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A permission letter for an event is written in order to seek permission for some event in a certain venue. This letter is always addressed to the higher authority by a person or the group that is planning to hold the event. Because of this, the letter is always written in a formal way. The letter does not involve a lot of things; it is a straight-to-the-point letter that explains the details of the event to be held.

It is not hard to write this kind of letter. You will include things like the theme of the event, the people to attend the event, the date and time that the event will be held. If you want to write a permission letter for the first time and might be experiencing some challenges, using a sample letter for event permission will make things easy for you.

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    Tips for Writing Permission Letter

    • The tone of the letter must be formal: You are addressing a higher authority requesting for permission. There is no other way you can address this authority than making sure that the language you use is formal throughout the letter.
    • Address the person who you are writing the letter: When you want to be allowed to hold an event somewhere, you should exactly know the right person who is responsible for granting this permission. This is the exact person that should be addressed in this letter.
    • Do not make grammar or spelling mistake: Proof read your letter before sending it to make sure that is has no grammar or spelling mistakes so that the person you are writing to can understand all the details in it without struggle.
    • State the reason for seeking permission: The letter must state the kind of event you are holding and the reason why you are holding the event. This reason will make it easy for the people you are seeking permission from understand your event.
    • Include all the points: Let your letter be detailed. This means you should include all the details such as the type of people attending the event and the reason why you are holding the event.
    • Provide your contacts and make sure they are precise: The person you are addressing will definitely send a response to state if they have granted the permission or not. Providing the right contact will make sure that the communication does not break down.

    Sample Permission Letter for Event in School

    Date: 18/02/20XX


    The Christian Union Team

    Victory Schools


    The Principle

    Victory schools

    5444155 North Jackson Mississippi

    Subject: Application for Permission to Hold a Christian Rally.

    Dear Sir,

    This is a humble request for permission to hold an event in the school social hall. The event is a Christian worship service that will involve some guests who are not members of the school.

    The Christian union team has put all the arrangements in place and that includes the guests we intend to invite and the date of the event which is 14/April/2019, should you give us a go-ahead about this event. These guests include worship musicians and pastors from the apostolic church in Mississippi.

    The team is looking forward for your permission on this, so that we can go ahead with the rest of the plans. The team will highly appreciate if you allow this event to take place in the school social hall.

    Kind regards,

    Boston Carson

    For Christian Union Team, Victory Schools

    Sample letter requesting permission to host an event

    (Printed on organization’s letterhead)

    13/March/ 20XX

    Mr. Noel James

    Principle Achievers College

    19876 Milton Avenue

    Solvay, NY 1295

    Dear Mr. Noel James,

    I am writing this letter on behalf of the members of ‘Gal on Heel’. Gal on Heel is a support group that joins single mothers together to give moral support on single parenting. The support group was formed in 1999 and has now grown to a large group.

    The group has about 2000 members in New York and when we call for an event, the turn-up is always good with members not less than 1800 in attendance. Because of this large turnout, the officials of this support group thought of the social hall in your school as the best venue for holding this event. Among the people who we are intending to invite are the officials of the ministry of home affairs in the country and hosting them in your college will be a great honor.

    By allowing this meeting to take place, you will also be playing a good role in helping this community. Your response and permission towards this event is very important for the organization and is what the officials of this organization are waiting for to go ahead with the rest of the plans and this includes the fixing of the date for the event.

    I and my team are looking forward to a positive response from you soon.

    Thank you for your time.


    Ken Rogers,

    For Gal on Heel

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