How to Write a Letter of Interest (38+ Samples & Examples)

best letter of interest samples

You have seen a job posted. With your hunger for job, you rush to your computer and apply for it to try your luck. But oops, you are not the only one who has seen that job advert. So you will be amazed to find more than ten of you in an interview. Out of those ten, one is taken and the rest of you go home to try your luck again.

End that madness now. Here is the secret…

Some employers do not post jobs online. So if you take advantage of that and apply those jobs, you will find yourself alone in an interview.

But how do you apply? Well, a letter of interest is the only solution.

What is a letter of interest?

A letter of interest is a letter you send to a target company to introduce yourself and express an interest in the possibility of future employment, to see if there is any potential job opportunity that fit with your skills.

However, if you write a bad one, as usual, you will be ignored. But if you write a perfect one you will obviously be accepted.

But first most people confuse a letter of interest with a cover letter. Don’t be in that mess.

Difference between Cover Letter and the Letter of Interest?

A letter of interest might contain similar things to a cover letter but they are very different.

Typically, a cover letter is sent with a resume, and is often used when applying for a posted job opening. On the other hand, a letter of interest serves as a mean for expressing an interest in working for a company, regardless of whether it’s an open or not an open position. Think of it as a warm-up gesture before filing a complete application.

In the letter of interest, you basically lay out your background, qualifications and achievements in brief, all while informing them of your interest in finding a place with their organization.

How to Write a Persuasive Letter of Interest?

You want to know how to write a letter of interest? Well, you are about to know how. It’s amazing how a huge number of people don’t know how to write a letter of interest. So, if you are in this situation, don’t worry because you are not the only one.

Let’s have a look at some sneaky techniques you can use to write that winning warm-up gesture before filling a complete job application. Like all correspondences you send to any potential employer, a letter of interest will only work best when it’s done right.

Here is the guideline.

  1. Maintain a professional tone– since this is a business letter, it deserves to be written professionally. It does not have to be excessively formal. However, you have to ensure that your writing sound respectful and dignified.
  2. Address it to someone specific– don’t just send it to a company and hope that somebody will take notice. By doing this you will sometime lose your opportunity. You can’t expect employers to take seriously if you don’t even have the initiative to find out who the contact person should be. To achieve anything, you need hard work. If you don’t know much about the company, do a research online and acquire all the information about the company. Doing this will not only help you to know their contact information, but it will also help you to know their employees, their knowledge, skills and abilities which will assist you to best them.
  3. Give sufficient details about yourself– you obviously want the job with that target company. So, your letter should speak on your behave and convince them to hire you. To achieve this, you need to make sure that you throw in enough details to let them know why you are qualified for the position.
  4. Avoid mistakes in the letter– once they open your letter, you will be evaluated. So, if your letter has mechanical errors, your viability as a candidate takes an immediate hit. Ensure you turn in a clean letter by running it through proofreading software.
  5. Reveal your knowledge about the company– since you have shown your interest in working with them, it assumed that you know something about the company. Therefore, you should detail why you pick them.

And finally, the letter should be relatively short. It should be no longer than three paragraphs. Don’t expect the ready to take up much time reading your letter.

Letter of Interest Examples

Example 1

John William
123 main street
New York, NY 10014
[email protected]


Graham Smith
Director, human resources
Axis industries
123 forth street
Forth Street, NY 0024

Dear Graham Smith

I am writing to apply for the position of business development manager at Axis industries. I am confident that my skills are well-aligned with the role and that I would be an excellent fit for your organization.

Studying business at the University of London allowed me to gain skills in marketing management. I have a strong believe that my knowledge of advertising would make me a perfect addition to the Axis industries.

During my time at the University Of London I served as the secretary of the marketing studies association. I eagerly want to take my marketing skills to the next level and apply them in a professional setting. My undergraduate studies and my extracurricular activities at college have given me deep insight on advertising techniques and skills that include design and copyrighting.

I believe that my experience and track record make me an excellent fit in you industries. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

John William

Example 2

Joe Michelson
200 Baltimore St.
La Plata, MD 20646
[email protected]


Mr. Johnson Stephens
Managing Director
XYZ Company
703 Mill St Ste B
Alton, KS 67623

Dear Mr. Johnson Stephens

For the past two years, I have been observing the work of XYZ Company and I have been motivated by the company’s devotion to sustainability. I have been moved by the focus to make sure that the development process of your product is always aimed at creating sustainable and user-friendly products, as I’m a passionate advocate of eco-friendly solutions.

I graduated as a digital developer five years ago and I joined some of the leading climate scientist since then. Among my greatest achievement is launching two successful projects, where one of them won a local award for the sustainable practice of the year. I would love to take my skill much further and I’m showing my interest of getting an opportunity at XYZ Company.

I believe that I am a perfect match and my skills and experience would push the development of solar energy to the next level.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Joe Michelson

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    Letter of Interest Format

    Your contact detail

    Include your name, Address, Phone number, and email address. It’s also relevant to include your website if you have it.

    Date and Company’s Contact Details

    Here you will add the contact details of the company you are addressing including name, company name and position, company address and phone number. But first, as I said earlier, you should do the research first and find a specific person to address the letter to.

    Professional greeting

    Begin with a professional greeting; make sure you address the person with the correct title and name.

    The main body

    • Introduction– The first paragraph you should introduce yourself and mention your interest towards the organization.
    • Your qualification and skills– The next paragraph should be about your skills and qualification and how you think they fit the company’s need. Support your qualities with facts.
    • Closing statement– The third and the last paragraph should be the call for action. In this part, you should also let the company know the best way to contact you.
    • Signature

    Letter of Interest Samples

    Your name

    Your address

    Your city, state,zip code

    Your phone number

    Your email



    Job title



    City, state zip

    Dear Mr./ Mrs. LastName

    I’m writing to express my interest in a practicum replacement at ABC Psychiatric Hospital Eating Disorder Program. I have been volunteering and working with several institutions with my goal being to work with adolescents diagnosed with eating disorders.

    I feel like I will not only be of great use in your institution but also be a very successful leader to my coworkers. I am currently a second year graduate student working on my master’s degree in community counseling with an emphasis on child and adolescence counseling at University of Denver. I am a hardworking and motivated individual.

    I believe that my interest, skills, experience and psychological academic background make me an ideal candidate for this position.

    I look forward to speaking with you about this exciting opportunity. Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Your signature

    Your typed name

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        Tips for writing a letter of interest

        It is relevant to this letter to show interest in practicing the acquired skills. The letter ensures the employer gets the best person to fit in the new position. You should set yourself apart in the job application through applying for a job in a professional manner. Also, when you write this letter, you express your confidence in working for a certain company. It is a show of ability to relate with people and willingness to learn and grow.

        Think about your skills

        You should analyze the capability of your skills concerning the job description. The letter should cite some achieved skills in the resume. The skills should prove a match with the company standards.

        State your intentions of writing the letter

        This explanation should come immediately after you start writing your letter. In this section, you should tell the reader how you got the awareness of the opportunity. You state your desire and capability to fit in the job position

        Showcase your qualifications

        You should tell the recruiter your work experience about the new job. It is also good to say your qualities that set you a good person for the job. The qualification can include any professional course you did in relation to the job you expressed interest in.

        Make an appreciation note

        You should end the letter of interest with a thank you note. Also, include your contacts in the letter to allow your prospective employer to notify you of the status of the job.

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