Sample Permission Letters to Come Late to Work

Life is never really that smooth. Indeed, from time to time, issues do arise that interfere with our normal courses of action. They no doubt have a hand in adversely affecting how we report to work and do the chores that are expected of us. If and when they arise, you have to excuse yourself from work.

For this, you will have to write a “Letter of Permission to Come Late to Work.” it is a letter that is directed to the supervisor or boss. It notifies the supervisor of your intention to come late to work for a predefined duration of time. In addition, it clarifies why being late is unavoidable.

Free Template for Letter to Come Late to Work

[Your Full Name]  

[Your Position]  

[Your Department/Team]  

[Your Email Address]  

[Your Phone Number]  


[Manager/Supervisor’s Name]  

[Their Position]  


[Company Name]  

[Company Address]  

[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear [Manager/Supervisor’s Name],

Subject: Request for Permission to Arrive Late to Work on [Specific Date(s)]

I am writing to request your permission to arrive late to work on [specific date(s)], due to [briefly state the reason, e.g., a medical appointment, personal obligation, or educational commitment].

I understand the importance of punctuality and the impact that arriving late can have on our team and operations. However, due to [elaborate on the reason if necessary, e.g., ‘an unavoidable medical appointment that can only be scheduled during working hours’], I am unable to be present at my usual starting time.

I plan to arrive at work by [state the expected time of arrival], and I assure you that I will make every effort to minimize the disruption caused by my delayed arrival. To ensure continuity of work, I propose the following measures:

  1. Preparation in Advance: I will complete all urgent tasks ahead of time and ensure that any pending work is up to date.
  2. Communication with Team: I will inform relevant team members about my late arrival and make arrangements to cover any immediate responsibilities during my absence.
  3. Extended Work Hours: If necessary, I am willing to extend my work hours on [specific date(s)] or on subsequent days to compensate for the time lost.

I hope that this arrangement is acceptable and I seek your understanding and approval for this request. I am committed to maintaining my responsibilities and ensuring that my temporary absence does not adversely affect our team’s productivity.

Thank you for considering my request. Please let me know if you need any further information or if there are any forms or procedures I need to complete as part of this request.


[Your Full Name]  

[Your Position]  

[Your Department/Team]

Sample Permission Letter to Come Late to Work

Dear Mr. Wallace,

Subject: Request for Permission to Arrive Late on February 10, 20XX

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to request your permission to arrive late to work on February 10, 20XX. I have a mandatory real estate closing meeting for my new house, which is scheduled at 9:00 AM on that day. Given the significance and the inflexibility of this appointment, I am unable to adhere to my regular work schedule.

I anticipate that the meeting will conclude by 11:00 AM, and I plan to arrive at the office by 11:30 AM. I am fully committed to ensuring that this delay does not disrupt our department’s workflow or affect any ongoing projects.

To minimize the impact of my late arrival, I propose the following measures:

  1. Advance Completion of Tasks: I will ensure that all my current projects, especially the layout design for the “Spring Campaign,” are up to date before February 10.
  2. Coordination with Team Members: I will communicate with our team in advance, particularly with Sarah and Tom, who collaborate closely with me, to cover any immediate tasks during my brief absence.
  3. Extended Work Hours: I am willing to stay later on February 10 and the following days, if necessary, to compensate for the time lost and to ensure that all deadlines are met.

I hope that this arrangement meets with your approval. I assure you of my commitment to maintaining the high standard of work and meeting all project deadlines despite this temporary change in my schedule.

Thank you very much for considering my request. Please let me know if there is any paperwork I need to complete or if further information is required.


Emily Johnson  

Graphic Designer  

Creative Department


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