20+ Best Reference Letter Examples and Writing Tips

Free Reference Letter Examples

A reference letter is a piece of writing, typically by a colleague or professor, magnifying your skills and successes. Many people call this a letter of recommendation, as it is honing in on your personal strengths and explaining what you have to offer. There are many different types of reference letters, each specific to what it is needed for.

Reference Letter Examples

Character Reference Example from Friend

Character Reference Letter Format

Professional Employee Reference Letter Formats

Sample Recommendation Letter From Previous Employer

Customer Credit Reference Letter

Academic Letter of Recommendation

Employment Reference or Recommendation Letters

Letter of Recommendation for Nursing

Nursing Student Recommendation Letter Sample

Nursing Assistant Recommendation Letter

Tenant Reference Letter Template

Teacher Reference Letter for Scholarship

Letter of recommendation for scholarship

Student Reference Letter for Scholarship

Substitute Teacher Recommendation & Reference Letter

Teaching Assistant Reference Letter

Teaching Reference Request Letter

Thing to Include in Your Reference Letter

There are so many different kinds of reference letters out there, but there are some key elements and essential features to always include in your letter. One is to stay positive, but remain honest. Incorporating personal stories with the person is always a plus when writing a reference letter. Also, make key points and explain how the person is best qualified early on in the letter. Most people will get bored and become more forgetful toward the end of the letter, so be sure to squeeze it in there while you still have their attention. State how you feel about being asked to write the reference letter for this person. Getting a little bit of feedback from the writer is definitely a plus when you’re trying to persuade the focus group to choose the person you’re providing reference for.

Our reference letter templates are new and improved, making it quick and easy for you to write any sort of style of reference letter. Whether it be a teaching reference or a character reference, we have the perfect template to make your job a breeze.

Do & Don’t (of a Reference Letter)

Many people have heard of Do’s and Don’ts of writing letters of recommendation. Do discuss how well you know the person, but do not reference characteristics that can very potentially be a platform for discrimination. Do not use overly used words, such as beautiful, rewarding, etc. State facts in your letter but do not go against supporting documents that have also been submitted with the applicant, such as resumes and cover letters. Be very specific when talking about the person, and be sure that you can prove whatever you are claiming in the letter. Honesty is key when writing a reference, and it can also be very good to mention minor faults or flaws. This creates the persona that “This person is not perfect, he or she definitely does have some things that they need to work on, but it’s definitely someone that we can work with.” Beefing up a reference letter may not always work out in your favor, it may actually have the complete opposite affect.

There are many different reference letter and letter of recommendation templates out there, but we can assure you that ours is the easiest to use, making whatever challenge ahead of you a piece of cake.

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