How to Request for Meeting Appointment (Examples)

Business Meeting Appointment

An appointment letter for a meeting is a formal document requesting the attendance of an individual or a group of individuals at a scheduled meeting. It is typically written by a manager or supervisor seeking to meet with a business partner, prospective business partner, client, or prospective client. Meetings are an essential aspect of daily activities as well as the … Read more

30 Best Reference Letter Examples [Writing Tips]

Free Reference Letter Examples

A Reference Letter is a detailed document written by an individual to advocate for an applicant’s positive skills, character, and attributes. The writer must be well known to the applicant to enable him/her to provide information about an individual’s abilities and achievements from his/her point of view. It can be used to recommend an applicant/candidate for a position /job. This … Read more

Reference Letters (25+ Sample Letters and Templates)

Free Sample Reference Letters

A referer provides an applicant’s prospective employer with information about the individual’s personal traits and characteristics, which may increase their chances of getting employed. In this article, we have provided professionally crafted reference letter samples, but first, let us understand what a reference letter really is: A Reference Letter is an official letter, required by employers, written to endorse another … Read more

Meeting Appointment Request Letters (25+ Samples)

Sample Appointment Request Letters

It is a formal letter/document written to an individual or a group of individuals requesting a meeting appointment. It is written in a formal tone and sent to each individual’s address. For the letter to be termed as standard, it should have the name, address, and signature of the person writing it. Moreover, it can also be written to potential … Read more

Sample Agent Appointment Letters (Free Templates)

Agent Appointment Letter

If your business or company needs an agent, the best way to appoint one is by using an agent appointment letter. You need a proper letter template to prepare this letter. This is an official way to form a partnership with the agent and ensure that they formally accept to work with your company. Ensure you appoint an agent who … Read more

Payment Reminder Emails For Overdue Invoices – Templates

Payment Reminder Email

Sellers may offer services or products to clients with the agreement that payment will be made at intervals on specific dates. Even though some clients might be careful to abide by these agreements, others might forget, which could result in an overdue payment. Such instances require the seller to take action to retrieve the payment, which includes writing a reminder … Read more

42 Free Company/Business Profile Templates (Word – PDF – AI)

Company Profile Templates Word

Company Profiles are documents that entail a detailed description of the entirety of a business by summarising the goals, missions, and objectives clearly to appeal to the audience. They vary in length depending on the list of the projects and the purpose of the document. Furthermore, company profiles are also used to inform businesses’ general public, websites, and social media … Read more

Free Certificate of Completion Templates (Word | PDF)

Certificate of Completion

A Certificate of Completion is given to someone who has accomplished a specific task. The purpose of giving this certificate is to acknowledge the efforts made by that person during the process of doing a particular task or assignment. The skills gained by that person are also mentioned to use this certificate as proof in his/her future career. This certificate … Read more

7 Amazing Family Newsletter Templates (Word – PDF)

family newsletter

A family newsletter is a platform used by a family to keep in touch with the family members, whether living near to each other or far apart. This is a wonderful way that a family uses to give the family news updates to all the members as well as any other family information in one place. It gives you a … Read more

10 Free Construction Invoice Templates (Excel | Word)

Construction Invoice

As a construction company, invoicing your clients is a critical aspect of your business operations. An invoice for the construction projects is a document that outlines the details of a project and the amount owed by the client. It serves as a formal request for payment and is essential for keeping track of project expenses and revenue. A well-crafted invoice … Read more

Free Contractor Invoice Templates | Word – Excel


As a contractor (freelance) offering services to different clients, being flexible and autonomous is usually highly beneficial. This is because you get to work directly with your clients and get paid without the need of an employer or broker (middleman). However, it would help to have a proper way of getting and accounting for your revenue and profits. That is … Read more

26 Free Food Menu Templates for Any Restaurant (Editable)

food menu

A restaurant menu at its core is a listing of the foods and beverages that are served in a typical restraint. However, the modern menu goes beyond merely listing the foods and their prices. It also illustrates the foods to help the patron to make a precise selection. For this reason, it has to be styled and formatted in the … Read more

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