18+ Business Recommendation Letter Samples (How to Format)

Business Recommendation

A business recommendation letter is formal in nature, usually a business to a business letter that is used to refer a business entity to a potential client or as a recommendation of a person intending to get into a given business industry.

Some of the letter’s main uses include: serving as an endorsement of a given entity to a potential client for a quality of work done in the past or even act as a verification for a claim of efficiency in a particular line of service provision by an applicant for a given job engagement.

When to Use a Business Recommendation Letter

A business recommendation letter is a written letter given by one business on behalf of another, which can either be an organization or an individual. It helps verify the good qualities of goods and services or the dealings offered by the individual or the organization to a potential client who plans to hire them.

Today, there are numerous businesses available that it can be challenging to complete without business recommendations of reference letters. If you are a business owner, you know that several generic partners or employers would like to learn more about your reputation and business.

The best way for them to learn about your business is through written recommendations and written references. Therefore, it is vital to have a company recommendation letter before knocking on the doors of businesses or clients you want to offer your services to.

Contents of a Business recommendation Letter

To write an effective business recommendation letter, you have to include the following elements:

Being a formal letter in nature, it should be written in a professional tone and should include the following contents:

  • The date of writing of the letter.
  • The information of a person or business entity that is being recommended in the recommendation letter.
  • The purpose and scope of the recommendation letter.
  • The contractual agreement services, previously provided by the given entity or person being given recommendation in the recommendation letter.
  • The contact information of the intended recipient of the letter.

Sample Business recommendation Letters

Business recommendation letter for an IT service

Morningside/Lenox Park, North Rock Springs Road, North East Apartment 19, Atlanta, GA 30324


September 21, 20XX,


Felix Spencer,

Buckhead Neighborhood,

3060 Peachtree Road NW, 

Atlanta, GA 30305-2234


Dear Mr. Spencer,


I am writing you this letter to vouch for Absolute IT Solutions capability of installing and maintaining security apparatus in your premises.


Not so long ago, I called on them to install anti-burglary, CCTV systems, alarms, and security lights to my home. Not only did they do so with the utmost professionalism, but also acted within the initially agreed-upon timelines. Need I add that their services were the most affordable out of the ones that bade?


While sourcing for an IT company to handle the task, I sought reviews of past clients. Out of the ten reviews I received, an overwhelming eight spoke in favor of this firm! By placing your bet on this firm, you stand to join a long list of happy clients.


Kindly consider them for your IT installation tasks!




Jeremy Anderson

Business recommendation letter for a Company

Name of person sending the letter ………..

The Name of the Company ……………

The Address……………………………..

The zip code…………………………

The date of letter writing…….

Ref/………………… (give a recommendation as to why the letter is being addressed to the given recipient)

I am writing this letter to you as a recommendation for the services provided by (the name of the company being recommended). For the past few years, I have worked hand in hand with (name of the company being recommended) to assist us with numerous services including (list of services being recommended). At no one time have they failed me, and they have always been on time, making them a reliable partner to us.

My first engagement with (name of company being recommended) was on a project of marketing (or one of the services provided by the company being recommended). The company brought along good expertise that involved targeting the right clientele through use of print media like brochures and electronic media like cold emails for pitching. The feedback and results were phenomenon compared to our previous marketing strategies. It is through the use of their marketing services that i have been able to transform our business model and double our sales and profits.

I would like you to consider (name of the company being recommended) for your marketing (or any other service offered by the company being recommended) needs. I have had a good experience with them over the past few years for the services they have rendered to us. I therefore strongly recommend their services. Let me know if you need any previous working record regarding (name of the company being recommended).

Yours Sincerely,

Name of the sender of the letter……………….

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    Key Tips to Follow

    • When using an email as opposed to posting mail, the letter topic should read ‘Referral Letter’.
    • Always remember to keep a professional tone since the letter is formal.
    • Begin and end with the appropriate formal salutations.
    • Short paragraphs and sentences that are straight to the point.
    • You can use a standard business recommendation letter template to help you structure your letter.
    • Make sure to provide specific details concerning your relationship with the company. Such details may include the services you were offered, the goods you purchased, how long you’ve worked with them, and when you worked with them. Also, make sure to provide a clear statement about your reason for writing the letter.
    • Close the letter with a summary of the company’s strengths and a clear, brief, and straight to the point recommendation. This wraps up the letter in the best way possible as it fulfills the objective of the document.
    • Make sure to proofread the letter before printing it out or sending it to the recipient. A letter containing spelling and grammatical errors won’t be as credible as one that has been perfectly drafted, checked, and well-polished.

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