Permission (Consent) Letter to Use School Premises [Samples]

Some industries, organizations, and politicians often use the school grounds to organize their events. The ‘permission letter for school’ is a document that is drafted and submitted to the administrator of the school to allow for the use of the grounds and facilities to organize those events there. This letter is strictly formal. It displays the information concerning the nature of the event, the dates and days when the event shall be held, the specific school amenities that the event shall rely on, and the length of time that the event shall take. It also asks for a rough quote of the amounts involved.

Sample Permission Letter to Use School Ground

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Dear School Principal

RE: Request to Hold our Job Fair at your School Grounds

We are a recruitment firm that is based in this city. From time to time, we do host job fairs that are geared towards acquainting job seekers with the pieces of information they need to make the best career choices.

This year, many job seekers have confirmed their attendance. We cannot use our hall to do the same as we have consistently done over the years. That is why we seek a larger venue this time around.

Of all the institutions that may exist for our consideration, it is your school grounds that have the largest capacity. Moreover, it is also open enough to allow for smooth movements and unconstrained breathability.
We ask that you notify us urgently about the availability of the venue and the charges that ordinarily come along. We look forward to positive feedback.

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Permission Letter for School (Word Format)

Permission Letter for School

Permission Letter for School (Email Example)

Permission Letter for School Email Example

Sample Permission Letter to Use School Assembly Hall

Dear Madam,

RE: Permission to Hold Talk at your Institution

Our organization is a motivational and inspirational company. From time to time, we do hold talks on a couple of issues that pertain to careers, money, success, and life in general.

We hold these events on a rotational basis. It simply means that we shift our venues from one institution to another. For the upcoming talk that shall be centered on careers, money and wealth, we have seen it wise to come to your school and use its assembly.

This decision has been informed by the fact that many of the participants who have confirmed attendance and school children largely drawn from the school district wherein your school is located.

The event requires the use of your school assembly hall and the facilities they provide. Examples of these are the electrical wiring, public address system, and the storage facilities. We understand only too well that the utilization of these facilities shall demand some money.

In your reply, which we hope shall be positive, we ask that you break down to us the cost aspects as well as the due dates.

FirstName LastName

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