Permission Letter for an Event

To organize events like political rallies, wedding receptions, corporate get-togethers, picnics, and other outdoors, one needs to hire and use a venue. These venues are, in most cases, owned and managed by other entities. Thus, permission to their effect has to be sought before the use of those venues. This is the role that the ‘permission letter’ comes to play. It seeks permission to organize the event and using the venue for the same. It demonstrates, in brief, the kind of event being organized, the duties involved, the timelines, and the responsibilities to be shouldered by each party.

Sample Permission Letter for an Event

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Dear Mr. /Ms. Lastname:
Subject: Application for Permission to Hold a Political Rally.
Our company, XYZ Incorporated, engages in the organization and facilitation of events. We want to draw your attention to the fact that our candidate, XXXX, hopes to hold a political rally in our community.
We hence ask you to please out to us your arena for use in holding the said event. The event in question shall run from 1:00 PM through to 5:00 PM on Sunday, December 18th, 2019.

The campaign manager of the said politician requires at least a 48-hour confirmation of the booking of the said venue. For this reason, we ask that you get to us as soon as possible immediately you receive our communique.
Could it be that you want further information before acting, we ask that you ask us for confirmation immediately. We are all the more eager and ready to furnish the same for your subsequent actions.

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Permission Email to Conduct an Event

Dear Mr. /Ms. Lastname:

As part of our organizational culture, we do hold end-of-year parties to celebrate jobs well done. It is our pleasure to use your grounds to host the event this year. We would like you to give us your garden for the same use.

The said event shall run the whole day from morning through to the evening. Throughout our stay at the facility, we shall take heed not to interfere with the greens or any other amenity that exists there.

Also, we shall take care of everything that pertains to the meeting. Examples of these include the costs of food, water, and entertainment.

We also understand that the venue has to be paid for. We ask that you provide us a rough quote to work with. Could it be that there are other expenses you would want us to take care of, please draw them to our attention.

We wait with a bated breath to hear from you as regards our humble request. Kindly get to us soonest possible with the same.


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Permission Letter for an Event

Permission Letter for end year party event

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