Sample Permission (Consent) Letters to Use School Premises

You need authorization from the school management or relevant authorities to access and use a school location. Therefore, you must write a permission letter to gain the required consent to use the premises. Note that it will only give you temporary authorization to use the school property. 

It is a letter you send to the school authority to seek permission to use the school premises. Once the school administration accepts it, you will have the authority to use the school property but only in the manner agreed upon and stated in the letter. Therefore, any activities that breach the agreement’s regulations will be considered illegal. 

As a result, the rules and regulations to be followed must be accurately written for the benefit of the recipient and you. In this article, you will learn more about this type of document, how to write it, and the tips to consider when writing it.


It should highlight the conditions and rules to be followed when using the school premises. Also, you can add or remove certain conditions from the letter if needed. However, this depends on the initial agreement between you and the recipient. You cannot alter the content without consulting and informing the recipient. As a result, this makes the letter of permission a legally binding agreement between the involved parties. 

Why You Should Write a Permission Letter to Use School Premises

The essence of it is to help you inform the school management of your intentions to use the school premises. Therefore, include the activities you will conduct on the premises and the exact time and date. Additionally, keep it short, precise, and concise. It is necessary to include any relevant documents that will increase your chances of getting the needed authorization. 

How to Write a Permission Letter to Use School Premises

You must include specific details in your document to ensure a proper letter. Here is a guide on how to write it effectively that you can use to get permission to use school property:

Write a clear subject line

Start by writing a clear and short subject line in bold font. This will immediately inform the recipient about the content of the letter. You must ensure the subject line clearly conveys what it is about.


RE: Permission to Use the School Premises
Subject: Request to Use the School Property

Address the letter respectfully      

The next step is to address it respectfully. This is where you should include an official salutation. You can use “To Whom It May Concern” if you are not sure about the recipient or use “Dear [Name of the recipient]” if you are sending it to a specific person. For the second style of salutation, ensure you use their full name.

State your purpose for using the premises

For the body, you should clearly state why you want to use the school premises. In an introductory line, ensure that the recipient knows you are seeking permission to use the school property. That means, at this point of the document, you will highlight the purpose of using the premises. Establishing who you are in this section of the letter is also essential.

Provide detailed information on the use of the premises

Proceed to give the recipient more details about why you want to use the school premises. You can explain why you chose that location and highlight the activities you will perform there. Also, you can include the estimated number of people or members that will attend. If it is an event, you should mention the name of the event and its purpose. 

You will quickly convince the recipient to permit you to use the school property if you provide detailed information in this section.

Specify the period 

The next step is to include the specific period that you will need the school premises. Ensure that you include the exact dates and time frame so the recipient can easily confirm whether you can use the premises.

Give assurance that the premises will not be damaged 

Next, you must assure the recipient that you will not damage the premises. You can even promise to repair damages you may cause and guarantee that you will leave the property in good condition. 

Provide your contact information 

Proceed to provide your contact information for the recipient to reach you easily in case they have questions, concerns, or information about your request. Your contact details may include your full name, phone number, and official address.

Thank them in advance

Finally, thank them for taking the time to consider your request. Also, appreciate the school premises in advance and remind them of your promise to maintain their good condition. 


It is advisable to notarize your letter. You can have witnesses present when signing it or a lawyer present when preparing it. This makes your document more credible and increases the chances of getting permission to use the school premises.

Sample Permission Letters to Use the School Premises 

sample 1

Dear Principal Smith,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to seek permission to use the auditorium of Lincoln High School for our upcoming community theater production. Our group, the Greenfield Community Theater, is planning to stage a play titled “Summer Nights” on the weekend of July 15th and 16th.

We have always admired the facilities at Lincoln High School, and the auditorium is perfectly suited for our needs. We assure you that we will be responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of the premises during our use.

We are also willing to make a donation to the school’s arts fund as a token of our gratitude. Please let us know if there are any formalities or requirements we need to fulfill to proceed with this arrangement.

Thank you for considering our request. We look forward to your positive response.


Jane Doe

Director, Greenfield Community Theater

sample 2

Dear Dr. Martinez,

I am reaching out on behalf of the Oakwood Parents Association to request permission to use the gymnasium of Oakwood Elementary School for our annual charity event on August 20th.

Our event, “Oakwood Charity Fun Fair,” aims to raise funds for local children’s hospitals. The school gymnasium, with its ample space and facilities, would be an ideal location for this community-focused event.

We will ensure that the premises are left in excellent condition post-event. Additionally, we would like to offer a portion of the proceeds to the school to support any ongoing or upcoming projects.

We would appreciate it if you could guide us on any specific protocols or permissions required for the use of the gymnasium.

Thank you for considering our request. We eagerly await your response and hope for a positive collaboration.

Warm regards,

Michael Johnson

President, Oakwood Parents Association


The provided letters serve as excellent templates for anyone looking to write a formal request to use school premises. They demonstrate key elements that make such letters effective and professional:

  • Clear and Respectful Opening: Both letters begin with a polite salutation, addressing the recipient respectfully by their title and surname. This establishes a respectful tone right from the start.
  • Brief Introduction and Purpose: Each letter opens with a brief introduction that goes straight to the point. The writers clearly state their affiliation and the purpose of their request early in the letter (e.g., “I am writing to seek permission to use the auditorium…”). This clarity helps the recipient understand the context and intent of the letter immediately.
  • Specific Details about the Event: The writers provide specific details about their events, such as the name of the event, the proposed date, and the venue they wish to use. This specificity allows the recipient to assess the request more effectively.
  • Acknowledgment of the Venue’s Value: In both letters, there’s an expression of admiration or acknowledgment of the suitability of the school’s facilities for their respective events by the writers. This shows respect for the institution and its resources.
  • Assurance of Responsibility: The writers assure the school authorities that they will maintain the premises and leave it in good condition. This assurance is crucial as it addresses potential concerns about damage or misuse of the property.
  • Offer of Reciprocity or Benefit: Both letters mention an offer that benefits the school, such as a donation to the school’s arts fund or a share of the proceeds from the event. This gesture of goodwill can be persuasive and shows that the request is not just self-serving.
  • Request for Further Guidance: The writers express their willingness to comply with any formalities or requirements set by the school. This shows respect for the school’s policies and a readiness to collaborate.
  • Polite Conclusion and Anticipation of Response: The writers end the letters politely, expressing gratitude for considering the request and anticipation of a positive response. This polite conclusion leaves the conversation open and positive.
  • Professional Closing: Each letter ends with a professional closing (“Sincerely,” “Warm regards,”) followed by the name and position of the writer, which adds to the professional tone of the letter.

These elements combined make the letters effective, as they are polite, clear, and concise, and show mutual respect and understanding between the writer and the recipient. By following these guidelines, anyone can craft a well-structured and professional request letter for similar purposes.  

Permission Letter Templates

Comprehensive Editable Request for Job Fair Permission Letter Template as Word Format
Comprehensive Editable Request to Hold Talk Permission Letter Template as Word Format
Comprehensive Editable Permission Grant Letter Template as Word Format
Comprehensive Editable Permission Request Letter Template 01 as Word Format
Comprehensive Editable Permission Request Letter Template 02 as Word Format

    5 Best Tips to Consider When Writing a Permission Letter to Use the School Premises

    It should be tailored and customized to fit a specific situation. Therefore, it is necessary to write it accurately and professionally.

    You can use the following tips when preparing a letter of permission for school premises:

    Write in the second person

    For it to be in the second person, you can use phrases like ‘you and yours’ to refer to the recipient. This helps you create a personal connection with the recipient on a personal level. Additionally, using second-person phrases will inform the recipient that you are addressing them directly. 

    Be specific in the permission letter

    When writing it, it is essential to state the activities you will indulge in on the property if given permission. Moreover, it should contain the exact date, time, and duration for which you will use the premises.


    The school management will likely accept your request at a cost

    Therefore, you should indicate the amount you are willing to pay to use the premises in the letter. 

    Use persuasive tone

    Writing a letter persuades the school authority to permit you to use their property. Therefore, it is vital to use a formal, professional, and persuasive tone throughout it. A persuasive tone will convince the school management that you deserve a chance to use their premises. 

    Write in a business letter format

    To maintain professionalism, it is necessary to format the document as a business letter. Therefore, it should be typed, and your name, address, and date should be placed at the top of the page. Additionally, add the details of the institution that you are addressing. Also, include a respectful salutation, a precise and short body, and finish it with ‘yours truly’ and your signature. 

    Proofread and edit the permission letter

    Once you have completed it, it is important to proofread it; this allows you to identify and rectify any spelling and grammatical errors. Also, avoid semantic errors, as they can easily alter the meaning of the information used in the letter. Therefore, proofreading is crucial, as it helps you eliminate any unnecessary mistakes that might taint your chances of getting authorized to use the premises. 

    Wrapping Up

    A letter of permission to use school premises is a crucial document for both the sender and the recipient. For the sender, it is used to request and convince the recipient to permit you to use their property legally. The recipient can use it to assess if you are qualified to use the location in question. Once it has been approved, you can use it as proof to show that you have been authorized to use the school premises.
    This means that you need to include the required details to ensure that you have an effective letter. Remember that it is a legal document that binds you and the recipient. Therefore, ensure that you read it to check the information you have included before sending it. This way, you will have a compelling document that not only requests permission to use the school property but also reminds you of your agreement with the recipient.

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