Permission Letter to Visit Prisoner (Sample Letters)

It is a letter one writes to seek permission to meet a prisoner. Individuals who may write this letter may include an attorney representing the prisoner, family members, journalist, or any other interested party. In most prisons, you must write a letter to the warden if you want to visit a prison. A prisoner is only allowed to meet a certain number of visitors in a specified period. In this regard, you need to inform the prison warden you want to visit the prisoner so that you can be added to their list of visitors. When writing your letter, you should be aware that your request may be approved or denied.

Samples in Word Format

Access our sample permission letters to visit a prisoner, simplifying the process of requesting authorization for prison visitation. They are available in MS Word format below.

Sample Permission Letter for Visit Prison (Word Format)

Permission Letter Example to Visit Prison (Word Format)

    Sample Permission Letters to Visit Prison

    Sample 1:

    Dear Sir,

    I write this letter to ask for permission to be allowed to visit Mr. Gabriel Anderson, who is a prisoner in your facility. Mr. Anderson is my cousin and also a longtime friend. I want to visit him on behalf of his sick wife. Please find the notarized consent of Mrs. Anderson.

    I will be grateful to be permitted to see Mr. Anderson soon. If you need any more information about me, please reach me via 444-370-8080 or email I’m looking forward to a favorable response.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Jefferson White
    Port Marline, CA, 570

    Sample 2:

    Mark Zugerburger,
    Stuart Law Firm
    01 S Grand Ave Floor 11,
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
    February 10, 2020
    Chief Warden
    Men’s Central Jail
    441 Bauchet St,
    Los Angeles CA, 90012

    Dear Sir,

    Following the imprisonment of my client Mr. Andrew Stevenson, I would like to visit him as I prepare to appeal his sentence. I want to gather some crucial details to back my case. In this regard, I request to see my client soon.

    Please let me know if you need further information about this matter. I’m expecting to hear from you soon.


    I am thanking you for your consideration.

    Mike Zugerburger
    Stuart Law Firm
    01 S Grand Ave Floor 11,
    Los Angeles, CA 90017

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