silversprings Memorial Hospital
700 Margareta Avenue
New Town, USA 90000

Dear Ms. Stone,

I was glad to find a job posting for medical assistants on your website. Looking at your requirements, I believe I am the best person for the job. I have worked as a nurse aid for five years, and lately, I work as a medical assistant at Town Way Medical clinic.

In the current role, I perform both clinical and administrative duties. I am tasked with managing patient’s records, helping with admissions, running the office, handling insurance claims, and scheduling appointments and laboratory tests. Additionally, I also manage billing inquiries.

If you require further details about me, I will be glad to respond. Y0u can reach me at (201) 324-2112 or at [email protected]
Thank you for your time.

Grace Abel

Sample Medical Cover Letter (Word Format)

Medical Cover Letter (Email Example)

Subject: medical assistant- Jones Philips

Dear Mr. Pat,

I was glad to know of an opening for an ICU nurse at your facility. In the past three years, I have been an ICU nurse at Joyland Hospital in Maryland. This opportunity exposed me to various ICU practices, family relations, acute patient care, and staff development, among other relevant skills.

The following are some of my notable accomplishment and qualifications:
· Recommendations by my senores, patients, and families for excellent patient care
· Employee wards for leaderships, dedications, outstanding performance and patient advocacy
· In-depth knowledge of admissions, referrals, treatments, patient assessment, and patient education.
· Extensive experience in ICU, CCU, and medical-surgical environments.

Besides, my strong organizational skills, initiative, and ability to work under pressure enable me to be the best pick for this position. I am sure a challenging environment such as yours will be the best avenue to grow my career as an ICU nurse and offer my contribution to society.

I will appreciate an opportunity to discuss further my skills, experience, what I can do for your hospital.
Thank you for your time.

Martin Georges
Enclosure: Resume

Medical Cover Letter Email (Word Format)

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