21+ Sample Permission Letters | How to Ask (Guide & Tips)

Writing a permission request

Permission letter is a formal way of letting our superiors or any other necessary party know about our plans if they will affect them. These plans can be going on vacation, visiting your family, attending a funeral or any other activity. Since we do not want to inconvenience other people, we let them know through permission letters.

There are a couple of rules that need to be observed when writing permission letters but once you get the idea it becomes easy. Here’s how to write a permission letter.

How to write a permission letter?

Get the addresses you need

Since a permission letter is an official letter, it can have the address of both the sender and the receiver. However, in most cases, the sender’s address is not compulsory because both parties are familiar with each other i.e. in the same company.

The receiver’s address is the first to appear. The information in the address also has some order. The following is an example of the format.

To [Receiver’s Name],
[Receiver’s Title],
[Receiver’s Company Name],
[Street Address],
[Town/City, Country/Zip Code].

More information can be added only if it is relevant and some can be omitted if it isn’t necessary. Before you send your letter, you must make sure all the addresses are accurate and properly formatted.

State the purpose of the letter

Once you have your addresses, you now let the receiver know what the entire letter is about. This should be a title, right below the salutation.

It should be in capital letters and to make it more attractive, you could make it bold and underline it. It should not be too lengthy. Around 3 – 7 words should be enough.

Stay on the subject

After the title, you now explain your situation, the details of the permission, the circumstances that led you taking this step, how long you want to be excused and politely request for permission.

Give enough details to make your request valid and refrain from too much or too personal information. The body should be brief and to the point.

Once you have all your information lined up, we can now start working on how to put it all together.

Format of a permission letter

  1. Addresses: Write down the necessary addresses. If you are using both sender and receiver addresses, start with the receiver address and include your address inside.
  2. Salutation: Here you offer some form of respectful greeting.
  3. Title: It should be centered, brief and informative.
  4. Body: This should be a maximum of 4 paragraphs. All well-formatted, with no spelling or grammatical mistakes for easy readability.
  5. Sign out: Here you mention your name and offer your signature for authentication. You can also provide some contact information if necessary.

Template of a Standard Permission Letter

Below is a template of a standard permission letter.

To: [Receiver’s address]

From: [Sender’s address] (Optional)


Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing to request permission for [state the type of permission you are requesting] on [date for the requested permission]. I will be held up because [reason for requesting the permission].

I will be done with [What you are going to do] in one week and I promise to get back to work immediately I am done.

Thank you in advance.

Sincerely [Your name]
Signature [Your signature]
[Contact information]

Sample Permission Letters

Sample permission letter to your Boss for leave

To: Bernard May
ManagerDate: 5th December 2018Dear Sir,



I would humbly like to request for a leave. It has been a whole year since my last leave and I think it is only fair that I ask for one now. This time is also convenient for me since I would like to spend the holidays with my family back at home.

I would like to request for a one-month leave so that I have enough time to enjoy the company of my family. I will be traveling a lot to reconnect with all my relatives who are scattered all over the country and this leave will give me ample time to get all this done.

I have been a hardworking employee all year round and this leave will give me time to rest and get ready for the next year. I would like to go on leave on 10th December and I will be back in my office on the same date next year January.

Yours sincerely
Angela Bedding

Sample Permission Letter to Principle from Parents

To: Stacey Henderson
Oakland High SchoolDate: 7th March 2017Dear Madam,



I would like to request you to excuse my daughter, Daisy Clarkson, from school on 8th and 9th. This is because we will be traveling to attend my uncle’s funeral. We will be traveling by car to pick up our other relatives and the trip will take up a lot of time due to the multiple stops we will be making.

The trip will also allow our family to get back in touch with our relatives. The two days, Thursday and Friday, plus the weekend should be enough to achieve all of this. The funeral will be held on Saturday but we wanted to arrive earlier so that we help with the preparations.

I believe Daisy will be able to make up for the two days. She will back to school and ready to learn early Monday morning next week. I hope this will not inconvenience you too much. Thank you!

Yours sincerely
Margarete Clarkson

Sample Permission Letter to Principle for Event

To: Dereck Heyes,
Woodville Highschool.From: Monica Brown,
Science Teacher,
Woodville Highschool.Date: 27th April 2018.


Dear Sir,


I am requesting permission to use the school indoor basketball court as the grounds for a science symposium. I have already told my students to start preparing their projects and they are really excited. The event will be held three weeks from now so I wanted to know in advance if I could book the court for use on 19th May.

If possible, it would be better if we could have the venue a day or two before. This should provide ample time for the students to set up their projects. The event is scheduled to start at 10:00 AM and some students who have large complicated projects may not have enough time to set up.

The event should be completed by 3:00 PM so as to give enough time for the designated team to clean the court and leave it ready for use by the other classes. Thank you for your time.

Yours faithfully,
Monica Brown.

Sample Permission Letter for Travel

To: Mary Baker,
Chief Executive Officer,
Baker Consolidated.From: Alice Cooper,
Head of Marketing,
Baker Consolidated.Date: 21st June 2018.


Dear Sir,


I am requesting permission to travel to England over the weekend to visit my sister. I would like to see my sister since she has just given birth to a daughter and I really want to meet my niece. She is still in the hospital and I wanted to get there before she is discharged so that I could help out as she moves back to her house.

The whole family will be there on Sunday to welcome the baby. The trip will take a total of five days. I wanted permission to travel on 23rd June and I will return on 28th June. On the next day I will be all rested up and ready for work.

I will leave the department in the hands of my assistant, Jackson Blasio, who I believe is more than capable of taking care of things. I have all the arrangements ready and I am just waiting for your permission to set things in motion.

Thank you!

Yours sincerely
Alice Cooper

To: Copyright and Permissions department
Brighton Gazette
876 Baker Street
PensilvileFrom: Stanley Michaelson
481 Brighton Street
PensilvileDate: 16th February 2017Dear Sir/Madam,



I am a blogger in Pensilvile and I specialize in writing articles about cars. I am writing this letter to request permission to reuse one of your published texts. The text I am interested in was published on 12th February 2017. It was titled ‘Top four-wheel cars of 2017’. It was written by Robert Sanders.

I really enjoyed the article and how well researched it was. I would like to copy the entire article and use it in my blog. I am aware that you own the rights to all your articles so I saw it best to ask for permission before using the article.

If you grant me permission I will make sure I clearly identify you as the source of the information and I believe we will both benefit from the arrangement. I have provided my email and a link to my online blog at the bottom.

Thank you in advance.

Your sincerely
Stanley Michaelson
Email: [email protected]

Sample Permission Letter for Data Collection

This one is to ask for permission to refrain from your ordinary schedules for the sake of taking some time to collect relevant data. It is mainly addressed to the supervisor or management and contains the finer details of the project to be undertaken.

Mr. Grant Jeffrey,
Vindale Research,
23 Albert Avenue,
City,Date ()


Dear Sir,


As you are aware, we are currently benchmarking the behavior of consumers with regards to changes in income levels and government policy. It is not possible to achieve such a feat without credible and accurate data. This is why we inevitably have to collect our own relevant data.

It is this need that forms the basis of my request. I would like you to give me the green light to go ahead and collect the data to this effect. Also accompanying the permission should be the various tools-of-trade that are necessary for carrying into execution the said role.

These include writing materials, transport, calculators, digital cameras, cell phones, and exercise books. You also have to furnish me with the relevant personnel and experts to help me out in this. The materials I have listed shall enable me to tackle the task as accurately and meaningfully as can possibly be.

Your authorization is by all means called for given the fact that I have to win the trust of the rest of my team members. It will also confer to me the confidence and the security I need to juggle my way as conveniently as can be. Kindly consider my plea with the utmost compassion.

Michael Johnson

Sample Permission Letter for Admission

Filling and submitting application forms in and of itself may not be sufficient to guarantee acceptance. Sometimes you have to lobby behind the scenes to have your application accepted or viewed favorably. This is the role that the admissions permission letter is intended to play.

Ms. Diane Holloway,Highridge Academy,
P.O BOX 54466,


Date ()

Dear Madam,


I applied to be considered for admissions to your institution as a high school student. I filled out the application forms and submitted it alongside the supporting credentials. I am therefore confident that I met all the required thresholds and prerequisites to be considered as a serious applicant.

This being the case, I now plead that you may go ahead and grant me admissions to your institution. I badly need that chance for a variety of reasons. I hope to use the opportunity to further my studies and furnish my skills and talents. I also hope to create and nurture relationships which I plan to use later for the sake of advancing my life and career.

It is not strange or unexpected to find some aspects of my applications ambiguous. This is due to the fact that I just could not fill out the required fields strictly as you wanted them. I thus saw it fit to include some attachments and appendages to support my applications.

In case you find some aspects of my application ambiguous, do feel free to get back to me soonest possible. I am ready and on standby to handle such issues as promptly as can be. Kindly grant me admissions to your institution!

Yours truly,
Felix Stephenson

Sample Permission Letter for Job interview

Just like the admissions case above, it may not always be enough to place an application for an employment vacancy. You will often have to follow up on your application with some back-end lobby or canvassing to boost your chances of being called for interviews. The job interview permission letter serves that purpose.

Mr. Edward Hamilton,
UVW Enterprises,
11 Hamilton Drive,
City,Date ()


Dear Sir,


You already know that I applied to be considered for a vacancy in your organization. As part of the application process, candidates had to present themselves in person and argue their cases. You had to inform those candidates in advance though of this possibility.

I waited for a meaningful duration of time but to no avail. I did not receive the communications from you as should have been the case. This is why I have seen it necessary to draft a letter to you on my own as regards the issue.

I hereby officially ask you to allow me to come over for a job interview. In that interview, I hope to argue my case in person and show cause why I am your best bet. I also hope to open up to you regarding those aspects which you feel are obscure and hence in need of further clarification.

I am fully aware that you may not have contemplated such a request from me. It may also not be possible to squeeze some time for the interview from your congested timetable. However, I passionately plead that you relax your rules of engagement for the sake of accommodating this humble request of mine.

Duncan S. Oluoch

Sample Permission Letter for Another/Part-time Job

In these tough economic times, holding just one job may not be enough to meet all the financial obligations and needs. An extra side job may often be necessary. You have to seek formal permission from your employer to be able to take up such a job though. This is where a letter to that effect comes in.

Mr. Denis Lewiston,
Personnel Manager,
CMC Holdings Limited,
99 Miotoni Road,
City,Date ()


Dear Sir,


I am employed by your company on a full-time basis. I am also entitled to some generous stipend at the end of each month. I am however sad to let you know that the stipend I receive is insufficient to meet all my financial obligations and needs. You have also not responded to my consistent pleas for more pay appropriately.

It is in light of this that I have been forced to look for and indeed take up some part-time jobs. I applied for and received the offer of being a bartender at Westend Restaurant, which is around three street blocks away from this office.

I therefore officially request you to allow me to pursue this part-time job over and above the current one I hold at your office. I know this shall cause some disruptions in my availability and productivity as a whole.

However, you need not worry at all. I have spoken to a couple of my colleagues who have accepted to step in for me whenever I am away. We have also worked and agreed on a formula for compensation and overall liability. Please, hearken to my plea with compassion. I just have no other mean of getting round this problem!

With gratitude,
Mark Regev

Sample Permission Letter for Second Marriage

No one wants to divorce a spouse. Similarly, no one ever imagines a situation where his spouse passes on and leaves him widowed prematurely. The truth of the matter though is that these issues will usually arise. This is why you have to learn how to draft a permission letter to ask the relevant authorities to allow you to enter a second marriage.

Mrs. Kim David,
Clerk of Civil Registrations,
43 Government Avenue,
City,Date ()


Hello Madam,


I am a resident of your county. I am duly married to one Mrs. Jennifer Jones. My marriage is also duly registered by you. The registration number is 34XX67. I would like to draw to your attention the fact that I intend to marry a second time.

This is why I intend to do so: My first wife passed on. She succumbed to breast cancer and left me widowed at a tender age. She also left behind some three children who are way too young to fend and care for themselves. I just have to fill up the ‘vacancy’ somehow.

I have never confronted a problem of this kind before. I also know not of anyone who has confronted a similar problem as well. This is why I ask you to furnish me with the finer details of how to go about the whole issue.

For instance, are there any cost implications? What is the application procedure? Apart from the death certificate, do I need to furnish any accompanying documents? Do I need to denounce anything? Kindly get back to me with these pieces of information as I shall need them greatly. I am waiting to hear from you soon!

Truly yours,
Kelvin Jones

Sample Permission Letter for Late Coming

Most institutions are highly disciplined in nature. They take great caution to see to it that the various stakeholders do not show up late for sessions or other forms of engagements. The sad reality though is that from time to time, these stakeholders will often show up late. You begin a potential latecomer, badly want to know how to draft a permission letter seeking to be allowed to do so.

Mrs. Pamela Huntington,
Independent High School,
P.O BOX 77819,
City,Date ()


Dear Madam,


I am writing to you as your student. You are my course instructor who teaches me Geography. Please note that I shall come late for the Geography lesson that is slated for Tuesday afternoon next week. This is because I shall leave school that morning for the hospital to visit my ailing mother.

This is crucial and inevitable since I am the first born and the de facto ‘head’ of my family given that my father is no more. I know for sure that this is not one of the legitimate grounds for skipping lessons or coming late for lessons. However, my unique circumstance, by all means, warrants an exception.

I have already laid down some steps and strategies for catching up on the portions of the lessons I shall have missed. My missing of the upcoming lessons shall therefore not result in too much of a disruption of the learning process at all.

Kindly heed my plea. If you wish to have me clarify some issues before determining whether to grant the plea or not, kindly let me know. I may also come over to you in person if you want to. I am eagerly awaiting your response as regards this particular issue.

Davis Michaelson

Sample Permission Letter for Trip

Trips are a vital part and parcel of our lives. They come in various shades and forms, and for various reasons. Given that you will from time to time have to attend one such trip, it is in your best interest to learn the procedures involved in seeking such permission. The sample letter below shall give you the necessary guidance.

Prof. Richard Katlyn,
Dean of Students,
GHT University,
City,Date ()


Hello Sir,


You know plainly that I am enrolled at your sacred institution to pursue liberal arts. In particular, I do pursue Geography and Physics. Two weeks from now, we shall have a Physics practical session. At the same time, our Geography class shall also hold an academic trip at the municipal airport.

This definitely shall disrupt my attendance of the Physics practical. It is against this backdrop that I urge you to excuse me from attending the forthcoming Physics practical lessons. I just had to forfeit it because the trip comes once per academic year. The Physics practical, on the other hand, is held every week. I can therefore easily catch up later.

Kindly let me know whether it is alright for me to go ahead and skip the Physics practical and attend the academic trip. Inform me also of any issues I may need to get right before embarking on this particular trip well in advance. Lastly, I urge you to draft me a formal letter expressly authorizing me to do so. I do not want to ruffle feathers unnecessarily with the school administration. In case you may need to have me appear before you in person to express myself, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,
Martha Isaac

Sample Permission Letter for Research

Conducting research has never been a meant feat. The task is ordinarily very involving indeed. It requires too much attention, input, and resources from the various parties involved. Only a formal request for permission may guarantee the provision of these vital co-operant factors. The letter below gives the required guidance.

Dr. David Parkinson,
Head of Research Department,
HYU Laboratories,
22 Milton Street,
CityDate ()


Dear Sir,


Our laboratory is involved in the formulation and creation of powerful drugs. Obviously, it is impossible to come up with excellent formulae without having to carry out extensive research in the area. This is why some time out in the field for the sake of carrying out the research makes some sense.

The typical research is quite involving indeed. It entails the use of sophisticated machinery, tools, apparatus, and skills. With regards to this, I also ask you to furnish this vital co-operant tools-of-trade as you give me the green light to go ahead and conduct the research.

Before commencing the research, it is of utmost importance to meet and strategize as a team. You, therefore, have to make arrangements for us to meet as a team well in advance. You may also take advantage of that time to air any issues or concerns which you may want us to adhere to while on the ground.

Conducting researching also entails detaching from the duty station for some time. This will definitely impact adversely on our availability and with it our productivity for the affected duration of time. Do put in place the appropriate measures to care for such an eventuality.

Jacqueline Levers

Sample Permission Letter for Picnic

Just like trips, it is not uncommon to attend picnics every quite often. In most instances, these picnics may often coincide with the normal schedules in such a way as to interrupt them altogether. You, therefore, have to inform the relevant authorities way beforehand to prepare them for this eventuality. You have to draft a permission letter to this effect. The sample below provides a rough clue of how to go about the issue.

Ms. Diana Luther,
Head of Social Services,
WXY Municipality,
97 Ridgeway Drive,
CityDate ()


Dear Madam,


Our team, Faith in Action, is a not-for-profit organization. We are based in your municipality and cares mainly for the homeless and panhandlers. Through our partners, we have managed to collect funds from a couple of corporate entities and well-wishers. We have subsequently going to use those funds to organize a picnic for all the stated kinds of persons in your area.

It is this noble intent that forms the basis of our request. We plead with you to kindly let us hold a picnic in your municipality on Saturday afternoon next week. We intend to use the Haller Park as the preferred venue. This is due to the fact that it is absolutely free-of-charge, is centrally located, and has numerous trees that confer great shade.

We received rumors to the effect that some group had already booked the venue before us. If this is true, please transfer that particular group to an alternative venue or have them hold their event earlier than us. This is because ours is a more sensitive event and is geared to the benefit of many underprivileged persons.

Kindly note that the event means a lot for us and the local community. Please make every effort to help us make it a reality.

Yours faithfully,
Duncan Stephens

Sample Permission Letter for Internship

As part of your training or education, you need to invest part of your time at a relevant organization. The aim is to gain hands-on experience in the field of study. This requires you to draft a letter requesting for permission to undertake your internship at the said company. The sample we have drafted hereunder provides a rough guide to this effect.

Mr. Clement Justus,
Human Resource Manager,
TVT Enterprises,
10 Wilmington Avenue,
CityDate ()


Dear Sir,


I am a student at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I am pursuing a course of study in the field of Mechanical Engineering. It is a greatly involving course of study which requires some hands-on experience. An internship with a reputable and relevant firm is hence by all means called for.

For this reason, I hereby tender my applications officially to you for consideration for the position of an intern. I plan to intern at your organization, should my application go through successfully, during the upcoming summer holiday (June to August).

I have already raised the money which I shall use to commute back and forth work. Though not compulsory, I highly urge you to consider giving me some allowance for the sake of motivating me and helping me to raise money for my studies.

Please note that I have not applied to any other organization for the same consideration. I, therefore, implore you to respond to me promptly, preferably within one week. This is to enable me to prepare for the unlikely eventuality of having to apply for consideration elsewhere.

Attached you will find copies of my student ID, latest provisional transcript, and a letter from the dean of students of my institution.

Yours truly,
Vincent Daniels

Permission Letter Templates

A permission letter template is a format that aims to write a letter to seek permission for some reason or event that you may want to attend. It’s a formal form to ask for permission from a higher authority. A permission letter template makes things much simpler and clear as it’s a recognized and straightforward format of asking for permission. Ideally, writing an authorization letter template should use a clear, precise and formal language.

At sometimes, it’s usually necessary to have an official paper trail, and that’s why it’s always good to be in a position to write an effective permission letter template. Whenever one needs some time off, either in school, workplace or from the parents, a well-crafted and professionally written letter can easily secure the authorization needed.

It’s good to note that a permission letter template is only designed to grant the permission needed and hence, it should be direct to the point, detailed and only sharing the required information.

Permission Letter to travel alone

Letter of Permission to Travel

Sample Parent Permission Letter

Blank Guardian Permission Letter Template

Copyright Permission Letter Word

Permission Letter for Medical Treatment

    Tips for writing an appealing permission letter:

    • Keep the language in the letter just formal and straight to the point.
    • Keep it keen and avoid any spelling and grammatical mistakes.
    • Make sure you provide the details like the address and contacts precisely and accurately.
    • In the letter, make sure you address the person to whom you are writing the letter.
    • Address the reason for the letter accurately and avoid missing out on the most important points.

    The reason why anyone is asking for permission formally should use a permission letter template is because it’s a recognized way that shows formality, organization, and respect for the authority. It makes it easier both for the one writing and also to whom it’s being addressed.

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