Permission Letter to Use Library (Sample Letters & Examples)

It is a permission letter that is used by students or any individual who wants to use the library either to gain knowledge or for research. In the letter, you must highlight the main reasons for visiting the library. It’s also essential to indicate any materials, books, or passwords you may need to access the information you’re looking for.

Sample Permission Letter to Use Library

January 17, 20XX
Elvis Johnson
University of Washington DC
300 Eagles Ave
Washington DC, 81890

Chief Librarian
DC Public library
130 Place Streets
Washington DC, 81730

Dear Sir,

Please accept this letter as a request to use your library for my Ph.D. research project. I am researching public literacy and would like to use your facility to gather information from the users and librarians and different aspects of public literacy. I expect to collect data for four consecutive months starting in February 20XX.

In this regard, I request permission to interview your employees and library users. One interview is slated for about 10 minutes. I purpose to interview 1000 individuals in the indicated period. I will appreciate if I can get a desk, a suitable location, and any other materials or assistance that will make my work fast and efficient.

Thank you as you consider my request.

Elvis Johnson

Permission to Use Library (Example)

The Principal,
Mixers Academy School
340 brave Street
Chicago IL, 91745

Subject: permissions to use the library

Dear Sir,

My name is John Parker, a former student in your school class in 2019. I will be sitting for my board examinations in the next three months, and I’m studying hard for the exams. In the same respect, I humbly request to use the school library as I prepare for the exams since I am unable to concentrate fully at home. Additionally, I want to access several textbooks in the library.

I want to use the library for only three months, excluding the weekends from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. Please let me know your thoughts on this matter soonest. You may reach me via (555)201-5040.

Thank you for your consideration and support.


Yours Obediently,
Abel Thunder
Your former student

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Permission Letter to Use Library

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