Permission Letter to Drive Vehicle (Sample Letters & Examples)

Permission letters are an important part of our modern society. In a legal sense, permission letters can allow one person to authorize another person to perform duties or operate machinery on their behalf. These letters make it possible for one person to allow another to borrow and use his/her car. Using a letter of permission is a simple and legal way to provide that person some protection legally for any incident or suspicion for the operation of that vehicle. Below are some examples of permission letters.

Sample Permission Letter to Drive Vehicle

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Johnathan Stone. I have a 2015 Toyota Corolla and will not be able to operate it for a few days. My associate, Ken Patrick, will be operating my vehicle in my stay. He has a valid driver’s license and no recent traffic citations. He has my full endorsement and permission to drive my car and I accept responsibility for his actions operating my vehicle. If any other concerns need to be addressed, call me at (386) 558-9982. Thank you.



Jonathan Stone.

Sample 2



I, Abagail Robbins, wrote this Letter of Permission to allow my trusted associate to operate my vehicle in my absence. The vehicle I own is a 2011 Mazda Rav 4, red. My associate, Robert Ronald, has a valid driver’s license and will adhere to all traffic laws. If he is pulled over, he will render this letter to the law enforcement officer. My vehicle’s license plate is 45OLK9. Its Vehicle Identification Number is V9992033953. For further inquiries, my legal residence is 23 Willow Creek Rd in Allentown, PA. If there are remaining concerns or questions, I can be reached on my mobile phone, (386) 226-0912. This letter is my endorsement of the abilities of my associate to drive responsibly. Thank you.


(386) 226-0912

Samples in Word Format

Permission Letter to Drive Vehicle

Permission Letter to Drive Vehicle Sample

    These two letters would allow another individual to operate your vehicle. They would work best printed and signed by both parties to be a legal contract. Letters are simple to write and effective to grant permission in today’s society.

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