20+ Transfer Request Letter Samples (Word, PDF)

A job transfer request letter is a formal notice from an employee to the organization when he or she wants to move from one part of the organization to another. An employee can also submit this letter when they want to move to a new organization of a similar nature.

For instance, an employee may want to switch from one particular department of an organization to another or they might want to shift to a different location for personal or any other reason.

Sample Letters

This letter serves as a formal and professional means of expressing your desire for a transfer and outlining the reasons behind it. By using samples, you can gain valuable insights into the structure, tone, and content required for an effective letter, ensuring that your request is articulated clearly and professionally.

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    What to Write in a Letter?

    This letter would be quite similar to a cover letter. However, it is extremely important that when an employee is writing the letter, each point is clear. It would be preferable to have the entire information on just one page.

    The following points would be useful:

    • It is important to mention the strengths and abilities of the employee who is writing the letter.
    • It is important to mention what benefit the transfer would cause to the division supervisor of the organization.
    • It is important to mention what benefit it would bring to the organization.

    To write a letter, consider the following points as well:

    • In the very first sentence of the letter, mention the purpose of writing the letter.
    • Mention the position for which the employee is applying.
    • Mention position and name.
    • Mention all the abilities and experiences.
    • Mention how loyal the employee is to the company.
    • Mention the reason for the transfer.
    • Remember not to brag while writing the letter.

    An employee should write this letter when they learn about the opportunity because the faster they apply, the better their chances of landing that particular position and getting the relevant transfer.


    Given below is the letter template, which an employee can follow to write the letter:


    Employee’s Name
    Employee’s Address
    City, State, and Zip Code

    Insert a date here.

    Company’s Name
    Hiring Person’s Name
    Hiring Person’s Title
    Company’s Address

    City, State, and Zip Code

    RE: Insert Subject Here

    Dear Name of Person,

    I have recently learned about the XYZ Position from my supervisor, Name, and I would like to submit my application formally.

    I have maintained my position as a Sales Manager for the past five years and now I would like to take on a new role, as my background is in marketing and finance. I have the following strengths and abilities:

    Mention Strengths and Abilities

    Enclosed is my full resume. I am sure I will not disappoint you, as I am aware of the company’s rules and policies. You can reach me at 555-555-555. I would be glad to provide further information.


    Employee’s Signature
    Employee’s Name Printed
    List of enclosures


    A comprehensive set of formal sample letters is offered in this section, serving as valuable samples for those initiating transfer requests in various professional and personal situations.

    Sample Letter 1 – Requesting Transfer for Professional Growth

    Dear Mr. Thompson,

    I hope this message finds you well. After three enriching years in the Marketing Department at Zenith Corp, I’ve developed a robust skill set in digital advertising and campaign management. My work on the successful “Innovate Tomorrow” campaign, which increased our web traffic by 40%, has been a highlight of my career.

    I am writing to express my interest in the recently advertised position in the Product Development team. This role aligns perfectly with my aspiration to delve into product strategy and innovation. Given my background in understanding customer needs through marketing campaigns, I am excited about the prospect of applying these insights to product development.

    I am fully committed to ensuring a smooth transition for the Marketing team and am prepared to train my replacement thoroughly. I look forward to the possibility of contributing to Zenith Corp in this new capacity and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this further.

    Thank you for considering my request.


    Emily Carter

    Sample Letter 2 – Requesting Transfer for Geographic Relocation

    Dear Ms. Rodriguez,

    I trust this letter finds you in good health. As a dedicated member of the Client Services team at Global Solutions for the past five years, I have greatly enjoyed working with our diverse clientele and spearheading initiatives like the “Client Connect” project, which enhanced client engagement by 25%.

    I am writing to request consideration for a transfer to our branch in San Francisco. Due to family circumstances, relocating to San Francisco has become a necessity for me. I have noticed an opening in the Client Services team there, and I believe my experience with key accounts and regional clients will allow me to seamlessly integrate and continue delivering exceptional service.

    I am committed to working closely with you to ensure a smooth transition, including providing comprehensive training to my successor. I would be grateful for the chance to continue my career with Global Solutions in this new location and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how I can make this move beneficial for both the company and myself.

    Thank you very much for your understanding and support.

    Warm regards,

    Jacob Martinez


    The two sample letters you’ve provided are exemplary in their approach to requesting professional transfers, each serving as an excellent guide for similar correspondence.

    In the first letter, focused on requesting a transfer for professional growth, the writer skillfully employs a professional tone and articulates her purpose with clarity. Her letter is a testament to the importance of succinctly highlighting personal achievements and skills. By mentioning her successful contributions to the “Innovate Tomorrow” campaign and the resulting increase in web traffic, the writer makes a compelling case for her suitability for the new role. This approach not only demonstrates her competence but also her understanding of the company’s goals and how her skills align with them. Furthermore, her expression of interest in the Product Development team is seamlessly tied to her current experience, illustrating a logical career progression. This clear connection between past experience and future aspirations is essential in such letters.

    The second letter, to request a transfer due to geographic relocation, mirrors the strengths of the first. The writer’s emphasis on his longstanding commitment and contributions to the company, like spearheading the “Client Connect” project, establishes his value as an employee. His rationale for the transfer is clearly stated and personal, yet professionally presented. This balance of personal need and professional rationale is critical in such requests. Additionally, both letters include an offer to assist in the transition, showcasing the writers’ commitment to the company’s continuity and their sense of responsibility.

    In summary, these letters are particularly effective as instructional guides due to their clear articulation of purpose, demonstration of the writers’ value and achievements, logical connection between past roles and future aspirations, and consideration for the company’s needs during the transition. They strike an ideal balance between professional courtesy, personal expression, and strategic career planning.

    Reasons to Write the Letter

    There are various reasons to write a transfer request letter. Given below are some of them:

    • An employee is likely to write this letter when they would like to move to a different position within the same company.
    • An employee may also write this letter when they are moving to a different city and would like to transfer the position. In this case, the company is the same as well.
    • An employee might be interested in learning new skills and would thus write this letter.
    • An aging employee might request a transfer to avoid work stress.
    • An employee would like to face new challenges and would thus write this particular letter.
    • An employee would like to work in a different branch of the organization to learn something valuable.
    • An employee might want to avoid excessive traveling during work and would thus write the letter.

    What is a Transfer Offer Letter?

    This letter refers to a request or a message for the transfer of an employee. Employers can write to the employees informing them of the transfer. Similarly, an employee can write to the boss requesting it. Not everyone can write a favorable letter; you require proper guidance to do so. A poorly planned letter can make you look careless; that’s why you need to seek an expert’s help. There are no specific words to use in your letter; however, you must include your contact information, date, and the supervisor’s contact information.

    Sample Offer Letters

    Blank offer letter in PDF format

    An internal transfer message informs the employer of the employee’s wish to be moved to a different department within the same company. It is essential to write a letter stating all the reasons for requesting an internal transfer. Indicate the changes you expect to bring to the new department.

    Blank Transfer Offer Letter in PDF Format 1


    Transfer offer letter from employer to employee

    Transfer Offer Letter from Employer to Employee


    Job Transfer Offer Letter Template

    Job Transfer Offer Letter Template


    Offer Letter for Internal Transfer

    Offer Letter for Internal Transfer


    Lateral Transfer Offer Letter

    Lateral Transfer Offer Letter


    Internal promotion offer letter

    Transferring an employee to a different department or location is difficult. Drafting a letter to your representative can help in making him understand that the transfer can be an opportunity for him to accomplish his goals. You can also state the reasons for moving the employee to another branch. The person responsible for the worker might have essential resolutions for such members to move.

    Internal Promotion Offer Letter


    Offer letter for position transfer

    Offer Letter for Position Transfer
    Offer Letter for Position Transfer


    This letter is a stepping stone towards a bright and prosperous career. Templates written by professionals can provide useful guidance and tips to write an effective letter.

    Templates can help you to save time and ensure consistency and clarity. A template provides the basis for a high-quality letter, but by adding your individual touches to your template, you can create a powerful letter that communicates your message professionally. you. Applying a sample job offer letter template made by professionals can make your work easier.

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