Sample Agent Appointment Letters (16 Examples & Templates)

If your business or company needs an agent, the best way of appointing one is by using an agent appointment letter. You need a proper letter template to prepare this agent appointment letter. This is an official way to form a partnership with the agent and ensure that they formally accept to work with your company.

Ensure you appoint an agent who will benefit your company. They should be responsible for dealing with clients to ensure your business is running smoothly. As the hiring manager, you should focus on the roles of the agent in the company, observe an official format, and include all the required details when writing this appointment letter.

An Agent Appointment Letter is a formal letter prepared and sent to an agent by a company or organization to offer a job position in the organization.

An agent appointment letter is also known as the employment letter or the job offer letter. These letters are used as contracts to confirm the partnership between your company and the chosen agent. An agent can start working at your company once they have accepted the terms you have stipulated in the appointment letter.

These letters include the details of the job, the salary to be expected, the position being offered, the start date for the work, and any other essential information. An appointment letter usually follows a particular outline and format to include all the information necessary as the employer. You need to list all the job position requirements before making an offer to the agent.

Agent Appointment Letter Templates

Sample letter Appointment as Process Agent

Free Sample Appointment Letter for Commission Agent

Commission Agent Appointment Letter Template

Real Estate Agent Appointment Letter Sample

Agent appointment letter free template 01

Agent appointment letter free template 02

Agent appointment letter free template 03

Polling Agent Appointment Letter Sample

Agent appointment letter free template 04

Agent appointment letter free template 05

Agent appointment letter free template 06

Agent appointment letter free template 07

    Who is an Agent?

    An agent is an employee you hire in your company or organization and task them with specific roles and responsibilities to improve workflow. You are meant to enter into an agreement with your appointed agent for an official working partnership.

    You can also describe an agent as an individual who is bestowed power by an organization or company to act on their behalf by handling specific tasks.  

    This is why you need to prepare an appointment letter and send it to the agent. An agent may include real estate agents, sales agents, travel agents, tax agents, and even booking agents. With an appointment letter, you have a valid contract that binds you as the employer to the agent.

    What is it used for?

    You need to prepare and send an appointment letter if you intend to work with an agent in your business. An agent appointment letter is meant to make the agent appointment process official. It is also meant to provide a detailed description of the job to help the agent understand what is expected. An appointment letter, it will help your appointed agent integrate into work efficiently and smoothly. Finally, an appointed letter guarantees that the agent is at your company to serve the interests of the business. This is because you can use the appointment letter as a binding contract.

    Types of Agent Appointment Letter

    Following are a few types of agent appointment letters:

    Sales agent appointment letter sample

    Sales Agent Appointment Letter

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Real estate agent appointment letter sample

    Real Estate Agent Appointment Letter

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Insurance agent appointment letter

    Insurance Agent Appointment Letter

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Lawyer appointment letter sample

    Lawyer Appointment Letter

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Tax agent appointment letter

    Tax Agent Appointment Letter

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

      Basic Contents of an Agent Appointment Letter

      When preparing an agent appointment letter, there is some basic information that you must include to make this letter a valid contract. When you use a template to prepare this agent appointment letter, all the information required will be present for you to fill out.

      Here are the primary contents you must include in an agent appointment letter:


      The first part of the agent appointment letter is the header. The letter’s header must contain the date when the letter was written. Also, the agent’s official name and their complete address.  

      For example:

      14th December 2021
      Wilson Richard
      345, Avenue Street


      You should include a greeting section for the recipient of the letter. You can address the agent using a title and their official last name.

      For example,

      Dear, Mr. Richard

      State the purpose of the letter

      The next part of the agent appointment letter provides details that explain the reasons you have for writing the letter. This should include mentioning that you wish to appoint them as an agent for your company or business.

      For example,

      This letter is meant to inform you that I wish to appoint you as a real estate agent in charge of my rental properties.

      Location of the job posting

      You need to mention the location of your company or business. The recipient of the letter should be aware of where they will be working if they choose to accept the job posting.

      For example,

      If you are interested in the job, please visit Building Together Company (indicate the name of your company or business) at Anywhere Avenue (indicate the full address of the company) on Monday next week.

      Congratulatory statement

      You should then thank them and congratulate them for securing that position as an agent. A congratulatory message is warm and welcoming, which may help to sway the recipient into accepting the offered job position.

      For example,

      In case you accept the real estate agent position at my company, congratulations, and we are delighted to meet and start working with you.

      Job designation 

      After the congratulatory statement, you should include the job designation by highlighting the kind of expertise they should have and the type of documents they need to provide.

      For example,

      For you to fit into this position and be effective in your work, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, have 3 to 5 years of experience, be an eloquent negotiate and be persistent in your work.

      Job role

      The appointment letter also needs to specify the job role of the agent. This may include contractual, permanent, or full-time. In addition, the letter should inform the agent of the status of their job position.

      For example,

      Since the company specializes in real estate, accepting the job position means that you will be working permanently.

      Roles and responsibilities

      It is also important to highlight all the roles and responsibilities that they will be required to handle by the agent in the appointment letter. This way, the agent is already aware of their expectations. It will also help their transition process as an employee easier.

      For example,

      As a real estate agent, you will be required to help our clients to sell or purchase our properties. Also, you will need to guide these clients through the rent and leasing process.

      Reporting heads

      Reporting heads refer to these people that the agent will be required to report to as they work at the company. The letter should highlight if they will be in charge or will have reporting heads that they need to work with.

      For example,

      You will be in charge of sorting our property matters to highlight which ones fit our client’ needs best depending on their information. You will report directly to the marketing department supervisor who is responsible for assigning clients to each agent.

      Annual compensation offered for the candidate

      The annual compensation is the total amount of the salary to be paid to the agent and any other combined benefits. The letter should mention if the candidate received any annual compensation and the exact amount they will be getting.

      For example,

      Apart from your salary, you are also entitled to receive a total of 6% of every sell you make as your annual compensation amount for the position of a real estate agent.

      Expected joining date

      You will also need to inform the agent when they must join the company. Again, the start date for work is essential, or the agent will not show up for work.

      For example,

      With all that in mind, accepting the job position means that you are expected at work from 5th January 2022.

      Work timings

      The agent appointment letter should also contain information about the working hours that the agent is expected to observe. This may include the number of days in the week and the number of hours in the day.

      For example,

      As a real estate agent in our company, you are expected to work from Tuesday to Saturday for 7 hours per day. That is a total of 35 hours per week.

      Work ethics

      It would help stipulate the agent’s work ethics to observe while working at your organization.

      Work ethics includes the values and moral character the recipient needs to uphold at the company.

      For example,

      Here at Building Together Company, you are expected to uphold teamwork, observe diligence, and always strive for excellence. Therefore, it is unethical to poach clients or promise them something we do not offer as a company.

      Leave policy

      The recipient should also be informed of the company’s policy regarding leave. For example, you can inform them of the number of days they will get for leave and the number of sick days they have annually.

      For example,

      Your real estate position guarantees you a leave period of 21 days on your annual leave. Apart from that, you also have sick days that total to 14 sick days.


      The agent should also be informed about the kind of benefits that come with their job position in the appointment letter. This may include retirement packages, medical coverage, travel loans, bonuses, and pension.

      For example,

      As a real estate at our company, you will be liable for medical cover, retirement package, and bonuses.

      Details of remuneration

      If the job position is a contractual one, you need to include the details of remuneration. The chosen agent should know the amount they are bound to receive after work or after offering their services.

      For example,

      Based on your job position, you will receive additional remuneration for working extra hours. Depending on the number of hours worked, 10% of your salary will be added to your payment as remuneration.

      Holiday list and leave details

      It would be best to inform the agent about the holidays when they are allowed to leave work. The agent you have appointed must be aware of the company’s legal and approved holiday list.

      For example,

      You are allowed leave for the following holidays: Labor Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, and New Year’s Day.

      Probation period details

      If the agent will be on probation once they join the company, you need to inform them in the letter. Ensure you provide them with all the probation period details, including how long they will be on probation, what they will be doing and what will help them qualify.

      For example,

      Once you arrive at the company, you will be on probation for three months. During this period, you will be expected to utilize the company resources to excel in all your duties, diligently perform your tasks to your supervisor’s approval and form good relation with your work colleagues for the benefit of the company.

      Annual salary hike

      You need to include the annual salary hike expected based on the agent roles and responsibilities. The letter should have the exact amount or percentage of the hike to avoid confusion or trouble.

      For example,

      On an annual basis, there will be a 15% salary hike based on your real estate agent position. This increment also depends on the kind of work and effort you will portrayhere at the company.


      The agent should also be aware of their expertise and working at the company will require them to travel or not. That way, they will be fully prepared as they join your company since they already know what to expect.

      For example,

      You will be expected to travel from one property to another based on the instructions of your supervisor or needs of your clients. Therefore, ensure you have proper documentation to make the travel process easier.

      Exit procedure

      There should also be a detailed explanation of the employee’s exit procedure in the appointment letter. With this information, the agent will know precisely what they need to do if they want to leave the company.

      For example,

      If you want to leave the company, you will have to provide the HR department with a written notice, one month before you leave. Also, you will have to return all the company’s property, including badges and work outfits.

      Sign off

      It would be best to thank the recipient at the end of the appointment letter before signing off with your name, designation, company’s name, and address. This is a formal and appropriate way of ending the letter and ensuring it is valid.

      For example,

      Thank you very much, and we hope to see you soon if you decide to join our team here at Building Together Company.

      Purity Goodness
      Hiring manager
      Building Together Company
      296, Anywhere Avenue

      It is best to use a template to ensure you have all the basic contents required in an agent appointment letter. With a template, you can easily customize the template to suit your requirements and be assured of a valid contract.

      Final Remarks

      An agent appointment letter, also known as an employment letter or a job offer letter, is a document prepared by a company or organization to appoint a needed agent. As an employer, you may appoint a sales agent, booking agent, or even a real estate agent to help out in your company. The best and most official way to do this is by sending them an agent appointment letter.

      With this letter, you will have a contract that binds you and your employee. This way, you are guaranteed that the agent is working for your company’s benefit in exchange for a salary. Whether using a template or starting from scratch, remember that some essential contents must be included in the agent appointment letter.

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