Sample Letter Asking Permission to Use a Place (Word)

Some events attract too many participants, who unfortunately cannot fit into a tiny and cramped-up venue. To accommodate these participants and maintain the same lively nature of these meetings, you must rent out premises elsewhere.

To do this, you will have to draft a ‘letter asking permission to use a place.’ or a permission letter for an event. This letter is drafted by anyone and is similarly addressed to any other person who might hold the keys to a venue that may eventually be used for hosting events.

Free Samples in Word Format

Provided below are carefully prepared permission letter samples for using a place, which you can download and use either as guides for preparing your own or customize and use directly. They are editable and in MS Word format for your additional ease.

Free Permission Letter to Use a Place for Word
Editable Permission Email Example (To Use a Place) for Word

    Writing Tips (How to Write this Letter?)

    Tip I: Maintain a formal language

    It is a formal, not friendly, letter. As such, you have to maintain a formal language throughout. The term formal means the letter ought to be devoid of any slang, fluff, or inappropriate words and innuendos. It is the only sure way to avoid any ambiguities.

    Tip II: State the reasons you require the facility for

    You have to state clearly the exact reasons why you need the facility. Avoid any ambiguities by stating the exact reason without using too many words or phrases.


    The recipient of the letter will often want further clarification from you later on. You might want to avoid these issues.

    Tip III: Supply the necessary contact details

    You have to furnish the recipient with your contact details. The object of this is to allow for smooth correspondence if and when the time to do so comes. It also showcases that you are truly serious and means what you have in mind.

    Tip IV: Use the second person while writing

    Throughout the letter, you should use the second person. It entails the use of words like ‘you,’ ‘yours,’ and so on. That way, the recipient/reader will easily identify and comprehend the entire length and breadth of the letter. It also makes it possible for the information relayed to be easily understandable.

    Tip V: Proofread before Submitting

    Before you submit the letter, you have to proofread and edit it. As you do both, you have to weed out any grammatical mistakes and other sentences that do not make any sense at all. Only submit a copy that is concise, clear, and to the point.

    Sample Permission Letter to Use Place (Text format)


    Dear Ms. Smith,

    I am writing to respectfully request permission to use the Anytown Community Center located at 456 Oak Lane for a charity fundraising event on March 15, 20XX, from 5 PM to 10 PM.

    As the Event Coordinator of the Anytown Charity Group, I believe that the Anytown Community Center is the ideal venue for our event due to its spacious hall, central location, and excellent amenities. Our event aims to raise funds for local underprivileged children and will include a silent auction, a dinner, and a small concert by local artists.

    We assure you that we will adhere to all the guidelines and rules set forth for the use of the premises. We also commit to maintaining the property in excellent condition throughout our use and will ensure that it is left in the same state as we found it.

    Enclosed with this letter, please find a detailed plan of the event, including the number of attendees (approximately 100), the layout requirements, and our proposed schedule.

    We would greatly appreciate your consideration of our request and are happy to provide any additional information you may require. Thank you very much for your time and attention to this matter.

    I look forward to your positive response.


    John Doe

    Event Coordinator

    Anytown Charity Group

    Permission Letter to Use Place (Email Example)


    Subject: Request for Permission to Use Green Meadows Park for Community Yoga Event

    Dear Ms. Jane Smith,

    I hope this message finds you well. I’m writing to seek permission to use Green Meadows Park for a community yoga event organized by Anytown Yoga Club. We are planning to host this event on April 8, 20XX, from 8 AM to 11 AM.

    The Anytown Yoga Club has chosen Green Meadows Park for its serene environment and spacious lawns, which are perfect for yoga activities. Our event is focused on promoting health and wellness in our community and will include a series of yoga sessions led by certified instructors, along with a short wellness workshop.

    We will ensure that the park is used responsibly, adhering to all guidelines for public spaces. Please find attached a brief outline of our event plan, including the expected number of participants (approximately 50), the layout for the yoga sessions, and the schedule for the morning.

    We believe that Green Meadows Park is an ideal location for bringing the community together for health and wellness activities. We are keen to discuss any specific requirements or conditions necessary for the use of the park.

    Thank you for considering our request. We are excited about the opportunity to host our event at Green Meadows Park and look forward to your response. If further information is needed or specific forms need to be filled out, please let me know.

    Best regards,

    John Doe


    Anytown Yoga Club

    (123) 456-7890

    Key Takeaways

    These two permission letters serve as excellent examples for anyone looking to make a similar request.

    Here’s an analysis of their key components and strengths:

    1. Both letters are professionally written, with a clear and respectful tone. They start with a formal salutation, proceed with the purpose of the letter, provide necessary details, and end with a courteous closing. This structure ensures clarity and demonstrates professionalism.
    2. Each letter precisely states the purpose of the request—the first for a charity fundraising event and the second for a community yoga event. They include specific details like the date, time, and nature of the event. This level of detail helps the recipient understand the context and scope of the request.
    3. The writers of both letters explain why the chosen venues (the community center and the park) are ideal for their respective events. This justification shows that the sender has thoughtfully considered the venue’s suitability, enhancing the credibility of the request.
    4. The writers assure the venue owners that they will adhere to all guidelines and maintain the property in excellent condition. This assurance is crucial in building trust and showing respect for the property.
    5. Both letters enclose detailed event plans, including the number of attendees, layout requirements, and schedules. Providing such details upfront can expedite the approval process and demonstrate thorough planning.
    6. The senders express their willingness to provide further information or fulfill additional requirements. This openness indicates a cooperative and flexible attitude, which is important in such negotiations.
    7. Particularly in the second letter, the sender includes contact details, making it easy for the recipient to respond or seek further clarification.
    8. Both letters end with a note of thanks, acknowledging the recipient’s time and consideration. This politeness is essential in formal communications.

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