20 Business Recommendation Letter Samples (How to Format)

A business recommendation letter is formal, usually a business-to-business letter that is used to refer a business entity to a potential client or as a referral for a person intending to get into a given business industry.

Some of its main uses include serving as an endorsement of a given entity to a potential client for a quality of work done in the past or even acting as a verification for a claim of efficiency in a particular line of service provision by an applicant for a given job engagement.

Samples and Examples

A business recommendation letter is a carefully crafted document that showcases the professional abilities and qualities of an individual or an organization, serving as a testament to their credibility and potential. Crafting one from scratch can be an overwhelming endeavor. This is where the marvel of pre-built templates comes to the rescue. You can use these free downloadable templates as they provide a structured framework, offering a multitude of benefits for you if you are seeking to articulate your recommendations effectively.

It is a written letter given by one business on behalf of another, which can either be an organization or an individual. It helps verify the good qualities of goods and services or the dealings offered by the individual or organization to a potential client who plans to hire them.

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    Contents of a Business Recommendation Letter

    To write an effective business recommendation letter, you have to include the following elements:

    Being a formal letter in nature, it should be written in a professional tone and should include the following contents:

    • The date of writing.
    • The information of a person or business entity that is being recommended.
    • The purpose and scope of the letter.
    • The contractual agreement services were previously provided by the entity or person who is receiving a recommendation. 
    • The contact information of the intended recipient.

    Template for Business Recommendation Letter

    [Your Name]

    [Your Job Title]

    [Your Company Name]

    [Company Address]

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    [Email Address]

    [Phone Number]


    [Recipient’s Name]

    [Recipient’s Job Title]

    [Recipient’s Company Name]

    [Company Address]

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    Subject: Business Recommendation for [Company Being Recommended]

    Dear [Recipient’s Name],

    I hope this letter finds you well. I am [Your Name], the [Your Job Title] at [Your Company Name]. It is with great pleasure that I write to recommend [Company Being Recommended] for [specific services/products they offer or specific partnership opportunity]. Having worked closely with them for [duration of business relationship], I have firsthand experience of their dedication, professionalism, and the excellence they bring to their work.

    [Company Being Recommended] has been [describe the nature of your business relationship, e.g., a supplier, a service provider, etc.] to us since [time period], during which they have consistently demonstrated [key qualities or strengths, such as reliability, quality of service/product, innovation, customer service excellence, etc.]. Their commitment to [specific aspect, like quality, timeliness, or innovation] has notably contributed to [specific outcomes or benefits for your business, such as improved efficiency, cost savings, increased customer satisfaction, etc.].

    One of the most commendable projects/instances where [Company Being Recommended] exceeded our expectations involved [describe a specific project or instance], showcasing their [mention specific skills or qualities displayed, like problem-solving ability, industry knowledge, dedication, etc.]. This example stands testament to their [highlight how this reflects on their reliability, skill, or business ethics].

    In addition to their outstanding professional capabilities, [Company Being Recommended]’s team is a joy to work with. Their [mention aspects like responsiveness, communication skills, adaptability, etc.] has made every collaboration between our companies smooth and productive.

    I am confident that [Company Being Recommended] will bring the same level of excellence, reliability, and professionalism to your project or business needs as they have to ours. They are not just a vendor/service provider but a valuable partner who contributes to the success of those they work with.

    Should you require any further information or wish to discuss this recommendation in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at [Your Phone Number] or via email at [Your Email Address].

    Thank you for considering this recommendation. I am certain that [Company Being Recommended] will prove to be an invaluable asset to your operation, just as they have been to ours.


    [Your Signature (if sending a hard copy)]

    [Your Printed Name]

    [Your Job Title]

    [Your Company Name]

    Sample Business Recommendation Letters

    Sample 01

    Subject: Strong Recommendation for BrightSun Solar Solutions

    Dear Mr. Gomez,

    I hope this letter finds you well. I am Johnathan Pierce, the CEO of GreenTech Innovations Inc., and I am writing to you today to wholeheartedly recommend BrightSun Solar Solutions for your upcoming solar panel installation project.

    Over the past three years, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with BrightSun Solar Solutions on multiple projects across our facilities. Our decision to partner with them stemmed from their reputation as a leader in the solar energy sector, and they have exceeded our expectations at every turn.

    BrightSun Solar Solutions has been instrumental in helping us transition to renewable energy sources, significantly reducing our carbon footprint and energy costs. Their team provided end-to-end services for our installations, from initial consultation and design to installation and post-installation support. Their expertise and attention to detail ensured that each project was executed flawlessly, even under tight deadlines.

    One notable project that stands out was the installation of a 100kW solar panel system at our main facility in Sunnydale. BrightSun Solar Solutions managed the project with exceptional professionalism, completing it ahead of schedule and within budget. Their team’s problem-solving skills and technical knowledge were evident, as they navigated challenges with minimal disruption to our operations. The system has been operational for over a year now, generating substantial energy savings and contributing to our sustainability goals.

    The quality of workmanship and service provided by BrightSun Solar Solutions is unparalleled. Their commitment to using high-quality materials and the latest technology has ensured the longevity and efficiency of our solar installations. Furthermore, their customer service is outstanding, with a responsive and knowledgeable team always available to assist with any queries or maintenance needs.

    In addition to their technical expertise, what truly sets BrightSun Solar Solutions apart is their dedication to promoting sustainable energy solutions. Their passion for environmental stewardship aligns perfectly with our values at GreenTech Innovations Inc., making them not just a vendor but a valuable partner in our sustainability journey.

    Based on our positive experiences and the tangible benefits we have seen from working with BrightSun Solar Solutions, I am confident they will provide EcoFriendly Enterprises with the same high level of service and expertise. They are undoubtedly a valuable asset to any company looking to embrace solar energy.

    Please feel free to contact me at (555) 234-5678 or via email at johnathan.pierce@greentechinnovations.com if you wish to discuss this recommendation further. I am more than happy to provide additional details about our experiences with BrightSun Solar Solutions.

    Thank you for considering this recommendation. I am confident that BrightSun Solar Solutions will exceed your expectations and help EcoFriendly Enterprises achieve its renewable energy goals.


    Johnathan Pierce


    GreenTech Innovations Inc.

    Sample 02

    Dear Mr Anderson,

    In the world of information technology, where the only things that remain constant are complexity and rapid change, finding a partner who can navigate the landscape with skill and dependability is like finding a lighthouse in a stormy sea. It is in this context that I find myself compelled to pen this letter, not out of obligation but inspired by the outstanding service and partnership we’ve experienced with CyberSolutions Tech Support.

    Over the last eighteen months, our paths converged with CyberSolutions during a critical system upgrade—a period fraught with potential pitfalls. Yet, from the onset, their team stood apart, blending technical prowess with a customer-centric approach that turned daunting challenges into manageable tasks.

    Why CyberSolutions? Here’s the distilled essence of our journey with them:

    • Proactive Problem-Solving: Before issues could disrupt our operations, CyberSolutions’ vigilant monitoring and swift action kept our systems running smoothly. Their preemptive strategies and solutions didn’t just fix problems; they prevented them.
    • Tailored IT Support: In a cookie-cutter world, CyberSolutions provided bespoke solutions that fit our unique needs like a glove. Their understanding of our business enabled them to tailor their services, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Round-the-Clock Reliability: The digital world never sleeps, and neither, it seems, does CyberSolutions. Their 24/7 support meant that help was always a call away, ensuring peace of mind and minimal downtime.
    • Educational Empowerment: Beyond fixing issues, they equipped our team with knowledge and tools to better understand our IT environment, fostering a culture of self-sufficiency and ongoing improvement.

    Our collaboration with CyberSolutions has not just been about navigating the complexities of IT; it has been a journey of growth, learning, and uninterrupted productivity. They have been more than a service provider; they have been a steadfast partner in our pursuit of excellence and innovation.

    Should your paths align, I am confident that CyberSolutions will illuminate your IT landscape, guiding you with expertise, reliability, and a partnership-oriented approach. 

    For further details about our experience or to address any queries, feel free to reach out to me directly. The journey with CyberSolutions has been one of unequivocal benefit, and it is with enthusiasm that I recommend their services to you.

    Warmest regards,

    Lucas Grant

    Chief Information Officer

    NextGen Technologies


    (555) 890-1234

    Key Tips to Follow

    • When using email as opposed to mail, the letter subject should read ‘Referral Letter’.
    • Always remember to keep a professional tone.
    • Begin and end with the appropriate formal salutations.
    • Short paragraphs and sentences that are straight to the point.
    • You can use a template to help you structure your letter.
    • Make sure to provide specific details concerning your relationship with the company. Such details may include the services you were offered, the goods you purchased, how long you’ve worked with them, and when you worked with them. Also, make sure to provide a clear statement about your reason for writing the letter.
    • Close the letter with a summary of the company’s strengths and a clear, brief, and straight-to-the-point recommendation. This wraps up the letter in the best way possible, as it fulfills the objective of the document.
    • Make sure to proofread it before printing it out or sending it to the recipient. A letter containing spelling and grammatical errors won’t be as credible as one that has been perfectly drafted, checked, and well-polished.

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