Business (Service) Recommendation Letter Samples

Recommendation of a business or service refers to the letters written to an associate or partner in an attempt to recommend a given service provider to work with the firm in question in accomplishing a given purpose.

The letter is more of a request letter, so it should be written in a polite tone. At times, the request may be declined since several other service providers have been recommended for the same purpose. Therefore, when writing one, you need to be persuasive enough so that your request can be granted. You know both the needs of your firm and the service provider. This means that you can be creative enough to link the two requirements.

It can be given to another company by proposing a given client whose services are extraordinary. An employee can also write it to his or her boss in recommending a given service provider with whom he or she is sharing experience at a personal level.

Recommending a Service or Business (Letter Samples)

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    How Do You Write a Recommendation for a Business Letter?

    When writing a recommendation for a business or service, there are some things you should be keen on. Failure to consider them may lead to the rejection of the request or failure in service delivery once the service provider you suggest is contracted. Here are the things you should do:

    • Express your knowledge about the person you are suggesting regarding their experience in offering the said service. How long has the person providing the service been there?
    • Talk about the level at which you know the person. For instance, talk about you working directly with the person as a colleague, an employer, an employee, or anything else that can show that you have experience with the services.
    • In the body section, you should provide a good number of achievements of the person in providing the needed services.
    • Ensure that the information is accurate because if you give incorrect information, it could lead to poor service provision, which will affect the company in question.
    • You should format the letter in paragraph form, as this provides room for emphasis on each idea you give in the letter.
    • Do not write an extremely long letter since it may discourage the recipient from reading it to the end. Including too many achievements may also make the letter appear to be full of unnecessary persuasion rather than facts.
    • Assure the recipient that the service provider you are suggesting can never disappoint in providing the services

    Business/Service Recommendation Letter Template

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    City, State Zip Code

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to recommend the services of ABC, of XXX firm, as an event planner. I have been working with him for the last five years, and he has never disappointed me. He is detailed and is keen to meet all expectations. His responsiveness to urgent matters makes him one of the best event planners that you should consider having.

    Despite the tendency of event planners to change the agreement during the actual time, ABC sticks to what you agreed to from the beginning to the end.

    I am confident in his services. He never disappoints. He is even open to bringing his creative ideas to add to what you planned for, but only if you allow him.

    You can contact ABC by [email address].  If you need more information about him and his services, ‌consult me.



    Example of Business Recommendation Letter

    Dear Mr….

    I feel privileged to recommend the services of ABC as a public relations officer in your firm. He has been working in my restaurant as a front office customer care officer for the past ten years. During the time he has worked for me, my firm has been able to attract and maintain clients. His open nature makes her one of the best public relations officers.

    I am confident that he will never disappoint you. If anything, I am sure that he will add value to your firm.
    She is not only smart at maintaining customer relations but also open to new ideas and more roles. He is very flexible to work with.

    Feel free to contact me for more information about him if there is a need through my email ( ). You can also contact him directly through his email, ( ).

    Thank you,

    What to Include in a Business Recommendation Letter?

    • The personal details and contacts of the recommended person.
    • The job title of the person and the company he is currently working for.
    • The experience you had working with the person.
    • Indicate the period in which you worked with the person and the exact things he did concerning the duty you are endorsing him for.
    • Give your judgment on the level of service delivery you enjoyed in working with the person.
    • Quote and emphasize the unique skills of the person, which makes you feel that he is the best to be hired at that given point.

    Sample Letter

    Discover how to successfully endorse businesses or services through the sample recommendation letter provided below. 


    Dear Ms. Anderson,

    I am writing to recommend the services of Pinegrove IT Solutions, a company that has consistently delivered outstanding IT support and services to our organization, XYZ Corp, over the past three years.

    As the Chief Technology Officer at XYZ Corp, I have had the privilege of working directly with Pinegrove IT Solutions since we partnered with them in January 20XX. Their team, led by their CEO, Jane Doe, has provided us with exceptional IT support, especially in the areas of cybersecurity and cloud computing. 

    Pinegrove’s expertise was particularly evident during our migration to a cloud-based infrastructure. Their team skillfully managed the transition, ensuring minimal downtime and a seamless shift for our employees. Their proactive approach to cybersecurity has also significantly strengthened our digital defenses, providing us with the latest in threat detection and prevention.

    What truly sets Pinegrove IT Solutions apart is its commitment to customer service. Their team is not only technically proficient but also exceptionally responsive and dedicated to addressing our needs promptly. The personalized attention and customized solutions they offer have been pivotal in optimizing our IT operations.

    Based on my experience with Pinegrove IT Solutions, I am confident in their abilities and professionalism. Their team’s expertise and dedication to service excellence make them a valuable asset to any organization in need of top-tier IT services.

    Please feel free to contact me at for any further details or discussions regarding our experiences with Pinegrove IT Solutions. I am more than happy to elaborate on why they would be an excellent choice for your IT needs.


    John Smith

    Key Takeaways

    This letter serves as an effective template for a business or service recommendation for several reasons:

    1. The letter provides specific examples of how the service (Pinegrove IT Solutions) benefitted the writer’s company (XYZ Corp). Mentioning the migration to a cloud-based infrastructure and improvements in cybersecurity illustrates the service’s capabilities with tangible results.
    2. The letter highlights what sets Pinegrove IT Solutions apart, such as their commitment to customer service and their proactive approach to cybersecurity. This helps the reader understand the unique value proposition of the service.
    3. The writer, as the CTO of XYZ Corp, offers a personal endorsement based on direct experience with the service. This adds credibility and authenticity to the recommendation.
    4. Mentioning the three-year duration of the business relationship helps establish a long-term trust and satisfaction with the services provided.
    5. The offer to provide more information upon request shows a willingness to back up the recommendation with additional details, reinforcing the writer’s confidence in the service.
    6. The letter is written in a clear, concise, and formal tone, making it easy to read while conveying respect and professionalism.

    This combination of elements makes the letter a strong example for anyone looking to write a similar business or service recommendation.

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