Sample Letter Asking Permission to Use a Place (Word)

Some events attract too many participants who unfortunately cannot fit a tiny and cramped-up venue. To accommodate these participants and maintain the same lively nature of these meetings, you must rent out a premise elsewhere.

To do this, you will have to draft a ‘letter asking permission to use a place.’ or a permission letter for an event. This letter is drafted by anyone and is similarly addressed to any other person who might hold the keys to a venue that maybe eventually used for hosting events.

Free Samples in Word Format

Provided below are carefully prepared permission letter sample for using a place which you can download and use either as guides for preparing your own, or customize and use directly. They are editable and in MS Word format for your additional ease.

Free Permission Letter to Use a Place for Word
Editable Permission Email Example (To Use a Place) for Word

    Writing Tips (How to Write this Letter?)

    Tip I: Maintain a formal language

    It is a formal, not friendly letter. As such, you have to maintain a formal language throughout. The term formal means the letter ought to be devoid of any slang, fluff or inappropriate words and innuendos. It is the only sure way to avoid any ambiguities.

    Tip II: State the reasons you require the facility for

    You have to state clearly the exact reasons why you need the facility for. Avoid any ambiguities by stating the exact reason without using too many words or phrases. Remember, the recipient of the letter will often want further clarification from you later on. You might want to avoid these issues.

    Tip III: Supply the Necessary Contact Details

    You have to furnish the recipient with your contact details. The object of this is to allow for smooth correspondences if and when the time to do so comes. It also showcases that you are truly serious and mean what you have in mind.

    Tip IV: Use the second person while writing

    Throughout the letter, you should use the second person. It entails the use of words like ‘you,’ ‘yours,’ and so on. That way, the recipient/reader will easily identify and comprehend the entire length and breadth of the letter. It also makes it possible for the information relayed across to be easily understandable.

    Tip V: Proofread before Submitting

    Before you submit the letter, you have to proofread and edit. As you do both, you have to weed out any grammatical mistakes and other sentences that do not make any sense at all. Only submit a copy that is concise, clear, and to the point.

    Sample Permission Letter to Use Place (Text format)

    Your Name
    Your Address
    Your City, State Zip Code
    Your Phone Number
    Your Email
    City, State Zip Code

    To Whom It May Concern

    RE: Request to use the Municipal Grounds for a Musical Concert

    We are an organization that aims at bonding and creating peace in all the neighborhoods that make up this city. As part of our peace-building initiatives, we do hold concerts and dancing sessions.

    This year, we would want to use the municipal grounds of this city to hold the same concert. It shall take place exactly one week from now. It shall also run from the start through to the end of the day.

    Your timely response to this request will be highly appreciated. I need ample time to get back to all the stakeholders who have already confirmed their attendance.

    I look forward to the positive feedback from you.

    Thanks and Regards,


    FirstName LastName

    Permission Letter to Use Place (Email Example)

    Request for Permission to Use the City Hall for a Funds Drive

    To Whom It May Concern

    Ours is an organization that aids homeless people in coping with their stay. We, among others, give them one hot meal a day, furnish them with toiletries, and sleeping gears.

    To do all these, we raise money from friends, well-wishers, and the general public. In many cases, we organize public finds drive to solicit for funding and donations.

    This year, we intend to do so in your city. For that, we ask that you allow for the use of your city hall. The funds shall happen three months from today.

    We do hope for positive feedback from you. In your reply, kindly let us know how much the hall goes for and any other terms that may be relevant for us.

    We are waiting,

    Thanks and Regards,
    FirstName LastName

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