Writing a Membership Offer Letter (With 8+ Samples and Examples)

A membership offer letter allows a company or organization to offer an individual the opportunity to cement an ongoing relationship with their organization through a membership program. A membership program is a great way to foster loyalty and inform potential members of the perks of joining the club or program. An offer letter is usually sent in response to the individual’s application for membership to an organization such as a gym, sporting or social club.

Sample Membership Offer Letters

Gym Membership Offer Letter

A gym membership offer letter informs a potential member that they can eligible for a membership with your gym.

Gym Membership Offer Letter 1


What to Include in a Gym Membership Letter?

A gym membership offer letter should inform the recipient of the key conditions of membership as well as the perks that they will experience by becoming a patron of your gym.

A gym relies on the loyalty of its users making a membership offer letter a key resource in expanding and solidifying ongoing relationships.

Gym memberships generally include ongoing payments and an offer letter should outline these payments briefly so that the member will not get any unpleasant surprises when they sign their contract.

Club Membership Welcome Letter

A club membership welcome letter allow an organization such as a social club to welcome and remind a new member of the perks and obligations of membership.

Club Membership Welcome Letter 1


What to include in a Club Membership Welcome Letter?

A club membership welcome letter is a great way to formally express gratitude to a new member, making them feel valued and appreciated from the outset.

A club membership welcome letter informs the applicant that they have successfully gained membership and what they can expect from being part of the club.

A well-designed club membership letter makes a great impression on your new member inspiring respect for your club or organization.

Sample Letter of Endorsement for International Membership

The tone of this letter is professional while offering the writer’s recommendation for an individual’s membership in an international organization. This letter should include the name of the applicant and their success and/or experience in their field. It is important that the writer includes their own personal relationship with the applicant to establish credibility. The writer should also include their contact information in the event the organization would like to seek further information on an applicant. At the bottom of the letter, a signature is required along with the writer’s name and title.

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Sample New Membership Welcome Letter

The purpose of this letter is to welcome a new member to an organization. Therefore, the tone should be friendly and informative. It is important for the first line to be an official welcome to the organization. This makes the member feel accepted and valued by the organization. Following the welcome, a brief description of what the membership entails and the benefits that having a membership provides should show the member exactly why they joined. Finally, the letter should be closed out by providing contact information for the organization chair and/or the organization’s website where more information can be found. Finally, the writer’s contact information will close out the letter to allow for a personal contact for the new member.

New Membership Welcome Letter


Sample Exclusive Membership Offer Letter

This letter is meant to persuade the reader to join an organization. It is important to encourage the reader by telling them the name of the organization and who is included in the stated organization. Readers need to know that the organization is relevant to them so it is vital to showcase the member pool while simultaneously promoting the benefits of joining the organization. The letter should make the reader feel important and put emphasis on the necessity of their participation in the organization. If it is within your organization budget to offer special deals to the reader it could encourage their enrollment. A handwritten signature to close the letter along with your name and title within the organization gives the letter a personal aspect.

Membership Offer Letter 1


Sample Board Membership Offer Letter

This is a formal letter informing the reader of their appointment to an organization’s Board of Directors. The letter should begin by stating what position the reader has been given and when it was decided by the “Board”. The letter should state the beginning date of the new appointment position along with any vital clauses that the reader should be aware of (Ex. Schedule IV, Para IV(4) of the Act and Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement). This letter should tell the reader information relevant to their position by using the subheadings: Appointment, Time Commitment, Duties and Role of Position, Fees, Conflicts of Interest, Confidentiality, Insider Trading Rules, Insurance, Notification of Personal Information, Premature Conclusion of Term of Appointment, Extension of Existing Term, Rights of Third Parties, etc. While these subheadings could be edited depending on individual companies, the general feeling of this letter should be informative while easily comprehended. The reader should feel like they understand the aspects of their duties and feel ready to begin their position. The letter must include a signature by the reader stating they agree to the terms listed and be dated to ensure fidelity. Any important documents, clauses, agreements, etc. listed in the letter should be attached to the final pages allowing the reader to go through them to make sure they understand what they are signing and agreeing to.

Board Membership Offer Letter 1


Sample Membership Invitation Letter

The purpose of this letter is to formally invite the reader to become an honorary member of an organization. The letter should start by stating the name of the organization as well as the mission statement. This should be a few sentences and give enough detail in which the reader can comfortably see whether the statement aligns with their own personal views. The letter should state the organization’s purpose for adding honorary members and what comes from becoming an honorary member. It is important to specifically state why the reader is being offered this induction as well as the date and time of the ceremony. The letter should end by asking the reader to participate in the ceremony and to RSVP by a specific time in order to be included in the program. Once again, a handwritten signature along with the typed name and title of the writer creates a personal touch which makes the reader feel like a part of the organization from the beginning of their journey.

Membership Invitation Letter 1


How to write a Membership Offer Letter?

Keep it positive – You are giving a new member good news so your tone should be positive and professional. Congratulating your new member is important but don’t include language that is too flowery or colloquial.

Include details – Without including details about the membership and the organization you might find that the letter creates confusion. Keep it brief but offer a few details about perks, conditions and general club information.

Point of Contact – Giving your new member a person to contact if they have questions not only helps them to feel included and supported but giving your new member a contact within the organization can help clear up any confusion or issues.

Call to Action – As with many letters associated with a business or organization, it is important to include information that prompts the recipient to take a specific action, such as visit in person to sign a contract or pick up a welcome pack.

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