Letter of Permission To Come Late to Work

Life is never really that smooth. Indeed, from time to time, issues do arise that interfere with our normal courses of action. They no doubt, have a hand in adversely affecting how we report to work and do the chores that are expected of us. If and when they arise, you have to excuse yourself from work. For this, you will have to write a “Letter of Permission to Come Late to Work.” it is a letter that is directed to the supervisor or boss. It notifies the supervisor of your intention to come late to work for a predefined duration of time. Other than that, it also explains why the lateness is inevitable.

Sample Permission Letter to Come Late to Work

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Respected Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

Re: Letter of Permission to Come Late To Work

As you know, I am employed by your company in the capacity of ______________ (job title). I have to report for work daily from ____________ (time) to _________________ (time).

However, this is not going to be possible for the foreseeable future. That is because of _____________ (state the nature of the problem) which I have to attend to.

For this reason, I can only report for work at ______________ (the earliest logical time you can report for duty). This translates to a _________________ (number of the hours you are likely to delay) delay.

Kindly accept my plea favorably. I promise to resume duty as soon as the problem is fully solved. On the same note, I shall arrange for compensation later on. For any urgent matters, kindly reach me on XXX-XXX-XXXX.

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