Sample Recommendation Letter Written by Supervisor

Recommendation Letter By Supervisor

A recommendation letter for an employee is a document that entails the positive traits of an employee such that they are in a better position to get a job. Below are two best samples of a recommendation letter as written by a supervisor.

Things to Include in Recommendation

You should provide detailed information on the skills of the candidate in your recommendation letter. Some of the aspects you can highlight include leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, and managerial skills as well. You should give a clear explanation that proves the capability of the employee to handle the task. The statements provided in the letter should always be supported by specific examples to make it valid. Besides, you can also add a mild criticism because nobody can be perfect. However, it should be presented as a flip-side of a strength.

Mistakes to avoid

When writing a recommendation letter, supervisors should not use generalities when describing a candidate. Also, they should not overstretch the truth. This will make the information look falsified. Supervisors should not use words like ‘I hope.’ Such words do not show confidence in the ability of the candidate. Instead, they should use words like ‘I am confident. Here below are two sample of Recommendation Letter written by supervisor.

Sample Recommendation Letter By Supervisor


July 3, 2018

Mrs. Shelly Griffin
Bob & Sons Enterprises.
3080 X Street, CA
Los Angeles

 Dear Mrs. Shelly,

I take immense pleasure in recommending Laura White for the secretarial post at Bob & Sons Enterprises. I have worked with Laura for ten years at TXJ Company Ltd. as her supervisor. She diligently offered her services as a Secretary to keep the business in a buzz of production. I believe that her zeal will ensure positive growth in your Company.

As the Secretary, Laura was an exceptional support system. She always scheduled appointments with her time management abilities. She organized her duties and always communicated all vital information to the clients. Above all, Laura had the initiative and self-drive which was good for business. Her honesty and professionalism were admirable.

Unfortunately, Laura is forced to relocate to Los Angeles and be with her family. We are in a tight position losing one of our best employees. Nonetheless, I am confident that her services will be better-felt in your organization.

I strongly recommend Laura for the position as a Secretary. I am confident that she is proficient in her duties. Please reach me if you have any questions regarding Laura’s conduct and work.

Samantha King


July 3, 2018

 Mr. Troy Gold
G & S Restaurant.
335 X Street, CA
Los Angeles

 Dear Mr. Gold,

I wish to recommend Alex Mendes for the role of Pastry Chef at G & S Restaurant. I have supervised Alex at Subs and Sands restaurant where he was the Assistant Pastry Chef. I am sure that his talent and hard work will be of significant advantage to G & S Restaurant.

Alex is an extensively skilled chef who portrays his art in his baking. He manages the day to day activities in the pastry and bakery. He has adorned our kitchen with creative pastry ideas and designs. Alex is excellent with customers and not to mention an exemplary teacher.

It is with dire regret that we have to let go of our top-notch Pastry Chef. He needs to relocate due to lack of growth opportunities on our end.

I am glad to recommend Alex for the available Pastry Chef position. I am convinced that he will deliver as per your expectations and even better. Please contact me if you have any concerns about Alex.

Catherine Lionel

Example of recommendation letter by supervisor

Example of recommendation letter by supervisor


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