Permission Letter to Drive Vehicle (Sample Letters)

A permission letter is written to the higher authorities to seek consent as a requester to do something. Whether it is to attend an event, go on vacation, or miss work, you will need to write a letter to request permission before proceeding. In such a case, you need to meet all the requirements and write an effective permission letter to the appropriate authorities.

A permission letter must be written in a polite tone. It can be achieved by using words like “may I,” “could I,” or “shall I” in the text. 

Permission Letter to Drive a Vehicle

A letter, written when seeking consent to drive a car after completing your training and getting your driver’s license, is a formal communication. You can also write this letter when you want to drive someone else’s car. You will be required to write a permission letter to request that the owner give you consent to drive their car.

Once you have written this letter of permission and obtained the owner’s approval, you will be able to demonstrate that they have permitted you to drive the car. Make certain that you address the permission letter to the appropriate authorities so that you can obtain permission to drive.

Contents of the Permission Letter

When writing a permission letter, there are essential details that you need to include in it. You will then have a persuasive, elaborate, and efficient letter requesting permission to drive a vehicle. 

You need to include the correct information in your letter whether you are requesting to drive someone’s car or have just received your driver’s license and wish to start driving, 

Below are the details you will need to include in your permission letter to drive a vehicle:

Recipient’s information

When writing the letter, ensure you start with the recipient’s address. You will need to include the receiver’s information, including their name, designation, organization’s name, and complete address.

Reason for writing the letter

The next step is to write the subject of the letter, which should include the reason for writing the permission letter. The aim is to inform the recipient of your request for permission to drive a car. Always be brief and focus on the main point.

Mention that you have the license

It is advisable to have someone vouch for your driving abilities to increase your chances of obtaining the permission you seek. You can, for example, mention that you have a driver’s license and that you have had proper driving lessons and training. This will convince the recipient to either give you their vehicle to drive or permit you to start driving.

Vehicle owner information

In the case where you want the recipient to permit you to drive their vehicle, the following additional information should be included in the permission letter: the owner’s name, contact information, and a complete address for the vehicle owner’s information.

Vehicle identification information

These are details that can be used to recognize or identify the vehicle. These details include the vehicle’s make, model, year, license plate number, state of registration, vehicle identification number (VIN), insurance company, and insurance policy number.

Vehicle borrower (your) information

These are your details as the borrower of the vehicle or requester of permission. Your details include your name, contact information, and complete address. This information must be included for confirming the identity of the borrower when driving the borrowed vehicle.

Date and place of use

The date and the place of use should also be mentioned in the permission letter. The date is meant to specify the period when the authorization is valid. The place of use is also meant to allow the requester to use the vehicle without any legal problems.


Since it is a formal letter, it is important to have a proper closing at the end of the letter. You will need to use phrases like “Regards” or “Sincerely,” followed by your name and signature. This is a proper and formal closing for a professional letter. 

Permission Letter to Drive a Vehicle Template

Here is a template you can use to write a permission letter to drive a vehicle for a requester who has just completed their driving lessons and has a driving license.


[Name of Recipient]
[Designation of Recipient]
[Name of Organization]


Dear Madam/Sir,

I, (name of the requester), from (mention your residency), am writing this letter to (mention the name of the organization, agency, or individual) to request that you permit me to drive your car. I have just (mention your diving lessons and your driver’s license) and I believe that (vouch for your ability to drive).

I live (mention your reasons for requesting permission to drive a car). With all that distance to cover from home to work, I believe that being able to drive myself will be convenient and cost-effective.

This letter is to (convince them politely to grant your permission). With the driving lessons and proper training I underwent, I believe that I am now able to drive on my own. This is my humble request for permission from (name the organization/agency/individual). I kindly hope that you will accept my request and grant me consent to drive your car.

Please contact me at my phone number or email address if you need more information or have any questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Vehicle owner

[Contact Information]

Person Authorized (Borrower)

[Contact Information]

Vehicle Identifying Information

[Make, model, and year]
[License plate number]
[State of registration]
[Vehicle identification number]
[Insurance company]
[Insurance policy number]


(Your name)
(Your signature)

Sample Permission Letter to Drive a Vehicle

The following is a sample you can use when you want to write a letter requesting to drive someone’s car.


Richard Simmons
International Home Agency
55 Roadsters, Bangalore


Dear Mr. Simmons,

I, Abel Samuel, am writing this letter to you to request your permission to drive your car. I have taken the proper driving lessons, and I have a driving license that is proof of my ability to drive. I am requesting that you give me consent to use your car, and I promise to return it to you in proper condition.

I am planning to visit my family and friends in another state, and I have established that having a personal means of transport is the fastest, best, and easiest way to make that journey. Due to this reason, I believe that my journey will be more convenient once you permit me to use your car.

For more information or with any questions, please reach me at my email address: Thank you for your time and consideration.

Vehicle owner

Richard Simmons
55 Roadsters, Bangalore

Person Authorized (Borrower)

Abel Samuel
68, Nauru Upstate

Vehicle Identifying Information

[Ford, Fusion, 2018]
[Liberty Mutual Insurance]


Abel Samuel

Quick Tips

The following advice will help you write a letter that is both effective and persuasive as you request permission. With these tips, you will be able to increase your chances of getting the permission you seek to drive a vehicle.

Below are some of the tips you will need when writing a permission letter to drive a vehicle:

  1. Focus on the main subject: As you write the permission letter, always ensure that you focus on the letter’s subject. The main point should be to ask for permission to drive a vehicle as you explain why you are making the request.
  2. Write politely: Since you are writing to someone in a position of authority, ensure that you write in a polite tone. Also, this is a professional and official letter, which means that you must remain polite and respectful throughout the letter.
  3. Proofread and edit: Once you have completed the letter, you should proofread and edit it. Correct any spelling and grammar mistakes to make the letter more appealing and professional.

Key Takeways

  • A permission letter to drive a vehicle is written when you need to get permission to drive someone else’s car.
  • Such a letter can also be written by a requester who has completed their driving lessons, has a driving license, and wants to start driving a vehicle.
  •  As a requester, you must demonstrate that you have permission and the proof needed to show that you can drive a vehicle. As a result, you must mention that you have a valid driver’s license and write an effective letter while adhering to the aforementioned guidelines.
  • Ensure that your permission letter has all the required details, depending on whether you wish to drive someone’s car or have a license and wish to start driving.

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